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Risk Management Resources Who, What, Where, How? Peter LeMay Assistant Risk Manager Yale University June 14, 2006.

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1 Risk Management Resources Who, What, Where, How? Peter LeMay Assistant Risk Manager Yale University June 14, 2006

2 What Do You Want To Know? How do your ___________ compare to others?: Policy limits Premiums Claims Fleet Safety Program How do others handle: Student Organizations? Alumni Activities? Who do others use for: Brokerage services? Insurance carriers? Claims adjusting? How do others allocate costs? How have others developed business continuity plans? Do others have a foreign travel plan? What is the insurance market doing these days? How are others handling pandemic issues? How do we lower our frequency of (auto, workers compensation, liability) claims? What are others doing about alcohol use on campus? Fraternity hazing? Background checks? How do I even get started with Risk Management? What are the hot issues at other institutions? EtceteraThe questions are endless!

3 External Resources University Risk Management and Insurance Association (URMIA) Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc. (RIMS) Other Professional Organizations Brokers Insurance Companies Publications Websites Your counterparts!

4 URMIA Formed in 1965 450 Institutional Members 1100 Total Deputy Members 80 Affiliate Members Mission: To promote the advancement and application of effective risk management principles and practices in institutes of higher education

5 URMIA-What Does It Offer? Networking Among Your Higher Education Peers Conferences Annual San Antonio, September 10-13, 2006 Regional Spring meetings held in Chicago, Massachusetts, Texas and Arizona in 2006 Publications URMIA Report URMIA Journal Listserve Member Programs TULIP Camps Student Organization program in development

6 RIMS Founded in 1950 3,900 Institutional members 9,600 Deputy members Mission: Advance the practice of risk management, a professional discipline that protects physical, financial and human resources

7 RIMS-What Does it Offer? Annual Conference New Orleans, LA April 29-May 3, 2007 Local Chapters Fairfield Westchester County Connecticut Valley Frequent meetings with topics of interest Network with your local peers from all industries Publications Risk Management Magazine Listserve

8 RIMS-What Does it Offer? Workshops and Courses 2006 Courses Include: Techniques of Risk Management Risk Analysis Tools for Effective Risk Management Fundamentals of Insurance Developing a Risk Management Program for your Organization Disaster Planning/Business Continuity Planning Workers Compensation Management Client and Broker Relations Enterprise Risk Management

9 Other Professional Organizations American Society of Safety Engineers Campus Safety Health and Environmental Management Association Association for Student Judicial Affairs www. Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education National Intramural Recreational Sports Association Association of Collegiate Conference and Events Directors-International National Association of College and University Attorneys Association of College and University Auditors National Association of College and University Business Officers American College Health Association Association of Research Libraries International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators National Association of College Auxiliary Services National Association of Educational Procurement Society of Collegiate Travel Management Association of Governing Boards

10 Brokers Great Resource for: Insurance trends Coverage questions Safety issues Claims handling questions Benchmarking limits, premiums, deductibles, claims trends Alternative Risk Financing opportunities Consulting Services Risk Management Practices and Procedures

11 Insurance Companies Great Resource for: Safety Issues Benchmarking claims trends Risk Management practices and procedures

12 Publications Business Insurance Magazine Risk and Insurance Magazine Chronicle of Higher Education

13 Websites Besides what was already mentioned:

14 Dont Forget Your Internal Resources! Campus Safety/Security/Police Campus Fire Safety Safety Committees Student Organizations Human Resources Travel Department Deans Provosts Resident Advisors Department Business Managers Athletics Health Services Internal Audit Campus Newspapers Campus Bulletin Boards Your Vendors

15 Who/What Else? The other people in this room!

16 Questions?

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