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By Andrew Daryl Gungadoo & Marvin King Asset Management.

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1 By Andrew Daryl Gungadoo & Marvin King Asset Management

2 Media in history (medium of communication) Interactive ! X X X X Complementary


4 The Media industry yesterday All material came from similar source Well defined channels – TV, Radio and Print mediums Audience expectations were well understood –Market segmentation, granularity Perceived media hierarchy Comfortable with the demarcation BUT Commercial pressures and expectations are forcing change…

5 Audience demands diversity Technology-push and market-pull Self-assembled news and podcasts redefine role of the traditional broadcaster Peer-to-peer networks bypass regulation over the public domain (such as blogging) Proliferation of digital radio technologies and options Use is no longer a straightforward linear experience

6 The diverse platform future Challenges for broadcasters: –More platforms = more audience = more cost? –How to exploit platform benefits Audience will decide the winners: –Content –Technology –Political regulation –Availability –Price

7 Right file Right Place Right time Definition Digital asset management consists of automating tasks and decisions surrounding ingesting, annotating, cataloguing, storage, movement and retrieval of digital assets, such as digital photographs, animations, videos and audio, PDF.

8 Right file Right Place Right time Definition } Internet }

9 Owned TX Leased TX Internet Other } Collection Distribution Central Regional Hybrid Distribution Stages

10 Asset Manager Examples

11 Photo MAM: Picasa

12 Photo MAM: LightRoom

13 Audio/Video MAM: iTunes

14 Asset Manager Software Local PC Networked PC Networked Server w/ RAID Distributed Networked Server w/ RAID Cost: Availability: Scalability: $ $$ $$$$$$$$$$$$ 1 1 1 n 0 1 n n X n

15 Workflow


17 Asset Management Modules Integrated View studio Stat & Report Broadcast Schedule Asset Management

18 log.dbf availability.dbf solarwinds.dbf studio Stat & Report Schedule Asset Management Broadcast Schedule.dbf user.dbf schedule ok Distribution Modules Animated data Flow Diagram

19 Major Asset Management Packages Harris H-Class (as adapted by VT Coms…) Pharos Dalet Plus IntegritSystem Avid Active, Final Cut Server (Apple) ImageDirector, ImageArcadia –Aperture, Adobe Lightroom (local PC) DSpace (Open Source by MIT & HP) The Platform

20 Conclusion Produce once, re-purpose, available in more mediums, Tell the World. Broadcasters can focus their efforts on content… …while taking advantage of the diverse distribution capabilities of networks Role of the content aggregator will develop to target and maximise Broadcasters effectiveness: –Satisfying audience demands Broadcasters reap benefits as network operators de-risk implementation of new technologies

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