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Media Business Information Management and Metadata Prof. Dr. Artur Lugmayr

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1 Media Business Information Management and Metadata Prof. Dr. Artur Lugmayr

2 EMMi Lab. Entertainment and Media Management Lab. Novi Research Center – Turning knowledge into value Tampere University of Technology (TUT) Tampere, Finland Creative Digital Media Business Information Management and Production Systems

3 Agenda Business Information Management Media + Business Information Management Applications & Services Metadata Conclusion

4 Communications media and services are the 3 rd largest IT spenders with a 4.4% growth rate

5 Business Information Management Information quality Transformation process System theory Information types Records management Information lifecycle Information orientation Information Productivity paradox E-commerce and e-business Computer science Metadata Standards Technology Information orientation Perception of information quality Responsibilities, structure and organization culture Skills development Developing strategies Legal constraints People The process of managing information as a strategic resource for improving organizational performance. This process involves developing strategies and introducing systems and controls to improve information quality to deliver value. D. Chaffey, and G. White, Business Information Management, Pearson Education Ltd., 2005 Data Data Information Information Knowledge Knowledge Wisdom Wisdom Software Software Systems Systems Infrastructure Infrastructure Hardware Hardware Telecommunications Telecommunications Employees Employees Customers Customers Suppliers Suppliers Government Government

6 Media Segments Broadcasti ng Newspape rs & Magazines Production Industries Advertising and Ad Agencies Print Publishing Internet & New Media Gaming Business Activities and Processes Sales & Marketing Finance Media Supply Chain Digital Rights Management and Royalties Workflow and Asset Management Human Resource Management Product Life Cycle Management Customer Relationship Management Supplier Relationship Management Media Economics Media Economics Organizational Performance Organizational Performance Creation of Value & Quality Creation of Value & Quality Convergence Convergence Audience Audience Society Society Public policy & regulation Public policy & regulation Creative environments Creative environments Labor unions Labor unions Stakeholders Stakeholders Media management Media management Media culture Media culture … Media Media Aesthetics Aesthetics Communication of information Communication of information Content formats Content formats Editing Editing Media studies Media studies Messages Messages Media as a product Media as a product … Content Content Distribution Distribution Networks Networks Dedicated hardware Dedicated hardware End2End End2End … People InformationTechnology Media

7 Two Approaches & Viewpoints AND Media AND Business Information Management IN Media IN Business Information Management

8 Application Areas and Scenarios Marketing and targeted marketing for media services and consumer feedback management Social media analysis and marketing Customer intelligence either in real-time / non-real-time Digital content End-to-End Understanding audiences, advertisement statistics, audience trends, and audience preferences Data warehousing Digital archiving & asset management Subscriber management & marketing Personalized and individualized offerings to increase consumer loyalty Target niche groups and create new revenue streams Increase revenue from intellectual property (IP) rights and royalties Financial performance management Collaborative productions Advertisement management, placement, and scheduling Workflows for new capturing technologies, and techniques Copyright, IP and royalty management Cost efficient productions by keeping creativity and quality Integration of analogue and digital media product sales Customer service management & analytics Optimization of cross-media offerings and distributions via new channels Long tail-content management Innovative and new pricing and billing models Live event management Operational efficiency and cost savings Management reporting & analytics and decision making support Integrate supply chain management with financial performance Collected from various sources e.g. SAP, IBM, Google search

9 Media in Business Information Management Design of information systems and user experience Data visualization and analysis

10 Metadata Interoperability – the glue between systems Data core of any information architecture Graphical website as front-end From a content centric workflow to a data centric workflow Enabler for domain specific production workflows Closes the feedback loop between consumer and content producer Semantic adds meaning to services and applications search – query – annotate – tag – index Seamless integration of devices Adaptive and scalable content distribution Automation of the value-chain Adds Quality of Experience (QoE) Changes the way of working Core of ERPs, SCM, CRM, HRM, … Examples: W3C XML as core standard, and standard for web-deployment MXF in TV productions and motion picture productions HL7 in health care

11 Conclusions Media Business Information Management Managing of media as product and resource including its related strategic and managerial activities to improve the organizational performance of a media firm along with traditional information management. This process involves developing strategies, systems and activities to improve media from a managerial viewpoint and adding value to media products. Metadata Domain specific and application oriented metadata IS SIMPLY the core of any business information management system in media business information systems – W3Cs standards apply in front-ends However, still THE end-to-end metadata standard is missing… and it will not be MPEG-21….

12 Contact Prof. Dr. Artur Lugmayr Technical Committee on Entertainment Computing TC 14 of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP).

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