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2 LaCie Solutions Concept
Fastest hardware, reliability, unique features and high-grade support & service Sales channel VAR-resellers Target customers AV-professionals, prepress, Mac-users, SOHO, SMB, Corporate and public sector Highlight that we don’t support retail or etail in Solutions

3 LaCie Solution products
Desktop (DAS) LaCie d2 Quadra Enterprise Class RAID (DAS) LaCie 2big Quadra, 2big USB 3.0 & 2big Quadra Enterprise Class LaCie 4big Quadra & 4big Quadra Enterprise Class LaCie 12big Rack Serial 2 & accessories LaCie 12big Rack Fiber 8 & accessories Network (NAS) LaCie d2 Network LaCie Ethernet Disk XP LaCie 2big Network LaCie 5big Network LaCie 5big Backup Server LaCie 5big Storage Server LaCie 12big Rack Network & accessories SAFE LaCie Rugged SAFE Color LaCie 324i LaCie 526 Calibrators

4 Standalone & RAID Storage Solutions
Professional DAS Standalone & RAID Storage Solutions

5 Performance + RAID security
Complete range Enterprise d2 Quadra Enterprise 2big Quadra Enterprise 4big Quadra Enterprise 12big Rack 4big Quadra Performance + RAID security Creative / SMB / SoHo 2big USB3 Little Big Disk 2big Quadra Performance d2 USB3 d2 Quadra Rugged Hard Disk Rugged Safe Mobility Desktop 2 Drives 4 Drives 12 Drives

6 Key features Rock solid components. Pure aluminimum, best components, most silent fan. LaCie makes no compromise RAID security, whether you need level 0,1,10 or even 5, LaCie may offer the security level you need Pre sales assistance your LaCie sales team can assist you at any stage of your project 3 years warranty, with on site advanced replacement available on all professional DAS (standard on Rack class and Enterprise Class)

7 Encryption + biometrics
Standalone Solutions Rugged Hard Disk Rugged Safe d2 Quadra d2 USB 3.0 Up to 1TB Up to 1TB Up to 2TB Up to 3TB 3 Interfaces Encryption + biometrics 4 interfaces USB 3.0 Shock-proof mobile Shock-proof Mobile Daisy chain USB 2.0 compatible Up to 80MB/s Up to 80MB/s Up to 115MB/s Up to 156MB/s

8 Rugged Safe Portable, rugged solution Hardware Encryption protection
Its rubber sleeve and internal rubber bumpers make your hard disk shock-resistant and its aluminum shell protects against scratches Hardware Encryption protection The LaCie Rugged Safe secures your data with AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 128-bit hardware encryption, rendering the drive impenetrable even if it is removed from its enclosure Data Access protection With added biometric authentication technology, the LaCie Rugged Safe guarantees total protection for your highly confidential files Connect anywhere The Rugged Safe is cross-platform, which lets it work on any Mac® or PC. It features FW800 & USB2.0 ports

9 Enterprise Class SAS/SATA Drives
RAID Solutions Little Big Disk 2big Quadra or USB3.0 4big Quadra 12big Fibre 8 or Serial 2 Built in RAID 0 RAID 0/1/mixed/conc. RAID 0,3,5,10 RAID 0,1,3,5,6,10 Up to 1TB Up to 6TB Up to 12TB Up to 24TB With 12 drives Portable 2 hot swap SATA Drives 4 hot swap SATA Drives 12 hot swap SAS/SATA Drives 7200RPM SATA Drives 7200RPM SATA Drives 7200RPM SATA Drives Enterprise Class SAS/SATA Drives Up to 160MB/s Up to 306MB/s Up to 230MB/s 1280MB/s With 12 SAS drives 9

10 2big Quadra Storage & Protection RAID performance for creative Pros
The LaCie 2big Quadra has been developed for professionals who expect high speed and large capacities from a storage and backup device RAID performance for creative Pros Taking advantage of a native controller that preserves computer resources, the LaCie 2big Quadra reaches large capacity and an impressive speed of 165MB/s in RAID 0 through eSATA 3Gb/s Customizable RAID Featuring four RAID modes, the LaCie 2big Quadra lets users easily customize RAID speed and protection levels Versatile & reliable Cooling System Designed with sturdy aluminium body, the 2big Quadra easily integrates into any Mac or PC environment. With versatile configurations such as stand upright, horizontal, stacked or rack-mounted, it offers significant space saving abilities

