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Abuse Testing Laboratory Management Laboratory Management.

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1 Abuse Testing Laboratory Management Laboratory Management

2 Lab Management Goal A&Ds Lab Management System provides the tools to transform a collection of test systems into a managed lab

3 A&Ds Lab Management Philosophy Practical Use standards where it makes sense IT friendly Cover tasks necessary to take control of lab Plan for the future Open to all test systems Continuous improvement - New features as necessary - Evolve with IT infrastructure

4 A&D Lab Management Solution

5 Components A&Ds Lab Management product line consists of: iCentral - core server component LabMinder - centralized notification/response system iView – test system interface component Mobile apps - Android app for remote monitoring

6 A&D Lab Management Solution The Lab Management Solution solves the following needs of a lab: –Store and manage test result data –Manage test system configurations –Remotely monitor test systems –Track and report test system utilization –Accumulate usage on parts under test –Manage security for the lab –Monitor/control state of remote unmanned test systems –…and much more

7 iCentral Keys Provides the needed tools to turn a collection of test systems into a well-managed lab Scales to fit any size lab Multiple iCentral systems are linkable to connect distributed labs into a single managed system Easy IT integration Wide system support –A&D systems: iTest (all versions), ADAPT (4.7+), CAS –3 rd party support available

8 Test Data Storage Overview The test system stores result data in projects in iCentral –What are the ways that A&D provides to find, retrieve and analyze the data? iCentral Web interface –Search options –View data file –View reports –Download to your PC and open directly in Excel Other options –RSS Feeds

9 iCentral Web - Search To search for result data: - Open Test Data on iCentral menu - Select Test Data Search - Gets you to the Test Data Search page To search for result data: - Open Test Data on iCentral menu - Select Test Data Search - Gets you to the Test Data Search page

10 iCentral Web – Search by Date To search by date range: - Specify Start and End dates - Returns all data files within the given dates

11 iCentral Web – Search by Project To search by project name: - Enter project keyword - Returns all data files from specified project - Partial project names recognized (i.e. My)

12 iCentral Web – Search by Meta Data To search by Meta Data: - Meta data is stored with the file, test name, operator, etc. can be used for search - Returns all data files that match search - Recognizes contains, =, <=, etc

13 iCentral Web – View Data To view data in your web browser: - Click on the View button - Data file is displayed in your browser

14 iCentral Web – View Report To view a report of the data: - Click on the Report button - Pick the report (templates created in iTest) - Data is displayed in your report browser To view a report of the data: - Click on the Report button - Pick the report (templates created in iTest) - Data is displayed in your report browser

15 iCentral Web – Download Data To download to your PC: - Click on data file name in the web interface - Select either Open or Save To download to your PC: - Click on data file name in the web interface - Select either Open or Save To get directly to Excel: - Associate iTest data files with Excel (*.dat) - Select Open to open the file in Excel To get directly to Excel: - Associate iTest data files with Excel (*.dat) - Select Open to open the file in Excel

16 Search returns matching results from all sites Results includes link to original data Clicking link downloads data from server on which it is stored –i.e. click link for data that is stored in Brazil, data is downloaded from Brazil –Metadata and security remains distributed –Queries forwarded to remote servers Multi-Site Search NOTE: These features are part of the iCentral Enterprise add-on W9200183 Optional Feature Optional Feature

17 Other Options iCentral Data Miner client that can be installed on your PC –No license fee –Used to retrieve multiple files simultaneously –Simple plotting included UniPlot, the professional data evaluation tool –Rich plotting and reporting –Automatable Both packages can search/retrieve iCentral data –Interface very similar to the iCentral web interface

18 RSS Feeds iCentral updates RSS Feeds with each upload All Projects feed –Monitor this to know when a new project is created on iCentral Individual project feeds –Monitor a project feed to know when a new data file arrives on iCentral –Feed contains direct link to the file for immediate download Standard Feature Standard Feature

