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WELCOME Click to next page. Multi dimensional threats to the corporate world and industrial organizations have increased many folds from international.

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1 WELCOME Click to next page

2 Multi dimensional threats to the corporate world and industrial organizations have increased many folds from international terrorism, communalism, gheraos, strikes, sabotage, espionage, subversion, pilferages, thefts, cyber & white collar crimes, bomb threats, natural and manmade disasters etc. and both Central & State Governments are unable to protect corporate, industry and business resulting in colossal avoidable losses. Security is thus, no longer mere CHOWKIDARI but an all-pervasive management function of asset protection, loss prevention and crisis management. ZEDX SECURITY SERVICES Safety, Security and Fire are all synonymous with saving lives and material. Security now covers Asset protection, Crime Control, intelligence, Safety and Disaster Management thus preventing all types of losses and adding to productivity, contrary to earlier notion that all expenditure on security was no return on investment Click to next page

3 Breaking off with an existing guarding company or hiring a new one is generally caused by real or perceived service failures by the agency, accompanied by a series of incidents reported to you as the administrator of your company, threats to cancel services from your end and promises by the agency to shape up. The process is usually worsened by abundant complaints from your colleagues about your security guard, which builds up pressure on you. Choosing the Right Security Company is not easy… Its not that difficult either. It is at times like these when you realize that had you been a little more prudent in your selection in the first place, things would never have come to a head. Though the actual failure may be on the part of the security agency, more often than not, your being unable to communicate your expectations to the security agency properly is one of the main causes of the discord. ZEDX SECURITY SERVICES Click to next page

4 Although you have a right to expect your agency to be proficient in recruiting trustworthy guards, training them adequately, and of proper administration and management, it would be incorrect to assume they know the nuts and bolts of your internal situation and workings unless you explain what you want. It is necessary to be clear about ones own requirements and to spell them out clearly to the security agency. As most contract security agency will attest, when offers are invited for uniformed guarding services, no information about the job functions is provided and only the necessary number of security personnel required is mentioned. Other requirements are left to the imagination of the agency. Ambiguity in starting duties and personnel requirements forces the agency to establish their own standard for servicing the client/customers ZEDX SECURITY SERVICES Click to next page

5 By checking reference, comparing prices, and evaluating proposal, your contact with the prospective agency has probably been limited to sales personnel who have no operational responsibility. Or, you may have dealt with someone called a Manager / Sales Representative. Whatever the case, dig deeper into each agencys management structure and uncover the individuals who would co-ordinate your security setup on a day–to-day basis. Whatever the internal setup, you must establish a close working relationship with the individuals who have both the responsibilities to manage your security setup and the authority to take decisions about its operations. Their security management experience, business background, education, and career development will assist you in evaluating the agencys management effectiveness and stability. The last point – stability – is significant. Although upward mobility is important in any organization, some agencies experience excessive management turnover. Rejecting an agency out of hand because the firm has a new manager may be foolish. But if the incumbent has been on the job for two months and his predecessor also lasted for a few months, you might want to avoid becoming a part of that companys management training program. Sheer size of the services company is seldom a valid selection consideration. A large national company with poor local management will perform dismally; a small local company with professional strength can provide proper services. The reserve can also be true so you want to know which description fits your prospective agency before you make a commitment. ZEDX SECURITY SERVICES Click to next page

6 We are all aware of the ever present and continually rising crime rate in our society. Therefore the need of the competitive and for competent security service has never been greater than it is today. The traditional law enforcement agencies cannot meet the demands for the additional security that the private sector is requesting. The result is an ever-increasing need for more competent qualified security companies Our expertise and experience benefiting all types of industry whether jewellery, industrial, call centers, garments will provide you effective steps for security management in your organization(s) such as thorough formulation of security plan and organizational security policy, judicious integration of men and machines for cost effective security, preparations of standing orders, standard operating procedures(SOPs) and guidelines, training and motivation of security personnel, preparation of disaster management plan, sensitization of personnel at various levels and periodic security audit(s) for your organization. ZEDX SECURITY SERVICES Click to next page

7 A highly resourceful and determination of Mr.Dinesh Singh has led to the advent of Zedx security.A person with loads of experience in the field of security and with a zest to succeed in his Endeavour in the arena of security industry. Starting his career as an Area Officer, with his hard work and devotion to succeed, saw him rising to a post of Branch Head in one of the highly reputed security agency in India. Stagnancy never a part of his profile urged him to think beyond his limitations in this profession. His die hard and positive attitude to be the best among the rest always persuaded him to excel in his own domain i.e. security. ZEDX SECURITY SERVICES Click to next page

8 Manned Guarding Services: Guarding (Unarmed) Executive Protection Escort Services Event Management and Control. Specialized Security Cover During Labour Unrest Canine Squads. Electronic Security & Surveillance Access Control (CCTV) Fire Alarm Fire Suppression Intruder Alarm Perimeter Protection Bank Security Protection of ATMs Up keeping of the ATM Premises Customer Assistance Maintenance Electronic Security & Surveillance Access Control Crowd management Asset security management Vigilance Operational Communications Emergency Management General Safety and Hazard Management ZEDX SECURITY SERVICES Click to next page

9 An event is a very easy opportunity for troublemakers to create problems. From minor misbehaving to mass destruction, events are a great chance for notorious elements to act up, because of the publicity and ease with which hysteria can be caused. Handling a large crowd in limited time is a tough job and requires specialized training and expertise. ZEDX trains its people and imparts the special skills they require for such a service. Dealing sensitively with V.I.Ps, operating X-ray, metal and explosive detection equipment, undertaking searches of people and premises, carrying out security activities discreetly without disrupting the event, are all our strong points. ZEDX has reserved manpower that can be deputed for event security at very short notices. ZEDX also provides a strong squad of highly trained and vetted canines for tracking peripheral guarding, wide range patrolling duties etc. ZEDX SECURITY SERVICES Click to next page

10 For a super-effective security, training of the security personnel with most exacting standards is a must. Which is why we at ZEDX SECURITY, provide with a specially designed training program to the security personnel to meet the clients need. Smartly turned out in ZEDX uniform, our staff would immensely enhance the prestige and charm of your institution. We being men of profession fully recognize the significance of, and realize the implication of a dependable security system and it is exactly that, we promise you. Physical Protection Communications and Public Relations Records and Reports Emergencies Personal Control and Identification ZEDX SECURITY SERVICES Click to next page

11 ZEDX SECURITY SERVICES Click to next page

12 ZEDX SECURITY SERVICES Registration for Private Security Agency Regulation Act. 2005 Pan No. BCNPS3406A. Profession Tax NO.27355211517P Service Tax Registration No.BCNPS3406AST001. ESIC Registration No. 35-05525-101. Provident Fund Registration No.PF/MH/210829. Shops & Establishment Registration bearing No.760036539. Grant of Exemption U/S 23 of the Maharashtra Private Security Guard (Regulation and Welfare) Act, 1981 Applied License to engage in the Business of Private Security Agency serial no.227 Click to next page

13 ZEDX SECURITY SERVICES Click to next page

14 R.B. Yadav (DY. OPR. Manager) 9820763471 Mr. Vinay Singh (Operation Manager) +91 96999 58881 Email: Pradip Naik General Manager 9664832735 Mr. Dinesh Singh Proprietor +91 90042 95427 / 37 Email: ZEDX SECURITY SERVICES Click to next page



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