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Continuous Delivery Meets Release

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1 Continuous Delivery Meets Release Management @rj_tech

2 Speaker Rohit Jainendra CPO @ EC ~20 Years RLM since 2009 Serena Release Manager

3 Networking Other Systems ISV, Internet & Entertainment Heavy Industry Financial Services AutomotiveMedical Devices Semiconductor Aerospace / Defense Mobile Devices We help the world deliver better software faster

4 Software Proliferation

5 300M* Software Explosion * Frost & Sullivan 24M 8M 100M 100 50K 300 Million Lines of Code!

6 Software Delivery Imperative GM Recalls 370 000 Pickup Trucks for Software Update to Reduce Fire Risk Tesla Updates Vehicle Software Over Fire Fears

7 Solution!

8 Questions Remain …

9 Continuous Delivery Continuous Delivery is a software development discipline where you build software in such a way that the software can be released into production at any time. shipped

10 Continuous Deployment Continuous Deployment means that every change goes through the pipeline and automatically gets put into production, resulting in many production deployments every day.

11 Regulated Environments Software Delivery = Change Cisco: Change Management: Best Practices

12 ITIL V1 – 1989 V2 – 2000 V3 – 2007, updated 2011 Release Management is called upon from Project Management to perform the planning of build, test and deployment of Releases.

13 Release Management Change Management Build Management Definitive Media Library Environment Provisioning Configuration Management Deployment Management

14 Release Management Release Train Release Package RFC Release Unit Release Policy Release Calendar


16 Commonality

17 Reducing Risk Traditional RLM Event Big Planning Handoffs/Approvals Continuous Delivery Non Event Small Batches Automation

18 Continuous Delivery Dial DEVINTUATSTGPROD Continuous DeliveryRelease Management Self Service Check-in Driven Push Controlled Schedule Driven Pull

19 Major Release DEVINTUATSTGPROD Continuous DeliveryRelease Management

20 Minor Release DEVINTUATSTGPROD Continuous DeliveryRelease Management

21 CD + Release Management Use CD automation to improve RLM Enforce gates automatically Automate handoff elements Shared ownership of release pipeline Incorporate results of release into SDLC –Errors in release builds: CI = release build –Environment incompatibility: test = prod –Manual error in deployment: automation

22 Closing Continuous Delivery is for everyone CD + ITIL Reuse CD practices within RLM Process team = RLM + DEV + OPS

23 Thank You! @rj_tech

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