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ICT 4D CONFERENCE Title: Mobile Digital Diagnosis and Data Management By: Dr. Elias K. Sory, Director, Fio Health Ghana Ltd.

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1 ICT 4D CONFERENCE Title: Mobile Digital Diagnosis and Data Management By: Dr. Elias K. Sory, Director, Fio Health Ghana Ltd.

2 FIO HEALTH GHANA Fio Health Ghana Ltd. has partnered with Fio Corporation of Canada to use Fionet in Ghanas health care delivery system to enable high impact, high quality diagnosis of infectious diseases and real-time readily accessible data for health managers. Directors: Dr. Elias K. Sory, MD – Former Dir. Gen. Of GHS Dr. Edem Adzogenu, MD – Sr. Adv. to Ministry of Health

3 Fionet Validation Fionet Clinical Field Validation US NIH Center of Excellence in Malaria, Colombia The Global Fund, Colombian NIH, MOH US Department of Defense, KEMRI Ifakara Health Institute, Tanzania Experience 7,500 patient sessions, 50 health workers, 30 sites 4 countries Consistently successful Fionet Accra Phase – GHS Luminary deployment with GHS over 150 health workers trained over 50 sites deployed and functioning over 20,000 patient encounters

4 Two of the Biggest Infectious Disease Mgmt Problems Error-prone diagnostic testing Ineffective clinical work-up and therapy Negligible data capture and transmission, despite enormous information access Inadequate Care Health Workers Clinical Workflow Diagnostic Testing Data Capture & Transmission Inadequate Data Incomplete, inaccurate, untimely data Ineffective tracking and direction of resources, results, performance, epidemiology, demography, surveillance, accountability, … Blind spending and investment Managers, Administrators, Funders, Public Health, Industry Data Aggregation Monitoring and Data Mining Health Worker Guidance

5 Cloud via standard browsersvia local cell networks Readers, Tablets, Phones for health workers at point of care Automated diagnostic interpretation, workflow guidance, data capture Gateway: for data mining, analyzing, reporting; and, for remotely managing health workers Aggregates data, continually and automatically uploaded from Fio smart-devices at point of care Delivers information services via web portal to managers, administrators, workers, funders, health agencies, patients Web Portal for managers & data stakeholders, anywhere

6 Interpreting RDT Results Incubation Timing Incubation Timing RDT Identification RDT Identification RDT Processing QC RDT Processing QC Digital Diagnosis: Consistent, Accurate RDT Results Enabling accurate multiple patient throughput Accepting or rejecting RDT processing Auto-detecting RDT make/model Digitally analyzing RDT results

7 Deki Reader …via any Android device Training Alerts / Messaging Alerts / Messaging Workflow Guidance Workflow Guidance Custom Health Forms/Surveys Custom Health Forms/Surveys Easy-to-use Data Entry Easy-to-use Data Entry Clinical Patient Demographics Clinical Patient Demographics Capturing Records, Connecting Anywhere Deki Tablet Deki Phone

8 Deki Management Via Spiri, managers track/administer their fleets of Deki devices: Locations, activities, configurations, problems, user permissions, alerts, … Shut down, reset, or group Deki devices Multidirectional communication for managers and health workers via Deki devices & Spiri Health worker connectivity: Remote Configuration/Communication with Deki

9 Data Reports Data Reports Reports can be flexibly configured to present data about devices, users, diagnostic results, demographics, surveys, time, geo-location,... Process Improvement: Automated Reporting of Point-of-Care Data

10 Process Standardization RDT image captured in the record Managers identify deviations from protocol, correlate diagnostic activity to drug dispensing Managers track worker activity and performance patterns over time RDT images are captured and routinely included as part of the record Managers assess RDT processing skills of healthcare workers and over-read RDTs if necessary Example: Monitoring service delivery

11 Deki : no capital equipment barrier; rental pegged to usage Spiri: fee per dataset upload for information services; uploads pegged to usage -dataset is the data associated with one patient session, which is uploaded at once -fees organized to fit into existing data budgets… not from diagnostic budget -pricing model designed for sustainability Purchase order a three-year contract Pricing Model

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