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Back to School Night Sign in Sign-up for Newsflash on back computers.

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1 Back to School Night Sign in Sign-up for Newsflash on back computers.
Sign up for both teachers. See signage. Pick up Packet Packets are in ABC order by last names. Students please turn in completed forms by Monday, August 5th. (Homework Pass) Welcome Letter Enjoy the Welcome Letter from our old 6th graders; Please leave for the next class.

2 Room A-3 Language Arts/ Social Studies
Welcome to 6th Grade Mrs. Haddock Room A-4 Math/ Science Mrs. Guerra Room A Language Arts/ Social Studies


4 Contact Information Mrs. Haddock and Mrs. Guerra Class Hours: M – F: 7:20–4:00 Phone: (909) Teacher Web Addresses:

5 Assignments Posted Homework Assigned Due Dates
All assignments are posted on the white board and on the class Teacher Web. Homework Assigned Monday – Thursday. Occasionally, over the weekend. Teacher Web: Check daily, your homework may change. Due Dates All homework is due the following day, unless otherwise stated. For full credit turn in class work on time.

6 Students Homework Schedule
15 minutes looking for the assignment 11 minutes calling a friend to get the assignment 23 minutes explaining to parents why the teacher is mean and really doesn’t like children 8 minutes in the bathroom 10 minutes getting a snack 7 minutes finding the right song on their I-pod. 6 minutes telling the parent their teacher never explained the homework 10 minutes telling Mom or Dad that they didn’t do the problem right because they weren’t there when the teacher taught it.  Reality: Expect 1-1½ hours nightly

7 Attendance Absences Office
Regular attendance and timeliness is crucial. Vacations Appointments after 1:00 Check ESPRI/ Teacher Web/ Call a friend Students are responsible for making up all classwork and tests. Classwork Due the following Monday. Tests- Due the following Tuesday before or after school Office Call and notify the office before 8:30 a.m. to pick up work between 2:30-4:00 p.m. daily.

8 Holt Math: Numbers to Algebra
Standards are unpacked, taught and then reinforced. MUST KNOW MULTIPLICATION FACTS 0-12 Students will be given tools, apply their knowledge, and demonstrate reasoning through journaling, problem solving, computation. White boards-practice Help table “The dumbest question is the one not asked” Assessments Quizzes and Unit tests Free Response (Reasoning / Application) Most Unit Tests have “Quick Checks” Computer Math Animal Watch

9 Holt Science: Earth Science
Directed Reading Cooperative Groups Science Binder Assessments Quizzes after each section (Open Book) Study Guides / Chapter Tests Science Camp - PALI Mountain February 10-12, 2014 Cost: $ Due: Jan. 10th Parent Meeting: Nov. 20th. Wed. before Thanksgiving Payments: $50.00 increments (11/22, 12/6, 12/19, 1/10, 1/17) Family Life Spring

10 Classroom Management Expectations Positive
Be responsible for you actions. Positive It is a positive, safe environment for ALL students. Challenging (Making Excellence A Necessity) We encourage all students to take a risk and challenge themselves in all they do. Rewarding Rewards Drawing Treasure Chest Praise Phone calls home Treats 10

11 Elective Classes Spanish Animation Agriculture Cooking / Sewing Art
Careers Band (Year round elective) Learning Lab / Coyote Academy Design Typing Poetry

12 Traffic Walk  Avoid expensive tickets – Follow the rules.
Practice Safety-please don’t tell your child to run across the street to get into your car. Be nice to the Crossing Guard Pick up your child in front of MPR, Day Creek, or on Coyote Drive in front of grassy area. Do not pick up your child in front of the office by the flag pole.


14 First Day of School What do I need on Monday? Helpful 6th grade hints:
Students should leave all hardback books at home. Bring sharpened pencils, grading pen, paper, subject binders etc. Teacher Packet: Return completed white forms, parent contact card and to your homeroom teacher. (Homework Pass) Yellow Manila Envelope - School Paperwork Sack lunch if you don’t want to wait in a long lunch line. Come to school with a good attitude Be ready to learn Helpful 6th grade hints: Put your name on your paper. Know your multiplication facts.

15 Extras Parent Conferences Parent Helpers Donations November 4-8th
Copying 1 day bi-weekly Donations Posted on each door

16 Thank you for Coming ! Middle school is an exciting and challenging time for both students and parents as it is a bridge between the elementary and high school years. It is our goal to help make this transition as smooth as possible as well as provide the best educational experience as we possibly can.

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