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Proactivity in BizTalk? Tord Glad Nordahl 18. October 20121Proactivity - All environments are unique.

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1 Proactivity in BizTalk? Tord Glad Nordahl 18. October 20121Proactivity - All environments are unique

2 Who am I? 18. October 20122Proactivity - All environments are unique – BizTalk Administrator Expert – Training – Health Checking – Debugger – Speaker – Active contributor at TechNet – Active blogger Profile

3 Proactivity in BizTalk What is meant by proactivity How can you know Where do you look And how do you prevent it? 18. October 20123Proactivity - All environments are unique

4 Make and keep it stable Monitoring tools – SCOM – BizTalk 360 – Messagebox Viewer – BizTalk Best Practice Analyzer – Microsoft Baseline Analyzer 18. October 20124Proactivity - All environments are unique

5 Nothing beats your knowledge! BizTalk Performance Counters PAL Statistics Disk space Throttling Thresholds Event log Known bugs Infrastructure SQL SQL Agents Performance counters Databases Event log Disks SQL Queries 18. October 2012Proactivity - All environments are unique5

6 How long does it take? Backup BizTalk Server CleanupBTFExpiredEntriesJob_BizTalkMgmtDb MessageBox_DeadProcesses_Cleanup_BizTalkMsgBoxDb MessageBox_Message_Cleanup_BizTalkMsgBoxDb MessageBox_Message_ManageRefCountLog_BizTalkMsgBoxDb MessageBox_Parts_Cleanup_BizTalkMsgBoxDb MessageBox_UpdateStats_BizTalkMsgBoxDb Monitor BizTalk Server Operations_OperateOnInstances_OnMaster_BizTalkMsgBoxDb PurgeSubscriptionsJob_BizTalkMsgBoxDb Rules_Database_Cleanup_BizTalkRuleEngineDb TrackedMessages_Copy_BizTalkMsgBoxDb DTA Purge and Archive 18. October 20126Proactivity - All environments are unique

7 Performance counters Needs to be monitored over time Difference between BizTalk related and SQL Provides you with live and old data 18. October 20127Proactivity - All environments are unique

8 Most important databases BizTalkMsgBoxDb BizTalkDTADb BizTalkMgmtDb SSODB 18. October 20128Proactivity - All environments are unique

9 BizTalkMsgBoxDb Spool TrackingData_x_x Instances Marklog X-RefcountLog 18. October 20129Proactivity - All environments are unique

10 BizTalkDTADb 18. October 201210Proactivity - All environments are unique DebugTrace MessageInOutEvents ServiceInstances Marklog

11 SQL queries and deadlocks Make sure you avoid deadlocks Performance monitor SQL Profiler 18. October 201211Proactivity - All environments are unique

12 Disks If your using it, make it fast Check for I\O issues Never go below 15% free disk space 18. October 201212Proactivity - All environments are unique

13 BizTalk Performance counters 18. October 201213Proactivity - All environments are unique Tip: To see all counters at least one host must be running!

14 Performance Counter BizTalk: Message Agent – Active Instance Count – Database sessions – Database session threshold – Database size – High database session – High database size – High in-process message count – High message delivery rate – High message publishing rate – High Process memory – High System memory – High thread count – In-process message count – In-process message count threshold – Message delivery delay (ms)

15 Performance Counter BizTalk: Message Agent – Message delivery incoming rate – Message delivery outgoing rate – Message delivery throttling state – Message delivery throttling state duration – Message delivery throttling user override – Message publishing delay (ms) – Message publishing incoming rate – Message publishing outgoing rate – Message publishing throttling state – Message publishing throttling state duration – Message publishing throttling user override – Physical memory usage (MB) – Process memory usage (MB) – Service Class ID – Thread count

16 Performance Counter BizTalk: Message Agent – Thread count threshold – Total batches omitted – Total message delivered – Total messages published

17 Performance Counters BizTalk: Message Box: General counters – Instances (total number) – MsgBox Dead processes cleanup (purge job) – MsgBox Msg Cleanup (purge job) – MsgBox Parts Cleanup (purge job) – MsgBox Purge Subscriptions job (purge job) – Spool size – Tracked msg body (purge job) – Tracking data size – Tracking spool cleanup

18 Performance Counters BizTalk: Message Box: Host counters – Host queue – Instance state msg refs – length – Host queue – length – Host queue – number of instances – Host queue – suspended messages - lengthr

19 Performance Counters BizTalk: TDDS – Batches being processed – Batches committed – Events being processed – Events committed – Records being processed – Records committed – Total batches – Total events – Total failed batches – Total failed events – Total records

20 Performance counters BizTalk:Messaging – Active Receive Location – Active Receive Threads – Active Send Messages – Active Send Threads – Documents processed (per second) – Documents received (per second) – Documents resubmitted (per second) – Documents suspended – Documents transmitted/batch – ID Process – Pending Receive Batches – Pending transmitted messages – Request/response timeouts – Throttled receive batches

21 Performance Counters BizTalk:Messaging Latency – Inbound Latency (sec) – Outbound Adapter Latency (sec) – Outbound Latency (sec) – Request-Response Latency (sec)

22 Performance counters BizTalk: _Receive / Send adapter – Bytes Received – Bytes Received per second – Deleted retries – Lock failures – Lock failures per second – Message received – Messages received per second – Time to build batch

23 Throttling Good or bad? Thresholds met Performance stalls! 18. October 201223Proactivity - All environments are unique

24 Thresholds Add more resources and change limits Remove resources and limit the application 18. October 201224Proactivity - All environments are unique

25 BizTalk Host throttling


27 18. October 201227Proactivity - All environments are unique

28 Event log Look for errors Monitor and trigger on errors Keep it clean 18. October 201228Proactivity - All environments are unique

29 Known bugs You should be aware of all known bugs – CU updates – WCF-SQL, Oracle Custom thread issue on receive – 5649 event ID – etc 18. October 201229Proactivity - All environments are unique

30 Infrastructure Have some idea of your infrastructure: Virtualization how and where Locations Connections and people 18. October 201230Proactivity - All environments are unique

31 Questions? ? 18. October 201231Proactivity - All environments are unique

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