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Right of Way Management Basics and Beyond. Presenter Monty Zimmerman Developed by Monty Zimmerman Right of Way Manager, City of Lenexa Murv Morehead Right.

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1 Right of Way Management Basics and Beyond

2 Presenter Monty Zimmerman Developed by Monty Zimmerman Right of Way Manager, City of Lenexa Murv Morehead Right of Way Coordinator, City of Overland Park

3 What is Right of Way Management? ROW Management is best defined as the ability of a municipality to govern, regulate and/or control the activities occurring within its property (ROW ).

4 Learning Objectives Understanding BMPs of ROW Management ROW management challenges Functions of a ROW management program How to accomplish utility coordination The importance of One Call New construction techniques Emerging Issues

5 5 BMPs for a ROW Management Program ROW Management Ordinance Agency ROW Permit Requirements Permit Review Process Inspections Restoration of permitted project

6 Row Management Ordinance This is your enforcement mechanism Sets forth regulations for access to the right of way Outlines obligations of the city Outlines obligations of ROW users Outlines obligations to the public 6

7 ROW Permit Requirements Current Franchise Agreement for service providers Completed permit application form including bonds & insurance Proposed work plan showing existing utilities Traffic control plan (if needed) Payment of all applicable permit fees 7

8 Permit Review Application should have: Applicants name, address and phone number Start and completion dates Project location and scope of project One call ticket number Facility owner information, contractor information Excavation information Area in ROW where work will take place Construction method (open cut, tunneling or boring) 8

9 Inspection Process Inspect project periodically Keep records of each visit Monitor job site erosion/sediment protection Monitor compaction during backfill operations Monitor street/sidewalk repairs (if applicable) Monitor traffic control/work zone (if applicable) 9

10 Restoration Restoration must be as good or better than original condition Pavement/sidewalk restoration should be done as soon as possible Green restoration should be done as planting season allows Make sure all restoration is in accordance with your technical specs 10

11 ROW Management Challenges Lack of resources Resistance to comply with city ordinances Time management Coordinate additional utility installations in existing ROW Staying informed on the latest construction trends in trenchless technology, (equipment, chemicals, fluids, tooling, locating technology and trends) 11

12 Potential Responsibilities of ROW Programs After hours emergency response Liaison between agency, utility operators, contractors and locators Represent agency in regional/national ROW related issues and become a damage prevention advocate Assist project managers with CIP design as it relates to utility and ROW issues Manage utility relocations for CIP projects 12

13 13 Duties and ResponsibilitiesCity of Overland ParkCity of LeawoodCity of ShawneeJohnson CountyCity of Lenexa Manage ROW permit systemyes Field inspectionyes Investigate violations of ROW requirementsyes Coordinate w/ building inspectors regarding ROW issuesyes Ensure reqs for traffic control are meet for ROW permitsyes Coordinate and educate Utility Co. with city policiesyes Maintain city ROW ordinanceyes Serve as City rep in regional/national ROW activitiesyes Adhere to saftey rules develop and follow safe work habitsyes Review construction plans for CIP projectsyes Manage utility relocations for CIP projectsyes Serve as damage prevention rep for cityyes Liase between City and Utilitesyes Other duties as required by supervisoryes Ensure compliance with conditions in franchise agreements Inform emergency services, of street closuresyes Investigate & respond to complaints from residents & businessesyes Prepare and maintaing invoices for ROW workyes Research ROW and easement informationyes Survey ROW boundries for utilities, contractors & homeownersyes Street light & traffic signal operationyes Assist on street light petitionsyes Provide locates for city owned streetlights and signalsyes Issue and inspect driveway, sidewalk and irrigation installsyes Supervise other ROW employeesyes Respond to after hours Utility emergenciesyes Manage ROW and easement acquisitions for road projectsyes Write legal discriptions for land acquisitionsyes Provide data to appraisers to determine compensation for projectsyes Negotiate for property being conveyedyes Coordinate field check meetingsyes Administer payments for reimbursable utility relocatesyes Orginize, plan & direct fence relocationsyes

14 Utility Coordination Brownfield is the most challenging, due to already congested ROW Highly congested ROWs require plans showing SUE level A locations of existing utilities Foster cooperation among all utilities/service providers Develop utility relocation schedule Mediate/resolve conflicts 14

15 Utility Coordination Greenfield presents a different set of challenges in that it requires extensive planning for utility placement Implementing use of utility corridors Implementing use of shared trenches Implementing use of joint trench concepts Construction of duct banks 15

16 Importance of One Call Contacting One Call is required by state law and agency ordinance Contacting One Call is the first step toward preventing damages to existing utilities Notifies utility owners/operators of impending excavation Reduces or eliminates excavator liability in the event of a utility damage 16

17 New Construction Techniques Trenchless technology Inneream, Arrowbore, Pipe Bursting, Slip Lining, Cured In Place Pipe…… SUE (subsurface utility engineering) Vacuum Excavation Keyhole method 17

18 Emerging Issues Sustainability SUE (subsurface utility engineering) One Call issues Crossbores Private utilities in the ROW Web based ROW management tools 18

19 Sustainability Because of the finite nature of our ROWs, we must embrace sustainable construction methods and techniques that will allow the needs of today to be met while at the same time assuring that our most precious resource, our ROW, is available for generations to come. 19

20 Sustainability Use of construction methods that reduce open trenching thereby reducing restoration requirements Use of construction methods that reduce the overall carbon footprint of a project Use of construction methods that reduce impacts to traffic patterns How to get the message to engineers and project managers Costs? 20

21 SUE (Subsurface Utility Engineering) SUE is an engineering process that utilizes new and existing technologies to accurately identify, characterize and map underground utilities early in the development of a project or in certain cases during construction. How to put this discipline into use How to get the message to engineers and project managers When should SUE be used and at what level Costs 21

22 One Call Issues Should everyone participate Should everyone participate equally Should members pay more to incorporate new technology statewide Should penalties for non compliance with One Call laws be strictly enforced/increased Should a utility owner be required to locate their service lines 22

23 Crossbores Defined as the intersection of an existing underground utility or underground structure by a second utility resulting in direct contact between the transactions of the utilities that compromises the integrity of either utility or underground structure. The most dangerous scenario is when a natural gas line intersects with a sanitary sewer lateral 23

24 Private Utilities in the ROW Do these utilities need to be a member of one call Should private facilities be allowed in public ROW What are the costs of not requiring private facilities to be members of one call 24

25 Web Based ROW Management Tools Web based programs are designed to create streamlined solutions for planning, coordinating, permitting, analyzing, and communicating work in an agencies' right of way. It is designed to save time and money, and enable proactive management of utility projects, public works projects, permitting incidents, traffic and events. 25

26 Web Based ROW Management Tools Many providers – Envista, ROWAY, ROW Manager…. Provides real time mapping using Google Maps 24/7 access from anywhere an internet connection is available Most providers use a hosted site platform Cost is based on the number of permits and agency generates per year Programs have the ability to communicate with other organizations that use the same product 26

27 27

28 Questions? 28

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