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Grant Management Grant Writing for Community Health: Insights and Strategies for Success.

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1 Grant Management Grant Writing for Community Health: Insights and Strategies for Success

2 Objective After presentation you be able to identify strategies to help you manage grants.

3 Overview Child Crisis Center of El Paso What I do? CCC Grants What to do when you get a grant. Plan, tracking system, tips Suggestions-What should be in place for effective grant management Organize and what are some challenges

4 Child Crisis Center of El Paso Non-profit 501(c) 3 24 hour Emergency shelter Children 0-13 year of age Prevent child abuse and neglect Provide family support services Education and Prevention programs 2100 N. Stevens El Paso TX 79930

5 Eileen Huereque Family Education & Prevention Supervisor I have many roles! No Kidding: Straight Talk from Teen Parents AMOR Parenting Program STEP Parenting Program Aliviane/ In Home Parenting Services Hippy Program

6 Grants-Teen Pregnancy Prevention/Youth Development No Kidding: Straight Talk from Teen Parents Paso del Norte Health Foundation (2006- current) Workforce Solutions-Upper Rio Grande (2006-2010) Department of Justice-Juvenile Workforce Development Programs (2010-current)

7 Parenting AMOR Parenting Program STEP Parenting Program Paso del Norte Health Foundation Texas Department of Family and Protective Services TFTS-Texas Families Together and Safe RGK Foundation (2010-current) Hunts Foundation (2010-current)

8 Contracting grants Aliviane-Family Outpatient Program In-Home Program SAMSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) United Way Texas Hippy (Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters) Americorps Texas

9 Guess What???

10 Congratulations! You were awarded a grant…..

11 Now what???

12 Grant Management Effective management Impact Project success Reputation Determine future grant success

13 Award letter & Contract Read carefully Look for- Changes in timelines Changes to outcome expectations Changes to funding amounts & categories Immediate reporting requirements Restrictions on subcontracting

14 Contracts Study the terms and conditions Compare them to approved grant application Check for mistakes or inappropriate terms and conditions in the final agreement Its important to talk to the designated officials as soon as possible Document, document, document!

15 *Task Management Plan* Reasons your may have to refine your scope Change of staff Project implementation general Make sure to have a reasonable plan for program managers & staff to carry out Before your meet with program managers & staff Help with project monitoring and quality control

16 Plan Hold project meeting with program managers and/or staff Everyone understands terms and conditions Responsibilities for carrying out any activities set forth in grant application

17 Plan List goal and objectives List the steps needed to achieve goal/objectives Follow your plan weekly Set reminders Send reminders to those from whom youll need information or data

18 Calendar Set up a calendar (Outlook, Google) List all deadlines for submittal Required reports (fiscal & programmatic) Name of who will complete report Make sure all reports are submitted on time Assign someone

19 Tracking system Review your original evaluation, goals and objectives Expenses Include appropriate staff- finance/bookkeeper from the beginning These people are familiar with grant Spend according to line item/budget Allowable expenditures vs. Unallowable expenditures

20 Tracking System Document requests for changes and approvals Make copies of all quotes, purchase orders, receipts Save photos, articles, materials related to project


22 Plan of contact Develop a plan of contact for funder Most funders like to see and hear about project Include them in media, events, newsletters, flyers, use their logos (ask permission) Email/call contacts-Share your successes/challenges/updates

23 Plan of contact Always include your funder- Read contract/materials carefully for any PR requirements or restrictions Show your funder youve given them publicity Never pass up an opportunity to make them shine!

24 More Grant Management tips Use grant awards to encourage other fundraising efforts Present your project(s) at local and national conferences/workshops

25 Good Financial Management System Critical aspect of grant management Establishment & maintenance of a sound financial management system 3 major components for good financial management 1. Meet general accounting principles 2. Cost management & controls=proper cost allocation and complies with requirements 3. Reporting system

26 Good Financial Management System How you decide to allocate, charge and document costs is very important Grant, project and financial administrators need a thorough understanding Direct costs Indirect costs

27 Definitions Direct cost- are those costs that can be identified specifically with a particular sponsored project, instructional activity, or any other institutional activity, or that can be directly assigned to such activities relatively easily with a high degree of accuracy. OMB Circular A-122 Attachment A, Section C.1 (Cost Principles for Non profit organizations) Indirect costs- are those costs that are incurred for common or joint objectives and therefore cannot be identified readily and specifically with a particular sponsored project, instructional activity, or any other institutional activity OMB Circular A-21 Section E.1 (Cost Principles for Educational Institution)

28 Other things to consider… Maintain a sound purchasing system Follow required personnel practices Follow health & safety procedures Cell phones Establish audit & resolution processes Follow Ethical principles Quality & Control Keep up with grant administration trends

29 Suggestions for Organizing your grants Binders Six Part File folders Electronic files/copies

30 Organize Section 1 Copy of executed grant agreement Budget-as approved Section 2 Copy of budget reflecting how it will be processed through your account system As you spend, revised to show funds spent Show remaining balances

31 Organize Section 3 Correspondence from funding source in ascending order, earliest to latest Section 4 Financial reports you have filed with the funding source Section 5 Copies of program progress reports

32 Organize Section 6 Audit and closeout documents Copy of the grant approved proposal Several grants & program managers Separate managers grant status file 4 part file folder

33 Challenges Program manager staff turn over Not being part of the grant writing process Getting the grant approval later then expected (1 year vs. 8 month) What are some challenges you have experienced?

34 Thank you! Questions?

35 References Essentials of Grant Management, Tips on Grant Management, Denise Denton Child Crisis Center of El Paso Policies and Handbook

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