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Types and components of computer systems By: Reem Hasayen zvWxwY.

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1 Types and components of computer systems By: Reem Hasayen zvWxwY

2 The Four Parts of a Computer

3 Definition of a Computer A computer is an electronic device used to process data, converting the data into information that is useful to people

4 What makes a computer powerful? Speed A computer can do billions of actions per second. Reliability Failures are usually due to human error, one way or another. Storage A computer can keep huge amounts of data.

5 home Computers Consist of Four Parts Hardware Software Users Data

6 Hardware Mechanical devices that make up the computer External Hardware

7 Hardware Internal Hardware

8 Processing The procedure that transforms raw data into useful information is called processing The processor and memory perform this transformation

9 Processor The computers brain, which organizes and carries out instructions from either the user or the software

10 home Circuit board Motherboard is an example of a circuit board Attached to the motherboard are many smaller circuit boards that house many internal devices

11 home Software

12 home

13 home Practice Software : Types of computer Input Devices

14 Memory ( RAM and ROM) When you launch a program, it is loaded into and run from memory

15 Random Access Memory (RAM) Determines a computers speed and power

16 home Memory Measurements Kilobyte (KB) Megabyte (MB) Gigabyte (GB) Terabyte (TB)

17 Input Devices Accept data and instructions from the user or from another computer system

18 home Most Common Input Devices Keyboard Mouse

19 Output Devices Return processed data to the user or to another computer system

20 home Most Common Output Devices Monitor Printer

21 Storage Holds data permanently

22 home Storage Terms Magnetic disk Disk drive Hard disk or hard drive Diskettes or floppy disks

23 home Storage Terms Continued CD-ROM drive Compact disks (CDs) Compact Disk-Read-Only Memory (CD- ROM) CD-Recordable (CD-R) CD-ReWritable (CD-RW) Digital Video Disk (DVD)

24 Software A set of electronic instructions consisting of complex codes, or programs, that make the computer perform tasks

25 home Examples of Software System software Application software

26 home Five Computer Categories Supercomputers Mainframe computers Minicomputers Workstations Microcomputers, or personal computers

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