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MATH INTERMEDIATE END OF YEAR REVIEW. Myles and Tom went deep sea fishing. On which day did Myles catch more fish than Tom? Hint: pound = # Dayfloundertunasnappergrouper.

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2 Myles and Tom went deep sea fishing. On which day did Myles catch more fish than Tom? Hint: pound = # Dayfloundertunasnappergrouper M 12 ¾ #4 ½ #2 3/8 #5 ¼ # M 23 4/5 #2 7/10 #3 3/4 #4 8/10 # T 14 1/4 #2 5/8 #5 2/5 #2 7/10 # T 23 9/10 #3 4/5 #4 6/8 #2 2/5 #

3 On this graph which point is located at ( 4, -1 ) ?

4 Complete each function table. What is the rule?

5 Which of the following is true? > < > < 0.599

6 Haley and Laura are practicing for the basketball team. Haley attempted 27 free throws and was successful 9 times. Laura attempted 24 free throws and was successful 8 times. At these rates which girl will be more successful and how many more successful free throws will the winner have if they each attempt 200 free throws?

7 The Futures Foundation donated 2000 new books to the media center. If 600 of the books are fiction, what percent of the donated books are non fiction?

8 Conrad purchased lunch for the office every Friday. Which lunch costs the least amount per serving? LUNCHSERVINGSPRICE FRIED CHICKEN8$ BAKED ZITI11$ PIZZA9$ HAMBURGERS7$ 20.23

9 Fill in the function charts. Follow the rules.

10 TRANSFORMATIONS A translation is another name for a slide. Which shows a slide?

11 Identify each angle by name and degree.

12 Which of the following lists shows the numbers in order from least to greatest? 0.29, 0.2, 1/10, 16%, 1/4 1/10, 16%, 0.2, ¼, , ¼, 16%, 11/10, %, ¼, 1/10, 0.2, 0.29

13 Complete each function chart.

14 Katrinkas math grades follow. What is the mean (average) of her math scores? What grade will she receive? A 92 – 100 B 84 – 91 C 76 – 83 D

15 Which table represents values of x and y so that y = x + 5 XY 4 05 XY XY XY

16 TRANSFORMATIONS A flip is another type of transformation. Which shows a flip?

17 Which ordered pair is located on Line Q? a. ( 3, 3 ) b. ( -1, 1 ) c. ( -2, 2 ) d. ( 5, 3 ) Q

18 One thousand people were asked what their favorite pizza topping was. 13% said they liked sausage best 1/4 said olives were best 2/5 said pepperoni was best The rest voted for cheese. How many votes did cheese get?

19 Draw the prime factorization of

20 David is building a table. The total area of the table is 2,160 square inches. What is the length of the side of his table? 60 ?

21 Darien is doing a science experiment growing bean plants. He measures his plants every other day for 2 weeks. The table shows the height of the control plant each day. Which type of graph would best display this data? a. Line graph for continuous data b. Line graph for discrete data c. Bar graph for continuous data d. Bar graph for discrete data DAY INCH

22 TRANSFORMATIONS Which shows a 180 degree rotation? Which shows a 90 degree rotation?

23 Marissa collected 364 stickers over a four year period. If she continues to collect the same number of stickers each year, how many stickers will she have by the 5 th year?

24 Use the number line to correctly represent the solution to the inequality 4X > 24 _.___.___.___.___.___.___.___.___.__

25 DNyyah has a toy box that is 36 inches long, 24 inches wide and 32 inches high. What is the volume of her toy box?

26 Which is the top view of this solid?

27 Which property is shown by the steps below? associative commutative distributive identity Step 1( ) + 11 Step 2 ( ) + 11 Step

28 Four boys went camping with a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter. Boy one ate 1/4 of the bread, boy two ate 1/4 of the bread, boy three ate 1/6 of the bread. How much bread was left for the fourth boy?

29 Which is the top view of this solid?

30 Paulo charges his neighbors $6 per hour to baby-sit. Which equation could he use to find the number of hours he needs to work to earn $ ? a. h/6 = 100 b. 6h = 100 c. 6 + h = 100 d. h – 6 = 100

31 Put these items in order from greatest to least. 80%, 22.5%, 1/10, 0.25, 1/12, 3.3%

32 Fill in the function charts. Follow the rules.

33 There are 68 students trying out for chorus. Let C stands for the number of potential chorus students. Only half will be selected. Write and solve the equation.

