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LOGISITICS MANAGEMENT Fisher College of Business Undergraduate Specialization.

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2 LOGISITICS MANAGEMENT Fisher College of Business Undergraduate Specialization

3 Overview What is Logistics Management? Preparation Logistics Management at Fisher Organizations and Jobs Salaries and Outlook Student and Professional Organizations International Opportunities Department Contact Information

4 What is Logistics Management? The art of getting the right stuff, to the right place, at the right time Plans, implements, and controls the effective flow and storage of goods, services, and related information from the point of origin to the point of consumption to meet the customers requirements. - Council of Logistics Management

5 More on Logistics Management Logistics is concerned with the design and management of systems for the movement of products from points of production to points of consumption Such systems typically encompass activities such as transportation, warehousing, materials handling, inventory planning, and control customer service, facility location, scheduling and purchasing

6 Preparation for Logistics Management A college education with a good grounding in mathematics, statistics and logistics is important for professional entry into the field A good academic background, coupled with ambition and demonstrated competence, is necessary for professional advancement

7 Logistics Management at Fisher Undergraduate Ranking –5th Nationally - U.S. News and World Report (2012)

8 The Logistics Management Specialization The logistics management curriculum is designed to emphasize the theoretical as well as the applied aspects of the field Attention is focused both on the concerns of individual companies engaged in distributing products or facilitating the distribution of products and on the role of government in providing the legal, economic, social, and investment environments within which individual firms must operate Students selecting logistics management as an area of specialization will obtain a broad foundation for careers in (1)Management of transportation and warehousing companies (2)The distribution, logistics, materials or traffic management departments of manufacturing, retailing, and wholesaling firms (3)Research and administrative agencies of government concerned with transportation and logistics matters

9 What is the Logistics Management Career Path? No single path dominates this field Path is influenced by your skills, interests, & personal decisions and the size, type, geographic scope & organizational structure of the firm Typical entry level jobs: –Management Trainee –Analyst –First Line Supervisor

10 What Types of Organizations Hire Logistics Management Graduates? Almost every Fortune 500 company is a potential employer: Merchandising Firms Consulting Firms Manufacturing/Production Firms Transportation Firms Education Organizations Third Party Logistics Firms Service Institutions Government Agencies Purchasing Firms Logistics Firms Distribution Firms

11 Example Logistics Management Position Logistics Analyst Works with management of sales regions, headquarters and logistics partners to coordinate special events, vehicle logistics and priority vehicle transportation Duties include: –Analyzing monthly production plan and forecasting supply requirements to meet production demand –Monitoring logistics partners –Developing and maintaining contingency plans –Supervising marine vessel discharges –Insuring transportation quality standards and on-time delivery performance standards are achieved

12 CXS Best Buy Deloitte Consulting Energizer Dollar General Honda Procter & Gamble Sherwin Williams Companies that Recruit Logistics Management

13 Further Education and Other Opportunities Graduate School –Specialized Logistics Graduate Programs such as MBLE – Masters in Business Logistics Engineering –MBA -- Logistics / Supply Chain –MBA – Consulting / Strategy –PhD programs

14 Logistics Management Salaries Fisher College of Business Average Salaries (2011-2012) –Full-time$52,081 –Intern$2,711/month NACE Salary Survey (Winter 2011) –Full-time$50,634

15 The Outlook for Logistics Management Logistics Management is one of the fastest growing areas of managerial career opportunities Logistics management is one of the fastest growing areas of managerial career opportunities. Transportation and logistics costs are one of the largest components of the total cost of manufacturing and distributing products The logistics field is a relatively new one in universities, thus companies are aggressively seeking people with training in this area to meet their expanding needs Government regulation of business is creating professional opportunities Companies from all over the United States actively recruit Ohio States logistics graduates due to the reputation of our program

16 Related Student Organizations OSU The Logistics Association Buckeye Operations Management Society – BOMS Plus there are numerous other Fisher student organizations depending on your interestsnumerous other Fisher student organizations

17 What Does the OSU Logistics Association Do? The Logistics Association is a not-for-profit professional organization which provides leadership in developing, defining, and understanding the logistics process on a worldwide basis. It is a learning center for students in the form of concepts and best practices presented by logistics professionals and a networking opportunity for students seeking full-time jobs, internships, and co-ops. The ultimate aim is to provide students with as much information as possible about both the types of responsibilities they will have in various logistics positions, and the types of skills they will need to advance.

18 Professional Organizations American Production & Inventory Control Society (APICS)American Production & Inventory Control Society (APICS) Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP)Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA) International Society of Logistics (SOLE)

19 Fisher International Opportunities Honors / Scholars trips Emerging Markets Field Study Student Exchange Programs International Internships (EUSA) plus many more coordinated by OSUs Office of International Affairs

20 Study Abroad & Exchange Contacts Fisher International Programs Office Office of International Affairs (OSU) –OIE has many other opportunities for business and non-business opportunities to supplement the Fisher curriculum

21 Max M. Fisher College of Business Academic Department: Marketing & Logistics Fisher college of Business Suite 500, Fisher Hall 2100 Neil Avenue Columbus, OH 43210-1144 (614) 292-9695

22 Fisher logo

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