19 Test Data Storage Conclusion iCentral is the centralized data repository for the entire Lab It includes a rich environment to find, analyze and manipulate data The included iCentral Data Miner provides a convenient way to find data and bring it to the PC for analysis Uniplot is the choice for customers who need a rich data evaluation option Strong integration with Excel is standard

20 Test System Configuration iCentral manages three levels of test system configuration –Solutions –Modules –Files Solutions and Modules are imported and exported directly to iCentral from iTest Test Manager Files are moved back and forth via the provided iCentralLabFiles interface –Files are version controlled by iCentral –Web editors are available for common text file types Standard Feature Standard Feature

21 Solution and Module Management Test Configuration Storage & Retrieval –Integrates with iTest modular architecture –Modules for instruments and test cycles All test cells access same modules Test builder selects from module library –Pushes to library in iCentral –Test cell retrieves directly from iCentral Reduce test management task Standard Feature Standard Feature

22 Configuration File Management The configuration file repository is organized as folders –All folders available to all test systems All files are version controlled Changes made via web or remotely Standard Feature Standard Feature

23 Editing Configuration Files Editors available on web page to edit common A&D configuration files –Schedules, Picklists, INI, etc After editing, file is available to all test systems Standard Feature Standard Feature

24 Test System Monitoring iCentral uses the iView web interface on remote test system –All live data uses web ports –Easy to move through firewalls Live data updates every two seconds –Low network impact Standard Feature Standard Feature

25 Dashboard Views Dashboards display data from multiple test systems in a single view Any number of dashboards can be configured Channels and systems to monitor are all configurable Viewable on PC or mobile web browsers Standard Feature Standard Feature

26 Silverlight Dashboard iCentral has history buffer for data in charts Alerts watch for value changes iCentral has history buffer for data in charts Allows more static data in dashboard: Part Tracker, Utilization Standard Feature Standard Feature

27 Other Monitoring Views Detail of single cell – live updates Snapshot of single system - current operator screen

28 Utilization Overview iCentral tracks historical utilization of each test system The channels that are monitored are configurable iView locally logs all changes to these channels iView periodically uploads the data to iCentral –iCentral processes the data and tracks the time in each state for later reporting

29 Utilization Reasons iCentral tracks both utilized and unutilized reasons Utilized is when testing is actually being performed Reasons are configurable in iCentral Test system fills these into the UUT Active Channel

30 Utilization Reports Many different reports available Graphs Spreadsheets Data is exportable as CSV

31 Part Tracker Overview iCentral can centrally hold data regarding units under test As unit moves around lab, manual data entry is eliminated Any number of part types can be tracked Any data about the part can be stored –Accumulation –Current value

32 Part Tracker Data Test systems uses iCentralWrite and iCentralRead commands –Put/get data to part tracker New fields created the first time iCentralWrite is used on that field Historical changes are kept Transactions queued in iView in case network fails –Update order is maintained when transactions applied

33 Security Overview iCentral manages lab-wide security Fine-grained control of rights and projects System administrator –Defines Users and Groups –Assigns user rights Propagates to test system ID configuration –iCentral internal –Windows Domain –Proxy Server

34 Other iCentral Features Test system parameter name management Central weather station server Test system calibration repository iTest license server External web page viewer

35 LabMinder Overview Modern DAC systems and their associated safety systems are already suited to safe, unmanned operations –The ability to monitor critical parameters and fast reaction to limit violation will protect the test cell and often the test article –Modern DAC systems can also be programmed to notify responsible parties when an event occurs What is missing? –A coordinated lab-wide system for managing notifications –A system that puts a remote human in the decision loop when a failure is predicted

36 A&D Lab Management Solution

37 LabMinder Agent Each test system includes a LabMinder Agent installed with iView The agent monitors the health of the test system The calculated health metric is globally configurable in LabMinder –Can be locally configured in the agent The allowed response procedures are configured in LabMinder –Can be locally configured in the agent The agent communicates state changes to the metric and watchdog info to LabMinder

