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2 What is the future tense?
The future tense is used to describe actions that will occur in the future or actions that have not yet happened. We have already learned about using ir a + infinitive to talk about future events. This construction is used to talk about events that, in the speaker’s mind, will occur relatively soon. For example: Elena va a llamarme esta tarde. Voy a cantar esta noche en el concierto.

3 The true future The true future describes events that may be somewhat further away in time in the speaker’s mind. For example: Mis padres nunca me permitirán conducir su coche nuevo. Los seres humanos vivirán en la luna en el año 2020.

4 The true future -é -emos -ás -án á
The true future is based on the infinitive form of the verb. It is formed by adding an ending to the infinitive. The endings are: yo nosotros/as él ellos ella ellas usted ustedes -emos -ás -án á

5 Examples For example: I will dance yo bailaré I will eat yo comeré
I will live yo viviré As you can see, -AR, -ER, and –IR verbs all have the same endings. All conjugations have accent marks except for the nosotros/nosotras form. The endings are added to the infinitive form of the verb.

6 Vamos a practicar Conjugate each of the following in the future tense. Then write what the frase means in English EXAMPLE: caminar, tú tú caminarás  you will walk saltar, ella estudiar, nosotros vivir, ustedes escribir, yo comer, tú ella saltará nosotros estudiaremos ustedes vivirán yo escribiré tú comerás

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