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WECC Reliability Management System

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1 WECC Reliability Management System
Louise McCarren WECC CEO Louise McCarren WECC CEO

2 WECC One of 10 Members of NERC Covers the Western Interconnection
All or parts of 14 Western States British Columbia Alberta Baja California Mexico Voluntary organization

3 WECC Mission Maintain a reliable electric power system in the Western Interconnection Support effective competitive power markets Assure open and non discriminatory transmission access among Members Provide a forum for resolving transmission access disputes between Members

4 WECC RMS Developed following industry move to competition and 1996 outages Contractual arrangement between WECC and transmission operators Approved by FERC Business letter from DOJ Covers key reliability requirements Enforcement through letter or monetary sanctions for noncompliance

5 WECC RMS Improve compliance until legislation enacted
Mandatory standards and compliance critical to a reliable transmission grid Implemented in a phased approach 3rd and final phase submitted to Commission with a requested effective date of January 1, 2004

6 WECC RMS 23 of 33 WECC control areas have signed RMS agreement
88% of load - 83% of generation Working to increase participation Accountability through RMS data reporting reinforces compliance with standards

7 Reliability Legislation
WECC supports reliability legislation and mandatory reliability standards Provisions important to WECC: Delegation of authority to conforming regional entities Deference to Interconnection-wide entities Creation of Regional Advisory Bodies WECC RMS is only interim solution pending reliability legislation

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