11 2big USB 3.0 Superspeed USB3.0 Space saving versatility Power savings
With three RAID modes for flexibility, speed, and protection the 2big USB 3.0 can perform up to 306MB/s in RAID 0 Space saving versatility With upright, horizontal, stacked or rack-mounted configuration options, the 2big USB 3.0 offers significant space–saving abilities Power savings The LaCie 2big USB 3.0 helps you to reduce power consumption by switching to idle mode after a determined inactivity time. You can schedule a deep sleep on/off mode according to your needs Silent Design Thanks to its unique, fanless cooling system, it’s the quietest hard disk for its capacity, making it ideal for AV professionals

12 4big Quadra Versatile RAID RAID performance RAID protection
Offering up to 8TB of capacity and amazing bandwidth speeds through eSATA 3Gb/s and FireWire 800, it also features FireWire 400 and USB 2.0 ports for maximum compatibility with any Mac® or PC RAID performance Pre-configured in RAID 0 for full speed and capacity, it can reach up to 230MB/s through eSATA 3Gb/s. Alternative RAID modes—such as RAID 5—can be configured in seconds on startup to manage speed, security, and available capacity RAID protection Thanks to the secure RAID modes, including RAID 5, RAID 3 and RAID 10, the 4big Quadra enables you to keep data access even if one disk fails Quiet & Reliable Operation For the best and most reliable cooling system, LaCie has choosen the Noctua NF-P12 fan technology. Its ultra-quiet design makes it perfect for any noise-sensitive creative environment

13 Enterprise Class Range
Enterprise Class Hard Disks These high-quality internal disks features 32MB cache memory and 7200RPM, and targets an ambitious 1.2 million hours MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure). Enterprise Class Data Protection The Enterprise Class product range has been developed and enhanced to keep your data and information safe and secure. Featuring the optional government-grade 128-bit AES hardware encryption, it’s perfect for professionals with sensitive or confidential information to be kept safe. 5-Year Platinum Protection Plan The Enterpise Class product range features a 5-year waranty, a five-year Advanced Care Option (ACO), and a five-year Data Recovery service option

14 12big Rack Fibre 8 The ultimate solution for video professionals
LaCie 12big Rack Fibre 8 is perfect for creative professionals who need to work with multiple streams of uncompressed HD video Absolute performance Featuring 12 individually-tested enterprise class disks, they support six RAID modes, including 5, 50, and 6, and allows the user to create up to 60 cost-effective enterprise class SATA disk arrays or 96 high-performance SAS disk arrays Totally redundant In addition to the 12 hot-swappable disks, dual RAID controllers, and individually-tested enclosures, their two power supplies and redundant cooling units are hot-swappable, providing the ultimate in security Best in class warranty On site advanced replacement, premium support 5-Year warranty on Hard Drives 5-Year warranty on chassis

15 12big Rack Serial 2 Direct Attached Storage Inline monitoring
The LaCie 12big Rack Serial 2 is perfectly suited for professionals who need a way to expand the storage of their workstation or server. By using a PCI SAS/RAID controller card, you can connect the 12big Rack Serial through a Mini SAS connection to your workstation to instantly receive 6TB, 12TB or 24TB of storage space Inline monitoring The 12big Rack Serial supports SES (SCSI Enclosure Services) 2.0, which allows you to closely monitor the status of your disks and enclosure, so you can work confidently with the knowledge that your 12big is always operating under the best conditions. The SES 2.0 protocol works with you to warn in case of component failure Best in class warranty On site advanced replacement, premium support 5 Year warranty on HD 3 Year warranty on chassis

16 Professional NAS Network Solutions

17 NAS Pro range 12big rack network 5big storage server 5big network
6TB 12TB 24TB 220MB/s 5big storage server 1TB 5TB 10TB 5big network 180MB/s 5TB 7.5TB 10TB Linux 2big network 70MB/s Linux 2TB 3TB 4TB d2 network 70MB/s 1TB 1.5TB 2TB Linux Backup/file sharing Users 70MB/s 2 5 10 15 25 50 100 250 Backup server 5big backup server PC 1TB 5TB 10TB Mac Windows Home Server 90MB/s

