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Fe Angela M. Verzosa1 Effective Records Management.

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1 Fe Angela M. Verzosa1 Effective Records Management

2 2 Why an integrated approach to RM? Lack of uniform classification and filing system lack of systematic and orderly transfer of inactive records lack of standardization and control to the creation of forms and directives loss or misfiling of records lack of storage space and filing equipment

3 3 A good records system: contains complete and comprehensive files thereby enabling effective decision making provides integrity and continuity regardless of changes in personnel facilitates protection and preservation of records provides low cost and efficient maintenance of records reduces the possibility of misfiling and duplication means less time spent searching for files and documents.

4 Fe Angela M. Verzosa4 Goals of an RM program create only necessary records for efficient and successful operation of the office/institution. produce the records when needed. retain/preserve only records needed for continued operation of the office/ institution, and dispose what is not needed.

5 5 Objectives Protect institutional information resources throughout their life cycle, including identifying vital records, and implementing strategies to preserve records of long-term value. Improve the flow of information in the organization. Establish an RM component in institutional information resource policy and planning. Provide for adequate data collection and information access and retrieval, including institutional positions on privacy and confidentiality.

6 6 Components of a Records Management Program policy and procedure development records inventory, appraisal, retention, and disposition inactive files management and control (records center) management of active files reprographics, micrographics, digitization vital records management training and outreach programs

7 7 FUNCTIONS RECORDS CREATION recording of information on paper, print, tape or any transmitting medium RECORDS MAINTENANCE producing the records when needed RECORDS DISPOSITION determining the ultimate fate of the records

8 Fe Angela M. Verzosa8 RECORD : information captured in reproducible form required for conducting any transaction or activity. RECORDS MANAGEMENT: a logical and practical approach to the creation, maintenance, use and disposition of records. LIFE CYCLE CONCEPT: records pass thru three stages from its creation and active use to its final disposition. Definitions

9 Fe Angela M. Verzosa9 LIFE-CYCLE CONCEPT

10 10 CRITERIA in creating records is it necessary? what constitutes adequate documentation? is it desirable to have it in a consistent format? what is its future life ? what is the best way to store and retrieve it?


12 Fe Angela M. Verzosa12 Records maintenance adoption of a files plan choice of equipment/supplies mail management files management filing procedures cross-referencing releasing checking sorting

13 Fe Angela M. Verzosa13 Records disposition inventorying appraising scheduling retiring disposal policies transfer guidelines archival procedures

14 Fe Angela M. Verzosa14 Personnel involved Creator/originator user/processor office clerk records clerk

15 Fe Angela M. Verzosa15 Training and Outreach regularly provide workshops and other training which outline basic program policies and procedures and office responsibilities establish a system of records liaisons or coordinators within the major units of the institution to serve as basic contacts for the records management program publicize, inform, educate the campus community thru campus newsletters, brochures on various records management topics, and electronic communication technologies (emails, library blogs)

16 Fe Angela M. Verzosa16 Summary T he ultimate test of a good records management program is whether the records are available to those who need them, when and where they are needed ( effectiveness), the manner in which they are made available ( efficiency ), and at what cost (economy).

17 Fe Angela M. Verzosa17 Contact Questions?

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