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4 A Truly International Hospitality Business-to-Business Organization With Headquarters in Dubai and Offices or Associates in various places across Middle East, Asia/Pacific, Europe and soon in North America, Caribbean and Australia Who is GoldenB2B ? 4

5 We Help Hosp itality and Food Service Professionals, Operators & Owners to What do we do ? Reduce Costs by 5-10%+ by implementing related know-how and expertise and by using the most Advanced and Value for Money Technology Applications Save Expenses by about 10%+ by establishing Economies of Scale and Control points Improve Negotiating Power by making easily and readily available information minimizing redundant tasks 5

6 To provide effective and value for money solutions to the greater Hospitality & Food Service Sectors Focusing on the main aspects of Advanced Technology with embedded Specialized Services and become a Catalyst of Innovation and Positive Change by applying Knowledge Management. Overall to Maximize Return-On-Investment and also Improve and Sustain Profitability. MISSION 6

7 To become the leading organization of its kind in a innovative, sustainable and increasingly profitable way. VISION 7

8 Dubai (Head Office) Cairo Amman Athens Bangkok New Delhi North America & Caribbean (upcoming) Australia (upcoming) 8 Current Geo. Presence

9 OPERATIONS April 2011 ASIA/PACIFIC India, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia EUROPE Estonia, Germany, Greece, Switzerland NORTH AMERICAS & CARIBBEAN Antigua MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Eritrea, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait,Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Syria, Sudan, Turkey and Eritrea 9


11 THE LARGEST HOSPITALITY OPERATION WORLDWIDE Madinat Jumeirah – Arabian Resort Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Operated by Jumeirah International) Leisure Complex consisting of 9 major Business Units 3 Hotels (900 Rooms), 90 Villas, Conference Center, Market, Spa 11

12 12 Technology Server – Apache Tomcat, can be installed on Windows, Linux Server Database – Postgres, MySQL, Oracle or any database with JDBC connection Development Environment – Java Web Application Client Operating System – Windows, Linux, Mac, Smart Phone, Tablet Recommended Browser – Firefox, Google Chrome

13 13 Hardware Requirements Please find below the minimum specifications to run and use the SCM System. Server Specifications: Server with the following minimum hardware specifications: Pentium Quad Core processor RAM minimum 4 GB HDD with minimum capacity 80 GB Fast Ethernet network card 100/1000 MBS Backup solution available 64 bit OS installed - Windows Server 2000 / 2003 / 2008 - Linux OS (ex. Ubuntu 10) Remote access to SCM server, i.e. Logmein, PC Anywhere…..etc

14 14 Computer or Client Specifications: Pentium III processor with speed 1 GHz RAM minimum 1 GB HDD with minimum capacity (user definable) Fast Ethernet network card 100/1000 MBS Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/MAC OS/Linux client with network cards Information: For even better performance you could have a better processor and a SCSII hard disk, this option is up to the hotel. Also, on the client side for better performance it is recommended to have the following browsers, Mozilla 4, Chrome or IE 8 or above Hardware Requirements

15 Overview Created by Hospitality and I.T. Professionals with many years of international expertise in their respective fields. It covers all the related operational aspects of Supply Chain Management within the Hospitality and Food Service Organizations, offering great flexibility to the unit or enterprise levels and contributing significantly to the overall profits. – Purchasing – Inventory – Stores Management – Cost Control – Recipe & Buffet Engineering – Corporate Procurement or Consolidation 15

16 Architecture Server – Apache Tomcat, can be installed on Windows, Linux Server Database – Postgres, MySQL, Oracle or any database with JDBC connection Development Environment – Java Web Application Web Client Operating System – Windows, Linux, Mac, Smart Phone, Tablet Recommended Browser – Firefox, Google Chrome Language – Support Multilanguage such as Thai, Chinese, Arabic, Greek etc. Email integration – Message can be integrated with smtp server to delivery the message directly into the mailbox so that user will receive email alert when there is new order request waiting for approval. 16