18 d2 / 2big / 5big Network 2

19 Data Sharing & Protection
Network Block Remote Access RAID Expansion Back Up UPS FTP / HTTP / SMB / AFP USB (d2, 2big), iSCSI (5big) Port forwarding and DynDNS RAID 0 & 1 / RAID 5 / RAID 6 USB & eSATA Genie and Intego, Time Machine Compatible Avoid data corruption in case of power failure

20 Pro features Active Directory Link Aggregation Performance
iSCSI target Quotas Print Server SW Update Integrate your NAS to existing Windows domains Double your transfer rates with dual LAN interface (5big) Transfer bigger quantities of files/data very fast Use it as final destination of corporate backups (5big) Limit the size of a directory Share a printer with your collegues Automatic SW update

21 Eco Features Schedule On/Off Automatic Sleep Mode Wake On LAN
Aluminum Casing HDD Low Power Shut down your NAS out of business hours Save energy by enabling sleep mode Wake Up your Product from your workstation ROHS compliant, better heat dissipation Use of Low Power HDD without impacting performance

22 Professional Backup Solutions
We include Professional licenses of Genie and Intego Manager Pro Software for advanced backup / restore solutions, featuring: Encryption Compression Incremental / Differential Scheduling options OS System image Remote FTP location NAS to NAS local Disaster Recovery Use case: Install a client for any Windows and Mac OS and never worry again about data loss

23 Customizable Widget-Like UI
Dynamic widgets Drag and drop to customize More features

24 5big backup server

25 The 5big backup server is a Professional Backup Appliance for Small Businesses. It has been designed to protect successfully 10 PCs and 25 Macs workstations.

26 Product Overview Concept Capacities Target Channel Positioning
Back up easily and seamlessly up to 10 PCs and 25 Macs 1TB, 5TB and 10TB. Max 5 hot swappable disks Pros Small Offices – Creative Pros Offices Resellers, VARs, Specialized Retailers Product for Pros Small offices willing to have an easy, centralized solution to “bare-metal” back up their Mac or PC based workstation.

27 Use Cases I have deleted some of my files by mistake. I want to recover them. Full restoration through the LAN: My disk has crashed, I have replaced it with a brand new one. I want a quick restore through the network Back up of an heterogeneous infrastructure: I have 10 PCs based on Windows and 25 Macs. File restoration Bare metal Macs and PCs

28 Data Sharing & Protection
Capacity DDR RAM Processor Users Connection Protection performance 5TB to 10TB through 5 hot swappable disks 1GB of DDR RAM X86 Processor ATOM 64bit Pineview Number of users 25 Users Mac and 10 Users PC Gigabit Ethernet Protection against disk failure to be safe Up to 90MB/s data rate transfer

29 Back Up Windows Mac Bare metal Restore Using Built in Back up engine
Using Time Machine For both Macs and PCs Bare Metal Workstations Restore File Restore through on line backed up files stored.

30 Pro features Back up Restore Deduplication Management Time Machine
File or Bare Metal Automatic scheduled back up Bare Metal Workstations Restore File Restore through on line backed up files stored. Block Level back up data deduplication Centralized backup management Professional Time Machine feature that will create a dedicated directory per TM backups automatically. Back up instantly without deployment issues a back up solution for 10 PCs and 25 Macs with centralized management of the backup strategy. PCs and Macs

31 Real MAC interoperability
File system Search engine Back up Indexation DFS-R Mac namings Backward comp. Up to 500+ AFP Server for Windows 2008 / 2003 / XP Network Spotlight support Time Machine support Bare metal restore Superior search speed without impacting the NAS DFS Support for Macintosh Desktops File name policy feature Legacy AppleTalk stack supported Mac users with extended license purchase

32 Eco Features Aluminum Casing
Minimal environmental impact through fully recyclable Aluminum casing Low Power Hard drives Level V Power supply for efficiency HDD Low Power Power supply

33 Reliability Level V power supply Fan that never failed
Use file duplication to protect data

34 5big storage server

35 The 5big storage server is a Professional File Sharing Appliance for Small and Medium Businesses. It has been designed to manage successfully from 25 to 100+ Mac or PC workstations.

