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New Hampshire DOT Glenn Roberts, Chief of Research

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1 New Hampshire DOT Glenn Roberts, Chief of Research
Development and Implementation of Interactive Stormwater Outreach Model and Materials New Hampshire DOT Glenn Roberts, Chief of Research

2 Purpose Fulfill National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II regulations for Small MS4s Develop & Implement a Public Education and Outreach Component Present and promote best management practices (BMPs) resulting from experience, research in water quality issues, and innovations in stormwater management MS4 stands for municipal separate storm sewer systems, but the term also includes State department of transportations, universities, local sewer districts, hospitals, military bases and prisons. It’s not only for systems of underground pipes – it includes roads with drainage systems, ditches, channels or other stormwater components. Six minimum control measures required. First is Public Education and Outreach.

3 1st Generation Interactive Table
Constructed with minimal materials & expense 3 layers of plywood, painted to depict Concord, NH Grooves cut through layers allow “contaminants” to travel to surface waters

4 2nd Generation Stormwater Table
Improved detail and relief Working culverts, swales, ditches, silt fences, grass, etc.

5 Rainmakers All of the stormwater tables require Rainmakers. Contaminants are placed on the roadways and landscape to depict real world pollutants from non point type sources identified in other outreach components. Salt and sand from roads Increased nutrient loadings from fertilizers and detergents Gas and other petroleum products Pet waste, trash, and construction sediment. The rain comes and washes them into ditches, culverts and streams, eventually making their way to potential drinking water sources.

6 Rainmakers

7 Contaminated Pond – Yuck!

8 Silt Fence Demo Erosion control issues and best management practices are also discussed. This slide shows a student applying “construction sediment”, which is effectively blocked by a model silt fence. When the fence is removed or breached, the sediment escapes into the wetlands and streams.

9 Stormwater Outreach Trailer
The stormwater outreach trailer provides transportation for the stormwater models and provides an enclosed space for slide shows and other presentations. The trailer is covered on four sides with a mural created by a local technical school art club which depicts various non point sources of pollution.

10 Stormwater Outreach Team (SWOT)
This is the SWOT team. They are a group of dedicated, passionate, champions from the NHDOT Bureau of Environment that truly believe in and love what they do, and they’ve been a joy to work with.

11 3rd Generation Stormwater Table
3D viewing of subsurface drainage Permeable and impermeable surfaces Treatment of contaminants

12 3rd Generation Stormwater Table
In this slide, members of the SWOT team show interested onlookers the difference between water that is filtered by detention basins or grass swales, and water that could emerge directly from a drainage pipe into rivers, lakes or streams.

13 Sampling of Events Berlin River Day (Gen. Public)
Lebanon Watershed (4th Gr) NHDOT District Safety Days LGC Career Day (High Sch.) Plow Rally (Municipalities) Town of Gorham 4th of July (Families) Canterbury School (4th & 5th Gr) Winnicut River Watershed (Families) NHDOT - Earth Day NH Fish & Game – Discover Wild NH Day (Families) Exeter Adult Ed Center (Adult Ed. Students) Manchester Public Works Mountain of Demonstrations (Municipalities) NHDOT Lunch & Learn Many more Most of the slides I’ve shown include kids, but as you can see from this sampling of events, more than half of the time the SWOT addresses adults or families. Not that we need to apologize for involving the kids. After all, what better time to start to influence future adults’ attitudes toward these issues. Event names, dates, contacts, audience, group size, hours, miles traveled, MS4 town status, and other information are maintained in a permanent log.

14 Future Plans Animated presentation(s)
Advertisements for local media outlets Solar power to reduce/replace use of generator Additional outreach materials (e.g. coloring books, shirts, mugs) Smart board One idea that’s been discussed but not yet developed is the idea of a smart board, or touch screen, which enables participants to test their knowledge through interactive exercises.

15 Thank You Through a unique partnership of the NHDOT’s Bureau of Environment and the Research program, an effective outreach program has been developed from the ground up, at minimal cost, and is now helping to spread the word on achieving higher water quality through the effective management of stormwater runoff.

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