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Network Box 2006 The S-M-E Hardware Range. Conceptual Overview The entire existing Network Box hardware range, including the SOHO-200 (now discontinued),

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1 Network Box 2006 The S-M-E Hardware Range

2 Conceptual Overview The entire existing Network Box hardware range, including the SOHO-200 (now discontinued), SME-250, RM-300, RG-400 and GB-1000, is going to be replaced during the first quarter of 2006. There are a number of reasons for this change, including quality control, performance and reliability. But the most important reason, is to allow us to more carefully match the use of each Network Box, with its intended end user size. This change is important not only in terms of sales and marketing, but also absolutely vital in terms of overall system performance and duty cycle. We need to ensure the right equipment is sold. It is not only the hardware which is being upgraded; as part of this overall move, the new Network Box range will also be running new software, based on the NBRS 3.0 system.

3 Software Overview The current Network Box systems use NBRS-1.1 Based on Redhat Linux 7.2 Requires a hard-disk install The new Network Box S-M-E systems will use NBRS-3.0 Is a fully customized secure Linux distribution: –by Network Box –for Network Box –an appliance distribution (not workstation) –but binary compatible with Core 4 (for workstations) Runs off a flash drive: –Hard drives are optional –Can survive (with reduced services) a hard drive failure

4 NBRS 3.0 Highlights Multiple Disk Types Are Supported: Flash disk for O/S, applications, configurations and signatures Ram disk for spooling/logging/quarantine Hard disk for spooling/logging/quarantine There will be just one firmware disk, per type of architecture: –nbrs-3.0-x86_32 for 32bit architectures –nbrs-3.0-x86_64 for 64bit architectures The firmware detects the Network Box model concerned, and will automatically set up the correct software environment Hard disk partitioning and formatting are built-into the system –No longer required to Kick Start new hard disks Highly Secure SELINUX based 2.6 Kernel Much reduced size: –The current estimate is that 350MB will be required for the core firmware

5 NBRS-3.0 and Applications The new Network Box NBRS-3.0 will be matched with new, enhanced, v3.0 Applications, providing: –Enhanced functionality –Greater modularity –Hardware abstraction layer –Hardware resilience layer –Network Box API –Support for new models (including 32bit and 64bit) The NBRS-3.0 system will be the core for all future Network Box work and products

6 Hardware Overview The current Network Box range consists of 5 separate models, built using 4 distinct AMD (32bit) based hardware platforms. The soon to be released Network Box S-M-E range, consists of 7 separate models, built using 4 distinct VIA (32bit), Intel (32bit) and AMD (64bit) based hardware platforms. All of the 32bit systems will be appliance based, and not built on standard PC hardware platforms. The AMD Opteron 64bit systems will be built using a Tyan server grade platform. From this point onwards, Network Box will no longer be tied to just one manufacturer of CPUs. Indeed, we are moving from a single supplier (AMD), to three suppliers (VIA, Intel and AMD). Despite the significantly increased flexibility, features, and range of options on offer to Network Box customers however, there will still only be the same number of distinct hardware platforms for distributors to stock. We have stayed with a total of 4 platforms.

7 The Network Box S-M-E Range The new range is called the S-M-E range: –Each of the new hardware units will have model designations which begin with the letters S, M, or E. –The meaning is simple and very easy to remember: S models are for Small organizations M models are for Medium organizations E models are for Enterprises –These model designators allow us to very clearly indicate to potential customers the performance level and intended duty cycle of each system. –They also simultaneously give us the design freedom to increase the number of cutting edge features available on each model, so that we can compete even more effectively with our competition.

8 The Network Box S-M-E Range SmallMediumEnterprise S-50 S-80 M-250 M-380 E-1000 E-2000 E-4000 VIA C3 32bit with Padlock platform Intel M 32bit platform Intel P4 32bit platform AMD Optron 64bit platform

9 Network Box S Models Designed for SMALL sized organizations Stand alone units, not rack mountable 4x 10/100baseT ports Serial console. No keypad. No built-in display other than LED lights The S-50 model will be our first system to be released with no hard disk drive at all; designed purely for small branch offices to economically VPN back to their own HQ The S-80 will include an 80GB hard disk drive Network Box S-50 / S-80

10 Network Box M Models Designed for MEDIUM sized organizations Standard 1U rack mountable hardware cases Serial console. Four key keypad. Back-lit LCD display The M-250 model: –either rack mountable, or placed on a desk; only 27cm deep –4x 10/100baseT ports The M-380 model: –4x 10/100/1000baseT ports as standard –Expansion to 8x 10/100/1000baseT ports, with plug-in optional module Network Box M-250Network Box M-380

11 Network Box E Models Designed for ENTERPRISES Standard 2U rack mountable hardware case Seven key keypad. High quality VFD display. Server grade components will be used throughout the E model range: –Mirrored SCSI hard disk drives –Dual redundant power supplies –High speed ECC RAM –Up to 20 Gigabit ports 64bit AMD Opteron based: –E-1000 - single Opteron CPU (total: 1 core) –E-2000 - dual Opteron CPUs (total: 2 cores) –E-4000 - dual dual-core Opteron CPUs (total: 4 cores) Upgrades across the range (1000->2000->4000) will be offered Network Box E-1000

12 Service Packages Hardware Warrantee Push UpdatesFirewallVPNIDP Anti- Virus Anti- Spyware Anti- SPAM Web Proxy Web Acceleration Content Filtering FW+ AV+ CF+ UTM+ Network Box "S" ModelsNetwork Box "M" ModelsNetwork Box "E" Models FW+ AV+ CF+ UTM+

13 Overview Of Sales Logic ModelIntended End Customer Type and System Usage S-50 Small offices or branch offices, which only want secure VPN connectivity with their corporate HQ network systems. No hard disk drive. S-80 Corporate home users, small offices or branch offices which access the Internet directly. Full VPN capabilities are of course available. M-250 Medium sized organizations, which do not have too many staff, and only require 100Mbit connectivity. This unit can be placed on a desk or rack mounted. M-380 Medium sized organizations, who do not wish to spend top dollar on Enterprise level equipment, yet want to have state-of-the-art features. Up to 8 Gigabit ports. E-1000 Enterprises, which demand power, redundancy, state-of-the-art features, true server grade hardware components, and an extremely high duty cycle. E-2000 Larger enterprises, which require everything offered by the E-1000, but need even more power. The E-2000 is roughly twice as powerful as the E-1000. E-4000 Extremely large enterprises looking for the ultimate level of performance. The top of the line E-4000 is roughly four times as powerful and the E-1000.

14 Important Points To Note The Network Box S-M-E hardware range will be launched during the first quarter of 2006. Current models are all still available, and will remain so for at least half a year. Keep selling what we have! There will be a soft launch of the new E-1000 model in November 2005. This will still run NBRS-1.1 and will not have a flash drive. However, all such units sold will have an upgrade path available, which will involve the on-site installation of a flash drive hardware module. This pre-launch information is being given to you so that you can be fully informed. We can not stress strongly enough that this information is still subject to changes which may be beyond our control.

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