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Workshop Presentation for Canyon County October 21-22, 2009.

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1 Workshop Presentation for Canyon County October 21-22, 2009

2 Why are we here tonight? To talk with you about U.S. 20/26 west of Interstate 84. To share what we have learned so far. To hear about your experiences on U.S. 20/26, to help identify its future.

3 What is a corridor plan? A mid-range (10-year) plan. Analysis of future travel demand and performance in the corridor. Evaluation of problems and needs. Identification of corridor improvement priorities. Our objective is to continue to provide a roadway that is both efficient and safe.

4 ITDs Primary Objectives Maintain a functional highway - high speed (above 45 mph) links from point to point in Idaho. Improve safety - identify conflict points or add features that will improve safety and functionality.

5 Highway Transportation Investments The draft 2010-2013 Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) does not include any projects for this section of U.S. 20/26. A STIP is usually a five-year document. This year it is only a four year document because: State funding ($250.4 million) may change after the Governors Transportation Task Force delivers its report in December, 2010. Federal funding ($302.6 million) from the Highway Trust Fund may change upon reauthorization. The current authorization expired on September 30 and has been extended by continuing resolution. The Trust Fund has been in deficit the last two years ($8 billion each year).

6 Funding Challenge: Idahos state and local transportation agencies need an additional $240 million each year to meet increasing transportation needs. ITD has prioritized its existing funds as follows: Operations – Snow plowing, pothole patching, etc. Preservation – Pavement overlays Restoration – Rebuilding of the road from the base Expansion – Creation of new roads or widening of current roads (GARVEE)

7 What We Know

8 Travel Shed Population Growth

9 Travel Shed Population (Source: Idaho Economics, 2008) Zip Code Areas 2000 actual 2010 estimated 2020 estimated Rates of Change Caldwell 83607 16,397 23,847 30,768+4.4% Notus 83656 332 469 615+4.3% Parma 83660 5,282 6,445 8,448+3.0% Corridor US 20/26 Total 22,011 30,761 39,831+4.0% Canyon County Total 133,106 192,687 243,802+4.2%

10 1994 – 2008 Average Annual Daily Traffic (Source: Idaho Transportation Department) Road Section 1994 actual 1998 actual 2003 actual 2008 actual 10-Year Rates of Change State Line to Apple Valley Rd5,4004,3004,2003,700-8.5% Apple Valley Rd to Anderson Corner Rd5,4003,300 0.0% Junction US 95 to Notus West City Limit3,0004,000 4,600+2.0% City of Notus3,6004,000 4,700+2.0% Notus East City Limit to Farmway Rd3,6004,400 6,000+3.5% Farmway Rd to Interstate 845,0006,2006,5007,400+2.0%

11 Level of Service (LOS) standard for Rural Highways is C or better. LOS can be measured by hourly two-way vehicular traffic and by annual average daily traffic volumes.

12 Source: ITD Up to 7,200 AADT = LOS BUp to 12,700 AADT = LOS C Up to 17,300 AADT = LOS DUp to 23,500 AADT = LOS E Source: Florida Department of Transportation Uninterrupted Flow Highways in Cities of less than 5,000 population

13 ACCESS Nationwide Studies indicate... Well managed arterials have 40% - 50% fewer crashes. An increase of 10–20 access points per mile on major arterials increases the crash rate by 30%. The 14.060 miles of US 20/26 average 12.3 access points per mile. State Line to Anderson Corner averages 17.1 access points per mile. Junction 95 to Notus West City Limit averages 7.8 access points per mile. City of Notus averages 45.3 access points per mile. Notus East City Limit to Farmway Road averages 10.4 access points per mile. Farmway Road to Interstate 84 averages 14.5 access points per mile.

14 How do access and accidents relate? LocationMiles% MilesAccess Points Access Points per mile Accidents 2004 - 2008 Accidents per mile 2004 - 2008 % Access Point Related Accidents State Line to Anderson Corner 1.57811.2 %2717.1148.935.7 % Junction 95 to Notus West City Limit 6.11643.5 %48 7.8264.326.9 % City of Notus 0.7735.5 %35 45.3 1114.2 72.7 % Notus East City Limit to Farmway Road 4.41926.6 %4610.4 65 14.741.5 % Farmway Road to Interstate 84 1.1749.8 %1714.540 34.167.5 %

15 Accident Clusters Farmway Road – 10 crashes in the last five years with an additional 5 crashes nearby. Conway Road – 4 crashes in the last five years (all eastbound rear-end collisions).

16 Safety Evaluation SegmentAccident RateBase Rate (state average) Evaluation State Line to Anderson Corner 1.391.09 Above base rate Junction 95 to Notus 0.511.14 Below base rate City of Notus 1.651.34 Above base rate Notus East City Limit to Farmway 1.34 At base rate Farmway Road to Interstate 84 2.531.16 Above base rate Source: ITD Office of Highway Safety – 2004 to 2008

17 Speed Concerns Speed studies show we drive an average of 10% over the posted limits

18 Transportation Concerns from Scoping Sessions Access Management Turn lanes at Farmway Road and gravel pit locations Deceleration lanes Improve shoulder widths east of Farmway Road Vehicle storage at railroad crossings Line of Sight for some locations Drainage

19 Whats Next? Based on your feedback... Narrow the list of needed improvements Bring policy and physical improvements to local stakeholders Task Force for plan review Take recommended plan elements to: Local planning and zoning commissions Local government (County, City, Highway District) Idaho Transportation Board (ITD)

20 Stay Involved: For information, visit, go to Projects, Southwest Idaho, US 20/26 Corridor Study, I-84 to State Line. Questions, comments or suggestions: For more information, call ITD Office of Communications at 334-8005.

21 Thank you for attending! ITD appreciates your comments and will consider them when drafting the corridor study plan. Please take time to examine the exhibits and discuss your concerns with us and... Take the time to mark up the maps of the US 20/26 corridor study area

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