34 If the area of triangle 1 is 35 square inches. What is the area of the parallelogram?

35 Charlie wants to make an A in Math. He must have an average (mean) score of >92% for an A in the class. Will Charlie get an A? testscore pretest97% midterm89% chapter quiz84% final93%

36 What is the area of parallelogram b?

37 Let Mrs. stand for Mrs. B and let Mr. B be represented by Mrs What is true? A.Mrs. B is 5 years older than Mr. B B. Mr. B is 5 years older than Mrs. B C.Mr. B is 5 times older than Mrs. B D.Mrs. B is 5 times older than Mr. B

38 A carpenter is measuring the width of a door in an apartment. Which of the following methods would give the most precise measurement? a. measure the width of the door to the nearest foot b. measure the width of the door to the nearest inch c. measure the width of the door to the nearest ¼ foot d. measure the width of the door to the nearest ½ inch

39 Frankie is doing a report on the United States. He found the total land area to be 3,537,438 square miles. What is this value rounded to the nearest ten thousand square miles?

40 Olivia plotted points A, B, and C on a grid. Which point should Olivia plot to create a trapezoid that has an area of exactly 24 square units? (, )

41 Identify each angle.

42 If the Knights of the Round Tables table had a radius of 6 feet what would be the area of the table?

43 Mark and Paul are buying a small business for $375,000. The bank requires them to put 25% down on the business. How much money will they have to put down to buy the business?

44 Mrs. Brown worked 60 hours last week at her job. She spent 1/5 of the time at her desk doing paperwork. She spent 1/3 of the time on the road visiting customers. She spent the remaining time working with her staff. How many hours did she work with her staff?

45 What is the angle formed by the hands on each clock face?

46 What is the square footage of this home? Exclude the front porch.

47 Madison is counting cars on her trip to Washington, D.C. She notices that 3 out of every 8 cars is white. What percent of the cars are white?

48 This rectangular prism has a length of 5 cm, a height of 10 cm, and a width of 4 cm. What is the volume?

49 What is the value of the q in the equation below? 45 + q = 567

50 Gary is practicing his basketball shots and keeping track of the baskets he makes each day. How many days of practice did it take before he made 7 baskets? Day X 6X 4XX 2 X

51 Which quadrilateral has two acute angles, two obtuse angles, and two pairs of opposite parallel sides?

52 Regina is making a graph for math. Which point represents (4,3) on the graph. A B C D E

53 Daniel needs to resurface the parking lot of his gas station. The rectangular lot is 140 feet by 220 feet. What is the perimeter of the parking lot?

54 What is the area of each design? Which designs have the same area?

55 What is the measure of the angle shown below?

56 Lauren wants to be an entomologist. She is measuring the insects in her collection. Which insect is the largest? Which is smallest? INSECTLENGTH roach1 ½ inch bull ant¾ inch butterfly1 7/10 inch fly3/10 inch beetle1 4/5 inch

57 What describes the figure below?

58 Label each net with the name of the geometric solid it will make.

59 What is the volume of a cube that measures 42 inches on each edge?

60 Eloise loves to bowl. She wants to have an average of 200 so she will be picked for her High School team. These are her scores. What score does she need on her next game to get on the team? 212, 189, 175, 223, 196, _?_

61 Draw the points for ABCD that has vertices at A (3,2), B (-4,2), C (-4,4), and D (3,4). What is the perimeter of the shape you created?

62 How many faces? How many vertices?

63 If 5 vans can hold 40 people, how many vans will be needed to transport 430 people from the airport?

64 What is the PRIME FACTORIZATION of each number?

65 On a coordinate grid, which of the following describes a path to get from (0,0) to (6,3) to (8,6)? a.right 3, up 6, right 3, up 2 b.right 6, up 3, right 2, up 3 c.right 6, up 8, right 2, up 3 d.right 8, up 6, right 3, up 2

66 The perimeter of a square is 72 units. What is the area of the square?

67 Last year, a gray whale made a round-trip from Alaska to Mexico. The one-way journey was 6,272 miles. He traveled about 80 miles per day. About how many days will it take the whale to travel from Alaska to Mexico and back again?

68 Heidi records the batting averages of different players on a baseball team. Which list correctly shows the batting averages in order from greatest to least? 0.309, 0.353, 0.179, , 0.309, 0.179, , 0.172, 0.309, , 0.179, 0.309, 0.353

69 Mrs. Rae needs 268 inches of ribbon for her Christmas crafts. To save money she buys ribbon by the yard. Each yard of ribbon costs $7.25, not including tax. How many yards of ribbon does she need to buy?

