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Rhonda J. Layfield RJL, INC. WCL306.

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2 Rhonda J. Layfield RJL, INC. WCL306

3 Rhonda Layfield Part of IT industry for twenty five+ years Contribute articles to Windows IT Pro magazine Setup and Deployment MVP Desktop Deployment Product Specialist (DDPS) Co-Author of Windows Server 2003 R2 and Windows Server 2008 books Offer two day hands on deployment class

4 What Well Cover… Intro to WDS (WinPE and Image files) Installing WDS Configuring WDS DHCP and WDS Pre-staging clients Automating the Installations Multicast Transmissions Creating and Deploying an Image Performance and Troubleshooting Logs

5 Windows Setup Milestones 1980: Boot from floppy 1990: Install Windows 3.0 from three floppies 1992: Install Windows 3.11 from ten floppies 1995: Windows 95 - First CD-based installation 1997: Windows 98 CD or floppies 2000: RIS PXE boot across the network 2006: Windows Vista delivered on DVD (and spanned CDs) 2007: WDS ships with Multicast support

6 Why Use WDS? Reduces deployment cost - FREE Performs network-based installations Deploys Windows images to bare metal computers Supports mixed Windows environments Utilizes standard Windows technologies Windows PE.wim files.vhd files

7 Windows Pre Installation Environment aka…WinPE Scaled down version of the Windows Kernel Boots into and runs from RAM X: drive (default driver letter) Reboots every seventy two hours Command Line Interface Only Can be converted to a bootable.ISO and placed on: CD, DVD, USB Flash Drive, external HD You can create your own or use the boot.wim from DVD

8 .Wim Side Trip One of Microsofts image formats Multiple images stored in a single.wim file Single instancing No redundant file storage Service image offline Apply patches quick and easily

9 VHD Image Formats You can put one on your system, add a.wim to it… and tell bcdedit to boot that OS Mounting a VHD in Win7 is called attaching" Un-Mounting a.VHD is called detaching Diskpart is the basic tool of choice to work with.vhds

10 Back To WDS: Requirements WDS server must be a member of an Active Directory domain DHCP DNS NTFS partition on which to store images

11 WDS on Server 2003 Installing WDS on a 2003 SP1 Server Install RIS Install patch from the WAIK: windows_deployment_services_update.exe Installing WDS on a 2003 SP2 Server Control Panel / Add/Remove Programs / Windows Components / WDS

12 WDS on Server 2008 (& 2008 R2) Installing WDS on a 2008 server Server Manager Add Roles Select Windows Deployment Services from the list of roles Two checked boxes Deployment Server Transport Server Need both for a full WDS installation

13 Transport Server Alone Does NOT need: AD DNS DHCP Create your own PXE Server Component No UI WDSUtil only Provides multicast only Uses wdsmcast

14 Configuring WDS – Welcome WDS snap-in Expand WDS Right-click your server Configure Server

15 Store Your Images

16 WDS and DHCP on The Same Server?

17 In a Perfect WDS World Bare-MetalBare-Metal DHCP/WDS Discover IP Offer IP/PXE Server Request Acknowledge

18 WDS and DHCP Three Scenarios WDS and DHCP on the same subnet/ different servers Client will find WDS by broadcasting WDS and DHCP on different subnets Client find WDS through options 66 and 67 set in DHCP WDS & DHCP on same server Client must find WDS through Option 60 in DHCP

19 WDS and DHCP Same Subnet Bare-MetalBare-Metal DHCP WDS Discover IP/PXE Server Offer IP Im WDS Request Acknowledge

20 WDS and DHCP Different Subnets Bare-MetalBare-Metal DHCP WDS Discover IP/PXE Server Offer IP Option 66 Option 67 Acknowledge Request

21 WDS and DHCP on The Same Machine Bare-MetalBare-Metal WDS/DHCP Discover IP Offer IP Option 60 Im also WDS Request Acknowledge

22 WDS Server Responds to…

23 Configuration Completed

24 Known Clients: Pre-staged in ADUC

25 Pre-staging the GUID

26 Which WDS Server ?

27 Adding the Images Within the WDS snap-in Add Boot images These are WinPEs Add Install images Image groups and single instancing Dynamic Driver Provisioning (DDP) Create driver groups Only the necessary drivers are downloaded to the client

28 Configuring WDS

29 From the Client PXE boot screens Message from Administrator Pending Devices Client

30 PXE boot

31 Unknown Clients

32 Message From Administrator How do you set a message from the administrator? On the WDS server from a command prompt type: WDSUtil /set-server /AutoAddPolicy /message:"To contact your network administrator please dial /AutoAddPolicy is case sensitive

33 Pending Devices

34 Automate the PXE Boot Process No-one has to press F12 On the WDS server properties -> Boot tab For x86 replace with Pxeboot.N12 Doesnt exist until you add your first boot.wim If you encounter a PXEboot Loop On the WDS server run the following: WDSUtil /Set-Server /Resetbootprogram:yes