38 LabMinder SMS LabMinder sits inside the lab, not typically on company network SMS Modem is directly connected to LabMinder machine via USB –Responses to SMS messages are caller-ID checked against notification list; rejected if not matched –Incoming message must match an outgoing active notification; random messages cannot shutdown a test –Once valid response is received from authorized caller- ID, notification is no longer active All activity logged

39 LabMinder SMS Notifications

40 LabMinder Email/Web LabMinder uses BLAT to send email via existing SMTP server –May or may not require authentication with SMTP server (depends on IT policy) –Assumes LabMinder PC has SMTP outgoing port to a SMTP server –BLAT is supplied with LabMinder 2.0 Response is via temporary web page on LabMinder iView –Link only exists for active duration of the notification –Once proper response is received (either via web or SMS), link is inactive

41 LabMinder Email Notifications

42 LabMinder Conclusion LabMinder is the key technology for managing an unmanned lab Provides a single point for managing remote notifications and responses to events in the lab LabMinder works with existing mobile apps: email, messaging, web

43 iView Overview The A&D Lab Management System has a common interface to all connected test systems: iView iView is included and installed by default with A&D test systems –iTest –CAS –BcTS –… iView is available with an open interface and SDK for third-party test systems

44 System Overview

45 Web Services iView provides a set of high level services as web pages Services include: –Pages for monitoring live data channels on the test system –Screenshot of the test system PC –Report key diagnostics on the test system PC –View log files

46 Interface Functions The key goal for iView is to provide the interface for the Lab Management system to the test system Interface functions include: –Get the value of one or more live data parameters –Set the value of one or more data parameters –Get the list of all available parameter names on the live test system –Execute a procedure on the test system –Upload test data to iCentral

47 Subsystems iView contains subsystems for the major Lab Management services that are allocated to it –WebQueries – gets requested data from test system and formats as web page response –UploadEngine – responsible for queuing and uploading test system data files –LabMinderAgent – queries test system for critical parameters, calculates State Of Health (SOH) value, etc –UtilizationCalc – monitors, logs and uploads utilization data from the test system

48 iView Subsystems

49 System Requirements OS Support –Windows XP (32 or 64-bit) –Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit) Disk space –~50MB for application –More needed during runtime for queuing data Ports needed –Default port 80 for communication to/from iCentral Port is configurable –Also need SMB/CIFS port open to copy files to iCentral Upload share iView runs as a 32-bit process on the test system –Uses credentials of user who started it

50 Licensing Each test system connected to the A&D Lab Management system requires one iView license –Included with A&D test systems For 3 rd party systems, purchase: –W9200199 iView for 3 rd Part Systems, which includes iView License iView installer –iView executables –iView SDK –Simulator plugin – provides working example of plugin –SDK documentation

51 iView Conclusion Customers with the A&D Lab Management System use iView to connect their test systems –iView is included with A&D products like iTest –iView with open plugin technology is available for 3 rd party systems This allows all test systems in the lab to be managed by one Lab Management system –Improves efficiency, reduces cost

52 A&D Mobile Apps iCentral for Android is the first mobile app –Contains monitoring capability similar to iCentral dashboards Available to install via iCentral Standard Feature Standard Feature

53 Android Monitoring App Standard Feature Standard Feature

54 Android Monitoring App Connects to iCentral Direct drilldown to specified test cell Shows preselected channels –Channels update live User selects channel and begins to graph –History buffer access in development now Standard Feature Standard Feature

55 iCentral Specifications Server OS Required: –Windows Server 2008R2 64-bit Server Hardware Required: –Multi-core CPU –8GB RAM –160GB disk space Additional local or network data storage –Networking/firewall access to lab PCs All live iView data is web based (port 80/443) Data files copied from lab machines via standard Windows file copies to Upload share Other Considerations –Web/Database services typically run as local administrator on server –If data stored on remote storage, ID for service must have local admin on server and remote read/write to storage –Running iCentral on a VM is supported

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