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Management / Leadership Style AMERICA RUSSIA VS..

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1 Management / Leadership Style AMERICA RUSSIA VS.

2 1. Transformational Individualized consideration (IC) Intellectual stimulation (IS) Charisma (CHA) Inspirational motivation (IM) 2. Transactional Contingent reward (CR) Behavior and management by exception (ME) 3. Laissez-faire Leadership Styles

3 Differences in Leadership Style in AS and ME

4 Most popular management styles: Management Styles

5 Socio-Cultural Framework 5 socio-cultural dimensions (Hofstede -1984, 1997) are used to compare differences in management of different countries: 1)Power Distance (PDI) 2)Individualism (IND) 3)Masculinity (MAS) 4)Uncertainty avoidance (UAI) 5)Long-term orientation (LTO)

6 Russian vs. America

7 American Leadership/Management Conclusion: US managers are characterized by low PDI, LTO, and UAI, and high IND and MAS; US leaders ranked higher on two dimensions of transformational leadership (charisma and inspirational motivation). Individualistic in approach Managers are accountable for the decisions Decisions discussed in open forum Ultimate responsibility within the boss Outstanding success brings outstanding rewards. Titles are poor reflection of importance Importance is linked to power

8 Russian Leadership/Management Conclusion: Russian leaders use an autocratic leadership style; no clear preference for one of two major leadership styles (transactional or transformational), and elements of both styles are being used. Russian managers would be characterized by high PDI, high UAI, medium-range IND, and low MAS. Management centralized and directive. Big boss expected to issue direct instructions. Consultation from manager is a sign of weakness. Middle managers have little power over strategy. Precise instructions to subordinates with no discussion.

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