35 Setting the message from administrator

36 Cant Use PXE Create a Discover Image WDS snap-in -> open Boot Images R-click a boot image W7 or 2008 R2 boot.wim from DVD /Sources Choose to Create Discover Image… Give it a name, description, path to store it and name of WDS server to connect to Using the WAIK tools create a bootable.ISO that contains the new discover.wim Burn to CD/DVD, USB, external HD

37 Multicast Transmissions Server1 sends packet 1 to client1 Server1 sends packet 1 to client2 Server1 sends packet 1 to client3 Server1 sends packet 1 to all clients Server1 sends packet 1 to client1, client5 client9, client22

38 Windows Deployment Services Multicast Enhancements Multiple Stream Transfer Multiple streams of traffic Optimized rates based on client connection Client Auto Removal Slower clients can be dropped to unicast or entirely (only in standard multicast) Boot Image Multicast Windows PE boot images can use multicast (clients with EFI) Fast Medium Slow

39 Clients Multicast WDS Server Multicast Transmission First client joins transmission

40 Clients WDS Server Multicast Transmission Waiting for other clients to join… Multicast

41 Clients with multiple transfer speeds WDS Server Multicast Transmission Additional clients join stream Multicast Fastest MediumSlowestMedium

42 Clients with multiple transfer speeds WDS Server Multicast Transmission More clients to join Multicast Fastest MediumSlowestMedium Fastest Medium

43 Clients with multiple transfer speeds WDS Server Multicast Last clients complete… Multicast Medium Slowest

44 Clients WDS Server Multicast All clients complete. Transmission ends. Multicast

45 Creating Multicast Transmissions 2 ways to start creating a multicast transmission from within the WDS snap-in Right-click Multicast Transmissions and choose Create Multicast Transmission OR Drill down to your Install Image and right-click the image then choose Create Multicast Transmission THEN Name the Multicast Transmission Choose the image

46 Automatic OR Scheduled Cast?

47 Creating a Multicast Transmission

48 Automate the Installation Server 2003 & XP Winnt.sif Sysprep.inf Server 2008, Vista and later OSs Windows System Image Manager (WSIM).xml scripts

49 Unattend.xml Scripts You will need 2 scripts WinPE Phase Language of installation Keyboard layout Credentials for Image Which Image to install Disk Configuration (partitioning) Where to install the image The rest of the installation (specialize and OOBE) Computer name User account Time zone

50 Viewing the Scripts

51 Where to Put the Scripts WinPE script Store script in RemoteInstall\WDSClientUnattend folder WDS snap-in -> R-click server -> Properties Client tab Enable unattended installation Browse to WinPE script Sets the script for all computers of that architecture

52 Scripts for a Specific Machine New computer must be pre-staged in ADUC On WDS server cmd type: WDSUtil /Set-Device /Device:computername /ID:GUID or MAC /WDSClientUnattend:path & name of unattend.xml Example: WDSUtil /Set-Device /Device:Client1 /ID:{8FD14D56-A2B0- 6F06-2A00-FD3979EC51A1} /WDSClientUnattend:C:\UF\Unattend.xml

53 More Than One Script? Unattend specificed from the cmd Setup /wds /unattend:x:\wdsclientunattend.xml Unattend from Server Properties AutoUnattend.xml from root of removable media

54 The Image Script Properties of the Image file in WDS General tab Allow image to install in unattended mode Select File Browse to answer file Can be stored anywhere Can be named anything you choose Will be renamed to ImageUnattend.xml

55 Creating an Image Using WDS Create a Capture Image WDS snap-in -> open Boot Images R-click one W7 or 2008 R2 boot.wim from DVD /Sources Choose to Create Capture Image Give it a name, description and path to store it When the wizard completes add the newly created Capture Boot Image to your list of Boot Images

56 Capture Image

57 Performance of WDS Administrator tools -> Performance Monitor Get the big picture RAM Processor NICs Get the nitty gritty WDS multicast ( demoted clients, slowdown requests) WDS Server (# of requests, # processed, # active) WDS TFTP (active requests & transfer rate)

58 Logs to Check The logs that contain useful troubleshooting information are found in the %Windows% folder. Setupact.log Setuperr.log Turn on additional logging Called tracing Verbose logging Deployment Services Diagnostics logs (event viewer)

59 What we Covered Intro to WDS (WinPE and Image files) Installing WDS Configuring WDS DHCP and WDS Pre-staging clients Automating the Installations Multicast Transmissions Creating and deploying an image Performance and troubleshooting logs

60 Let Me Know if I Can Help… Thank you!

61 Sessions On-Demand & Community Resources for IT Professionals Resources for Developers Microsoft Certification and Training Resources Microsoft Certification & Training Resources Resources

62 Track Resources Want to find out which Windows Client sessions are best suited to help you in your deployment lifecycle?Want to find out which Windows Client sessions are best suited to help you in your deployment lifecycle? Want to talk face-to-face with folks fromWant to talk face-to-face with folks from the Windows Product Team? Meet us today at the Springboard Series Lounge, or visit us at Springboard Series The Springboard Series empowers you to select the right resources, at the right technical level, at the right point in your Windows® Client adoption and management process. Come see why Springboard Series is your destination for Windows 7.

63 Complete an evaluation on CommNet and enter to win!

64 © 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.

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