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The Advanced, Enterprise Publishing Environment for Cross-media Output to Print & Web.

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1 The Advanced, Enterprise Publishing Environment for Cross-media Output to Print & Web

2 What is MediaWay? MediaWay is an exciting, new integrated publishing system for output to print and web, designed for use in a production environment where content creators work collaboratively to deliver high quality publications under tight deadlines. MediaWay provides: A built in content/asset management system An intuitive publication workflow XML open architecture Full integration with Adobe InDesign

3 Key Features Content Management Centralized repository - all data is copied to and stored on the server. Powerful search mechanisms. Search results displayed as icons or in a list. Editorial Workflow and Publication Management Ability to define and manage statuses and workflows. Instant soft proofing, PDF preview generation. Layout view of production.

4 More Key Features Centralized Collaborative Working Environment Various WYSIWYG views with status indication. Multiple users can work on the same publication at the same time. XML Open Architecture Data is stored in XML, not in native-application formats such as Microsoft Word. It allows the user to select a variety of ways to view the text such as plain text or tags.

5 Key Benefits Easy follow up and instant soft proofing. Faster retrieval of source content. Greater consistency and accuracy of content. Production control through the use of statuses. Includes tools like Page Planner to streamline highly automated publications. Task linked directly to content. Web access Integrated with Adobe InDesign and InCopy.

6 Virtual Desktop Tools Workspace - access ongoing projects, as well as the Content/Asset Management system. Editor - access the Text Editor, where you import files and save them as XML, or edit existing XML files. Planner - define a publishing layout. Diff - compare two versions of an article in order to see where changes were made. User Management - define users and their profiles, and control their access rights to the Content / Asset Management System and production data. Messenger - communicate with other MediaWay users.

7 On-the-fly Modifications Workspace thumbnail view enables direct access to content & layout modifications for text and imaging, as well as production status.

8 Status Monitoring An editor-in-chief can keep track of the progress on a job, by sorting through the statuses.

9 Content Assignment Content can be assigned to a specific individual and a deadline can be defined for it.

10 InDesign Integration The Adobe InDesign plug-in allows designers to incorporate content from MediaWay on their pages.

11 ROI Reduces labor costs. The need to maintain multiple versions of the same content is eliminated. Eliminates delays and downtime due to mistakes or missing resources that are detected too late in the process. Lower DTP license cost/maintenance Built-in XML editor Integrated solution eliminates some stand-alone tools Content Management, Publication Management, Design templates and more…

12 Schedule an Online Demonstration Contact: Rick Shafranek New ProImage America, Inc. 103 Carnegie Center - Suite 300, Princeton, NJ 08540 USA Tel: (609) 844-7576

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