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© by Application Testing & Test Management.

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1 © by Application Testing & Test Management

2 © by Tests performed by us System & Integration Test Acceptance Test Regression Test

3 © by Our Approach Methodical test approach (no random/spot test) Test is based on specifications Use Cases are the basis for our Test Cases Focus on Processes from the users view Implementation of vertical & horizontal Traceability Holistic system view End-to-End Test

4 © by Schematic Test Procedure Business Rules Specification Documents Interface Specifications Real Data Use Cases Test Cases Test Calendar, - Journal, -Plan Test Scripts Test Scenarios Test Data

5 © by Achieved Benefits End-User Documentation and Manuals Training Material Design Model Glossary Requirements & Stakeholder Requests Use Cases

6 © by Holistic Test Approach Requirement Phase Specification Phase Test Planning Test Preparation Test Execution Change Requests Requirement Review –correct, consistent, not redundant, testable, complete Requirements Management –Identify Stakeholders, needs, goals and objectives –Transform requirements to Use Cases –Setup of requirement repository –Identify dependencies –Prioritization –Traceability Specification Analysis –Complete, comprehensive, correct –Compliant to Requirements and Business Rules –Identify supplementary specifications (e.g. interface specs) Use Cases –Extend existing, Transform specifications to Use Cases –Setup of requirement repository Creation of Test Plan Resource planning Conceptual design of Tools Design of test environments Analysis of data formats Preparation of Test Data –Test Data generation Creation of Test Cases –Setup of Test Case Repository –Interlink with Use Cases, Specifications, Requirements –Combination to Test Scenarios Coding of Test Scripts Creation of Test Calendar Test Execution –Manual and automated Environments Management –Sanity Check –Parallelization of Tests –Ageing, Data Exchange

7 © by Best practice Requirement Review Specification Analysis Test Planning Test Preparation Test Execution Implementation of Tools Documentation & Reporting

8 © by Tool based Test Management Business Rules, Glossary Stakeholder Requests Specification Documents Interface Specifications Use Cases Supplementary Specifications Error Tickets Change Requests Test Calendar, - Journal, -Plan Test Scripts Test Cases Test Scenarios Test Results Test Data Software Releases Software Release Notes Requirement Management ToolsTest Management Tools Error Tracking Tool Configuration & Change Management Tool

9 © by Summary Reduced Test Efforts Advanced Test Processes Reduced Time-to-market Enhanced Software Reliability

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