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Aviation Safety Management Systems (SMS)

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1 Aviation Safety Management Systems (SMS)
Aircraft Engineers International Annual Congress Belgrade, September 2006 Aviation Safety Management Systems (SMS) Vangelis Demosthenous MSc IEng AMRAeS Human Factors Coordinator

2 Presentation Objectives
Describe what an SMS is Discuss why an SMS is needed Review how is SMS handled around the world Identify how is it related with other concepts (Quality Assurance, Human Factors) Assist AEI decide if and how to adopt and promote SMS in Aviation.

3 What do we, as AEI and individual members, want for the aviation industry?
Safe operation and safe working environment Efficient, effective and financially strong airlines and maintenance organisations

4 Aviation industry today
When aviation organisations are struggling to survive what happens to the status of safety?

5 ICAO Definitions (recently added)
Safety Programme. An integrated set of regulations aimed at improving safety. (to be developed by States/Aviation Authorities) Safety Management System. A systematic approach to managing safety, including the necessary organizational structures, accountabilities, policies and procedures. (to be developed by Airlines, Maintenance Organisations, Aerodromes, ATS Providers)

6 ICAO Requirements Annex 6: Operation of Aircraft
3.2.4 From 1 January 2009, States shall require, as part of their safety programme, that an operator implements a safety management system acceptable to the State of the operator

7 ICAO Requirements Annex 6: Operation of Aircraft
8.7 Approved Maintenance Organisation From 1 January 2009, States shall require, as part of their safety programme, that a maintenance organisation implements a safety management system acceptable to the State of the operator

8 A330 Gliding 24 August 2001 Chartered flight : Toronto - Lisbon
Emergency Diversion to Terceira (05:45 UTC) ENG 2 flamed out at FL 390 (06:13 UTC) ENG 1 flamed out at FL 345 (06:26 UTC) Glided to Terceira (65 Nm) : 19 minutes Touched down on Rwy 33 (06:45 UTC) 293 pax, 13 crew ; 18 minor injuries during evacuation



11 Evidence of Fuel Spillage

12 Contributing Factors Fuel pipe rupture was caused by mismatch of pre-mod and post-mod hydraulic pump and fuel pipe installation Although clearance was achieved during installation, pressurization of hydraulic line forced the tube back to its natural position and eliminated the clearance

13 Eng 2 : Interference Hydraulic / Fuel Pipe

14 Fuel Pipe Crack Initiation (contact point)
Length of Crack approx 70 mm

15 Crack Opening Crack width 2-3 mm (static)

16 Traditional approach to safety and its limitations
Develop regulations on how to design, manufacture, maintain and operate aircraft. Develop systems to ensure these regulations are complied with Aviation organisations comply with the regulations Limitations But… can we write a regulation for every potential hazard? So we do not address all hazards We just comply with existing regulations

17 SMS by Regulators ICAO – Mandatory 2009
Transport Canada – Mandatory 2004 CASA Australia - Mandatory UK CAA – Recommendation CAP FAA – Recommendation – June 2006

18 The 10 basic steps in implementing a Safety (CASA Australia)
1. Gain senior management commitment. 2. Set safety management policies and objectives. 3. Appoint a safety officer. 4. Set up a safety committee (usually only for large or complex organisations). 5. Establish a process to manage risks. 6. Set up a reporting system to record hazards, risks and actions taken. 7. Train and educate staff. 8. Audit your operation and investigate incidents and accidents. 9. Set up a system to control documentation and data. 10. Evaluate how the system is working.

19 Relation of SMS with other Concepts
Quality and Safety Management Systems have about 70% in common SMS uses principles of Human Factors SMS uses principles of System Safety

20 Safety Management System
Quality System System Safety Human Factors

21 SMS Example


23 Safety Benefits of SMS SMS provides a structured management system to control risk in operations. It also provides the organizational framework to support a sound safety culture FAA AC June Introduction to Safety Management Systems for Air Operators

24 Business Benefits of SMS
Operators in other countries and in other industries who have integrated SMS into their business models report that the added emphasis on process management and continuous improvement benefits them financially as well. FAA AC June Introduction to Safety Management Systems for Air Operators

25 SMS Results by SIA Engineering Company (SIAEC) - Singapore

26 Benefits - Example Program has been operational for two years
H&S major injuries down 20 % over last year Ground damage is down 15 % over last year Savik Ramkay Director Safety Management System SKYSERVICE AIRLINES Canada Febr 2006

27 SMS Benefits - Air Transat
Improved employee morale Benefits in reduced incidents and increased awareness of operation Air Transat has a 72% decrease in irregular operating costs (over $1m per month saved)

28 Should AEI support and promote SMS?

29 of Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA)
Both the business case and the safety case support the benefits of introducing SMS Captain Rick Clarke Director, SMS of Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA)

30 Safety Management System
enhances airlines’ ability to operate safely It breaks down barriers between employer and employee It leads to shared values on acceptable levels of risk

31 Conclusions SMS will be mandated in our requirements
Traditional approach to safety leave significant safety gaps Organisations report considerable safety and business benefits through SMS implementation AEI should consider adopting and prompting SMS (more on this during the coming workshop)

32 Thank You!

33 Vangelis Demosthenous Kratis Training and Consulting Ltd 37, Kyriakou Matsi Flat Ayios Dometios Nicosia Cyprus Tel: Mob Fax:

34 SMS References ICAO AN 12/17-05/93 Proposal for the amendment of Annex 6, Parts I and III, Annex 11, and Annex 14, Volume I, to harmonize provisions regarding safety management (7/10/2005) ICAO Doc 9859 Safety Management Manual (SMM) – 2.2mb pdf UK CAA Search for 'safety management', several good documents listed Australia Canada TP13881E – Safety Management Systems for Flight Operations And Aircraft Maintenance Organizations Flight Safety Foundation Digest Nov-Dec 2005 (also May 1999) GAIN Go to: » Aviation Operator Safety Practices "Operator's Flight Safety Handbook (OFSH) Issue 2" (English (OFSH, Issue 2) / Portuguese (OFSH, Issue 1) / Chinese (OFSH, Issue 2) / Spanish (OFSH, Issue 1) / Japanese (OFSH, Issue 1) / Spanish (OFSH, Issue 2) "Cabin Safety Compendium" (English / Spanish)

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