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I NTEGRATED P EST M ANAGEMENT (IPM) Kari Showers Mycology M 6:30-9:15.

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1 I NTEGRATED P EST M ANAGEMENT (IPM) Kari Showers Mycology M 6:30-9:15

2 O VERVIEW Why its important to me Introduction Steps of IPM Tactics of IPM Advantage vs. Disadvantage Popular Apple Diseases

3 I MPORTANCE / W HY I CHOSE THIS TOPIC Very important to farmers Grew up on a farm Worked at PSU FREC

4 IPM B ACKGROUND Modern and effective approach based on common sense programs Focuses on long term prevention of pests Series of management options

5 5 S TEPS OF IPM Scouting pest or problem Identifying the pest or problem Assessing the pest or problem Choosing a management technique and implementing it Evaluating the results

6 M ETHODS OF IPM Cultural Physical Genetic Biological Chemical Regulation

7 A DVANTAGE VS. D ISADVANTAGE Advantage Potential to increase profit Reduce risk of harming environment and farm workers Reduce the amount of pesticide used Delays disease resistance Disadvantage Requires higher degree of management More labor intensive Can be dependent on the weather

8 3 C OMMON A PPLE D ISEASE Apple Scab Cedar Apple Rust Powdery Mildew

9 A PPLE S CAB Caused by Venturia inaequalis Infects wild and cultivated apple trees Symptoms: Olive-green of brown spots that look scablike Leaves become dwarfed Fruit experience cracking and premature dropping

10 IPM FOR A PPLE S CAB Remove fallen leaves Pruning apple trees in winter months Spray fungicide when the bud emerges Then apply at regular intervals if needed Plant disease resistant trees Liberty and Gold rush

11 C EDAR A PPLE R UST Caused by Gymnosporangium juniper-virginianae Spends part of life on Eastern red cedar and apple Symptoms Orange spots on leaves and fruits Disfigure fruit and cause premature leaf and fruit drop

12 C EDAR A PPLE R UST IPM Apply fungicides at pink bud stage Remove eastern cedar trees nearby Plant scab resistant trees Liberty

13 P OWDERY M ILDEW Caused by Podosphaera leucotricha Susceptible varities Jonathan and Rome Beauty Symptoms Whitish gray powder Leaves curl upward Fruit have netlike russet

14 P OWDERY M ILDEW IPM Start early in growing season Begin at tight cluster Continue until no new shoots are produced Plant scab-resistant varieties that are resistant to PM Gold Rush

15 S UMMARY IPM is very important in the agricultural world Can potentially save time and money The 5 steps involved with IPM are very important Implementing different methods is very helpful Knowing the IPM for different diseases allows you to plan ahead for years to come

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