36 Product Overview Concept Capacities Target Channel Positioning
Professional solution for file sharing Leverage on Windows Server and Intel Dual Core Integrated into any PC and Mac based IT infrastructure Protect your data with RAID 5 1TB, 5TB and 10TB Creative Pro, SOHO / SMB with both Mac and PCs Resellers, VARs, Specialized Retailers The most professional desktop file sharing appliance for heterogeneous IT infrastructure

37 Use Cases Share critical files within a Windows based infrastructure with PCs and Macs Be the file sharing appliance of a branch office / independent workgroup separated from the headquarters IT system. Back Up PCs on the NAS through Windows 7 included back engine and Mac through the professional Time Machine feature allowing bare metal back up. Crea Pro Share Distributed Back Up

38 Features Storage Dual Core OS Networking Mac and PC File Server IP SAN
Deduplication Reliability Performance RAID, RAID Expansion, SIS, Expansion, 10TB in a box Intel Dual Core 1.66GHz Atom Processor 2GB DDR RAM Windows Storage Server 2008 Standard Edition Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports with Link Aggregation SMB, AFP, NFS HTTP / FTP iSCSI Data Deduplication to save up to 40% in data space Disks tested, FANs and casing rock solid, PSU level V. Up to 100MB/s data rate transfer

39 Benefits Easy Integration
For Crea Pros Professional box Reliabilty Scalable Flexible Native integration into any SMB / branch office Full compatibility for Mac and PCs Up to 10TB with necessary higher end technologies RAID / BACKUP / Level V PSU / Tested / Field Proven STANDARD edition means no limitation in users and advanced features Local / High speed: iSCSI Network drive: SMB / NFS / AFP File Server: FTP / HTTP

40 Data sharing Mac & PCs Network SAN DFS DFS-N DFS-R AFP, SMB Compatible
NFS / HTTP / FTP iSCSI Distributed File System supported Global Names Space: 1 directory accross several products Automatic Files Replication accross several products

41 Data storage and protection
Terabytes Expansion RAID RAID expansion Server backup Encryption SIS 1, 5 and 10 TB eSATA and USB 0,1,5, 5+ Spare Dynamic Internal server back up engine Bit locker on the fly encryption Data Deduplication to limit data explosion

42 SMB IT Integration Active directory Users Virtualization Compatible
Known Native Support 25 Macs and unlimited PCs Hyper-V ready With any Windows Servers or Windows storage servers Well known by any IT manager

43 High grade components Processor RAM NIC PSU FANs Enclosure OS
Boot drives Service 1.66GHz Dual Core Intel ATOM Processor 2GB of DDR RAM 2x 1G Ethernet High level of efficiency Level V Ball bearing FAN that never failed The 5 big field proven sold several 10k Windows Storage server 2008 STANDARD EDITION RAID 1 protected 3 years

44 Real MAC interoperability
File system Search engine Back up Indexation DFS-R Mac namings Backward comp. Up to 500+ AFP Server for Windows 2008 / 2003 / XP Network Spotlight support Time Machine support Bare metal restore Superior search speed without impacting the NAS DFS Support for Macintosh Desktops File name policy feature Legacy AppleTalk stack supported Mac users with extended license purshase

45 LaCie Ethernet Disk

46 The LaCie Ethernet Disk is a 1U 19” form factor rack-mounted NAS targeting SMB for easy backup and file sharing over heterogeneous networks providing unchallenged data compactness and price per storage ratio.

47 Features NAS OS connectivity expansion backup protection industrial
2TB / 4TB / 6TB / 8TB Windows XP embedded 1 Gigabit Ethernet up to 31MB/s 4 USB ports Genie / Intego / NT Backup / Time Machine compatible Built-In Windows Firewall Design by Neil Poulton

48 Benefits Install Setup Manage Backup to your NAS Backup your NAS
One for all Scalable Compact plug and play supports Active Directory for access rights compatible with all regular client OS of a business complete offer to backup your workstations NAS to NAS or NAS to DAS: backup your backup 100 users supported, 25 active concurrently use the USB ports to increase storage up to (TB in 1U

49 Clear target = easy sale
what it’s not what it does RAID and hot swap back up (=duplicate data) of several work-stations file sharing in SMB (100 users / 25 concurrently)

50 Service Warranty Advance Care Option Support 3 years
Eligible for Advance Care option Local Team for support

51 Made for Solutions.


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