17 Dashboard The Dashboard is the user definable and make the complete process much faster. Each user will see what are the pending for their approval as soon as they login to the system and easy to access to the detail for approval. The Message Box is also accessible at the right side and Administrator can see who is currently login to the system from which IP Address and kill the user session as and when necessary. 17

18 Navigation From the Dashboard, there are Navigation Pane and User can easily access the Function to create Order or Requisition instead of going through the traditional Menu Option. 18

19 Authorization Click the Number of Pending Approval from the Dashboard will bring to the detail Screen. Below is the sample of Pending Order for Approval by GM. The Color coded Order Flow Step will make easier for user to track the status of their Order. 19

20 History Order History can be reviewed by the User for their department and Management for all the History which he/she had approved before. 20

21 Log User can easily review the Log for the Transaction of each order which is tracking each item and each approval step to see who has been approved the order and the time of the process etc. 21

22 Allocate Vendor Procurement or Purchasing Department assign the Vendor to Order from the valid Quotation for each item. System will automatically select based on the allocation rules. If there are no valid Quotation then Buyer will be notified to find out supplier and input into system. 22

23 PO Format PO Format can be customize and display signature based on the Approval Flow. 23

24 Store Requisition Store Requisition can be also process in the system for approval and Book Stock Movement. Internal Transfer also can be process in the system for cross charging from one outlet to another. 24

25 Approval Flow Unlimited Approval Flow can be created and each Flow can be setup as per Corporate Rules such as Level of Authorization based on Job Position and Value of Orders. 25

26 Assign Flow Approval Flow can be assigned not only to Category Level but also to the each Item depend on the Corporate Rules. 26

27 Business Unit Multiple Business Unit for clusters and authorization can be setup. Head Office also can be setup for Central Purchasing Concept & Head Quarter Approval. 27

28 Store Setup Related category, product can be assigned to the Store easily and Account Code for Financial Back Office System also be setup easily in one screen. Search Method are available for all column so that user can get faster search result. 28

29 Item Setup Search method are available for all column for faster search result. User can also assign the Item to the multiple Store easily. 29

30 Item Picture In Addition to the standard information for Item, user can able to attach the picture of the product. 30

31 Unit Setup Unit and Unit conversion are at one screen and easy to setup. 31

32 Tax Setup Different Tax Rate can be setup to meet the requirement for each country and Account Code for each Tax can be also setup for interface with Financial Back Office System. 32

33 Vendor Setup Complete Vendor information can be setup including Minimum Order Amount, Delivery information and Vendor Code for interface with Financial Back Office System. 33

34 Vendor Contract Contract or Bids information can be setup and attached to each Vendor for easy reference. 34

35 Quotation Quotation can be input either by Vendor or by Item and able to attach the quote. User can modify data on the main grid directly to make easier to update daily, weekly or monthly. 35

36 Employee Complete employee information such as Department, Business Unit, Signature can be setup. User Role and authorized store for order and requisition etc can be setup for individual Employee. 36

37 Template Template for Market List, Standard Order, Standard Requisition can be setup easily by selecting item or category from the Tree to save time for user. 37

38 3 rd Party Interface SCM can be interface with 3 rd Party Software such as – Point of Sales (Micros, Infrasys and many more) – Financial Back Office System (Sun, iScala and many more) – Fax Server (Tobit David, FaxPress and many more) 38

39 5-10% Direct Savings on Purchasing – Improved Negotiating Power, Reduced Inventories and Panic Buying Example A – On monthly purchases of approximately 100.000, 5% represents Monthly Savings of 5.000 (x12) = Annual Savings 60.000 Example B – On monthly purchases of approximately 100.000, 10% represents Monthly Savings of 10.000 (x12) = Annual Savings 120.000 5-10% Indirect Savings on Operating Expenses – Time & Labor – Duplications – Printing & Stationary – Vendor Coordination – Telephone Calls – Etc., etc., etc. 39 Some Major Benefits

40 For Live Demo and Pricing, please contact Mr. Garry Lowe Director of Business Development email - 40

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