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CPSolution 14IT BVBA – Complete Professional Solution.

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1 CPSolution 14IT BVBA – Complete Professional Solution

2 Single Login Access to multiple Administrations Multi-Language Simple to translate to any other language Integrated user rights system based on modules and possible actions Multi-Administration Multi-Language & Multi-User

3 Clean and familiar Ribbon toolbar on mainscreen gives a trusted environment for the user as she/he is familiar with it like in Microsoft Office and other Microsoft products. Toolbar gives a good overview of possibilities Look & Feel

4 Quick access toolbar Adjustable toolbar icons give a quick access to daily used modules (adjustable per user) Stays on top of other modules so allways accessible Same icons as in the upper ribbon Tooltips on mouse hover Quick Access

5 Contacts Individuals Departments Connections Clients Suppliers Transport Companies Contacts can be coupled to connections Contacts & Connections Management

6 Sample Contacts & Connections Management

7 Connections Ability to check VAT Number online and retrieve information from the European Commission online database Company Name Address Free integrated service Contacts & Connections Management

8 Products Groups Categories Customs Codes Pallets Sales Price Agreements Purchase Price Agreements Service Cards (Customer Card) Unique product specifications (Serial Numbers, Batch Number, Expiration Date,... ) Product Management

9 From offer to invoice Offers Orders Warehouse documents Loading documents Delivery documents Product- & Pallet- labeling Proforma Invoice Invoice & Summary Invoice Credit Note Sales Management

10 Keypoints Self managed product Matrices (easy creation and management of multiple products) Self defined formula calculation Sales/Purchase Management

11 Keypoints Unit conversion Matrices (easy creation and management of multiple units/product) Long term orders with call orders on demand Subscriptions/Recurring orders (orders/invoices) Fixed orders/invoices Assembly orders Automatic creation of Purchase orders from Sales orders Composition products – Assembly products - Textlines – Taxes (Recupel, Bebat,....) associated with a product Sales/Purchase Management

12 Sample Salesorder

13 From offer to invoice Offers Orders Expected deliveries overview Intake document Product- & Pallet- labeling Invoice Credit Note Purchase Management

14 Plan orders to production Self management of production lines Drag & Drop functionality for easy planning of tasks Production Management

15 Stock Transactions Warehouses & Locations Product- & Pallet- intakes Track and Trace Usage of stock in production Stock overview Expedition Module Labeling & Scanning of products & pallets Rental/Reservation Module Stock Management

16 Full customizable reports Microsoft SQL Report Builder Integrated Report Viewer Integration with Outlook and PDF Export functions to excel For all significant datagrids Reporting

17 Option Lists Manage all predefined options Accounting Bookyear and periods VAT Management (multiple countries) Ledger accounts Management

18 Translations All displayed text in the program (labels, messages, tooltips) comes from our translation database and can be customized via the translation module. Standard languages: Dutch, French and English Extra languages can be added and all text can be translated License License managed via webservice Company Legal information & addresses Settings

19 Import From Excel From accounting software (Multivers, Venice, ExpertM,...) Export To Excel To accounting software (Multivers, Venice, ExpertM,...) To Certipost (Electronic document exchange) Existing Connections: Colruyt Delhaize Makro (Metro Group) Lidl Orders, Delivery Notes, Invoices, Credit notes Import Orders (ORD) Export Delivery Notes (DESADV) Export Invoices / Credit notes (INV) Import & Export

20 Webshop connector Manage webshop content from software via webservices Manage online products Manage productcategories Manage manufacturers Manage product details (descriptions, comments, prices, pictures,... ) Manage and import incoming orders Manage customer logins Webshop

21 Client Specific It is possible to provide clients with specific modules Like Mourning Letter Administration that would only be usefull for only one customer Specific Modules

22 Key points of our cash register/POS software: Easy to use and very complete solution Easy and fast creation of buttons for main groups, groups and products (5 levels) Easy creation of payment buttons and types, calculation of number of vouchers, cash withdrawal,... Integrated product matrix and formula calculator Service card – client card with discount possibilities, follow up purchases,... Reservation, rental,... Barcode scanning, multiple EAN Codes,... Possible to connect a second screen for announcements, advertising, actions,... Connection with EID (Electronic ID) reader Software developed for multiple industries Cash register/POS


24 The user interface of the cash register/POS system is built in a way to provide fast operations, whether or not via a touchscreen. The cash register module is fully integrated in CPSolution and gives the possibility to use all options of order administration like product- and stock management, purchase and sales management. From the POS interface, you can choose to print a sales receipt, a delivery note or invoice. It is possible in an easy way to enter the day closing of a cash register for one or more cash registers and to send it to the accounting software (Venice, Unit4 Multivers, ExpertM,...). Data such as customers and products should not be re-entered in each module and users dont have to work with complex interfaces. No, all information should only be entered once. Multiple cash registers and multiple stores or multiple locations are no problem for the software. The system is developed to work in a network and on different locations. Cash register/POS

25 Hardware The cash register/POS software is hardware independent and can be used on a computer, with touchscreen or on a design Apple iMac. Communication possibilities are provided with barcode-scanners, ticket-printers en cash drawers and all this brand independent, connection with payment terminals of ATOS and CCV. Cash register/POS

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