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REGEN Energy Swarm Energy Management

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1 REGEN Energy Swarm Energy Management

2 Traditional Method Swarm Logic Method Auto DR Event W HAT IS S WARM L OGIC ?

3 Customer Portal Swarm Energy Management Web 2.0 APIs A ZigBee network allows Controllers to talk to each other in a swarm. Each Controller makes a decision every 10 minutes. Controllers measure power readings every 30 seconds. Controllers are monitored and adjusted via a web based portal. E ASILY D EPLOYED USING Y OUR E XISTING HVAC S ERVICE T EAM, WITHOUT IT M ODIFICATIONS Swarm Energy Cloud A Gateway provides Internet communication without the need to access the sites network. Power readings and decisions are uploaded every 5 minutes. HVAC LIGHTING ELECTRIC HEATING PUMPS

4 S IMPLE O PEN ADR C OMMUNICATIONS Event Info communicated via web between the DRAS Server and REGENs Standalone DR Client Event Info automatically sent to customer site. Two-way communication provides real-time load drop verification. REGEN Standalone DR Client Southern California Edison Customer Site RTU AutoDR Event SignalAutomatic Schedule Population of Upcoming DR EventsREGEN Energy 24x7 Support Center

5 OpenADR Landscape

6 Swarm Energy Managements Benefits: Schedules DR events automatically using AutoDR Maintains comfort better than t-stat setback Provides fine-grained, predictable DR curtailment Reduces rebound during/after DR events E ASY D EMAND R ESPONSE WITH M INIMAL I MPACT ON C OMFORT Immediate increase Swarm Energy Management DR Thermostat Setback Power Interior Temp./Humidity Gradual effect Smoother exit T-stat rebound

7 D ECENTRALIZED C ONTROL P ROVIDES E ASY, S IMPLE A CCESS TO M ULTIPLE U SERS Web-based Portal No software installation required Secure Control Site-level permissions Allow view only or manager roles Scheduling Ability to group loads per zone Schedule load duty cycles for recurring or one-time events Analytics View real-time or historical load profiles Can export as spreadsheets Alerts Receive when warning conditions exist Ensures sufficient Demand Response curtailment achieved

8 S WARM E NERGY M ANAGEMENT E VEN P ROVIDES B ENEFITS TO BAS-E QUIPPED S ITES Internet-based remote monitoring & control aids recommissioning efforts Real-time & historical sub-metering per load, site, or portfolio of sites Monitoring Benefits Proven occupant comfort benefits vs. load-limiting strategies Seasonal benefits well beyond summer peaks alone Demand Management Benefits Simple AutoDR participation, automated event scheduling Superior occupant comfort compared to temperature setback strategies Demand Response Benefits

9 S WARM E NERGY M ANAGEMENT B ENEFITS Reduces Peak Demand while Maintaining Comfort (~15-25% = 25-40kW) Provides Intelligent Demand Response, incl. AutoDR (adtl. ~20-50kW)Minimizes Off-Hours Consumption (~10-30% = 35, ,000 kWH/year)Remote Monitoring and Scheduling with Ability to Lock Out ThermostatsRapid ROI for a Building Enhancement Sample Building: 20 RTUs, avg tons & 180kW 700 S. Telshor Las Cruces, NM 88011

10 C ASE S TUDY : A LLEN T HEATRES Problem: -Employees playing with thermostats, overriding set schedules -Very high energy costs Solution: Installed REGENs Swarm Energy Management at 11 different theaters in 2010 and RESULTS Since implementing Swarm Energy Management, Allen Theatres has saved over $85,000

11 REGEN Small Site Case Study Site Name# of AC Units with controllers ACE Hardware4 Fitness Center14 Fitness Center #214 Chevrolet Dealership11 Office Building9

12 Customer Comfort Responses to Baseline Day: How comfortable are you with the temperature today at work?

13 Customer Comfort Responses to DM event: How comfortable were you with the temperature between 4-7 PM?

14 Customer Comfort Responses to DR1 event: How comfortable were you with the temperature between 4-7 PM?

15 Customer Comfort Responses to DR2 event: How comfortable were you with the temperature between 4-7 PM?

16 Additional Savings kWh savings realized by utilizing REGENs scheduling functionality

17 REGEN Energy Contact: James McPhail Swarm Energy Management Energy Management Naturally

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