70 If the pattern continues and 82 goes IN what comes OUT? INOUT

71 Megan has some hair ties, H. The number of hair ties that Maggie has is 9 times as great. Which expression can be used to find the number of hair ties that Maggie has? a. H + 9b. 9 - H c. H/9d. 9H

72 Triangle ABC is congruent to Triangle DEF. Which sides of the triangles are corresponding? 1. side AB and side FE 2. side AC and side EF 3. side CA and side EF 4. side CB and side FE

73 Which number represents three hundred fifteen million ninety-one thousand one hundred thirty-eight? a. 315,910,138b. 315,091,188 c. 3001,591,138d. 315,091,138

74 The perimeter of a rectangle is 44 inches. If one side is 13 inches what are the other dimensions? What would be the area of this rectangle?

75 The city library is 5 ½ miles from Lilliannas house. The school is 2 1/3 miles from the library and the bakery is an additional 3.4 miles away. How far is it from Lilliannas house to the bakery?

76 Which point on the number line best represents 2.53 ? A B C D E F _________________________________

77 Triangle QRS is a right triangle. Angles Q and S are equal. What is the measure of angle Q? R Q S

78 A cake recipe call for 6 eggs and S cups of brown sugar. Write an expression that could be used to find the total number of eggs and brown sugar needed.

79 What is the birds eye view of the figure below?

80 Samuel bought 9 pounds of bananas. He saved $4.05 by using a store coupon. How much did he save per pound of bananas?

81 What is the measure of angle N in the figure below? 85

82 What is the area of this triangle?

83 How many right angles are in this design? Identify them.

84 Perry draws a triangle with one 90 angle. What could be the measures of the other two angles in Perrys triangle? a.90 degrees and 90 degrees b.30 degrees and 60 degrees c.60 degrees and 120 degrees d.90 degrees and 180 degrees

85 Fill in each function chart. Write each rule in the box.

86 Cole is making the pattern below. If this pattern continues how many white tiles will be needed for # 6?

87 The school bowling team had the following scores at last weeks competition. What is the mean, mode, median and range of their scores? 213, 198, 264, 188, 210, 198, 273, 287, 162 Mean: ____ Mode: ____ Median: ____ Range: ____

88 Gracies folding beach towels for her mother. Each towel is 1 yard long. If Gracie puts 3 towels end to end, what measure is equivalent to 3 yards in inches?

89 Dylan gave ¼ of his candy bar to his best buddy. He ate 1/3 of the part he had left and saved the rest for his big brother. How much did his brother get to eat?

90 What is the area of the object below?

91 Twenty-four cubes were used to construct this 3-step staircase. How many cubes would be used to construct a 7-step staircase of the same width?

92 Carol likes to jog every morning before going to school. The grid below shows the rectangular path she follows. Three vertices of the rectangle are shown. What are the coordinates of the fourth vertex? (, )

93 The school cafeteria sells extra items every day. Which items DO NOT make up about half of the sales? a. pizza and tacos b. fries and burgers c. tacos, fries & cookies d. burgers and pizza pizza burger taco fries chips cookies hot dogs

94 Joanna gives Emmaly and Jordan $4 apiece each week for doing their chores. Look at the table to see how much they save. KIDS SAVEJOANNA GIVES $3$4 $6$8 $$20

95 You want to find the surface area, in square inches, of a cube. Which expression will give you the correct area? a. 4 x 4 x 1 b. 4 x 4 x 3 c. 4 x 4 x 4 d. 4 x 4 x 6 4 inches

96 Which statement shows the numbers ordered correctly? a. 0.8 > 0.5 > 0.3 > 0.2 > 0.9 b. 0.5 < 0.9 < 0.3 < 0.2 < 0.8 c. 0.9 > 0.8 > 0.5 > 0.3 > 0.2 d. 0.2 < 0.3 < 0.8 < 0.5 < 0.9

97 Gregory had $500 to spend on new kitchen appliances. He purchased new pans at $186, a new blender at $71, and a new mixer at $232. About how much did he spend?

98 You need to make change from a dollar. List all possible combinations of coins you can use to make each amount of money? $0.23$0.11$0.55$0.07$0.32 $0.49$0.18$0.47$0.09$0.15 $0.96$0.28$0.16$0.31$0.40

99 Paula purchased a sandwich for $4.89. She also bought chips for $.79 and an apple for $1.25. Paula paid for her lunch with a twenty dollar bill. How much change did she receive?

100 Jason set a goal to run a total of 500 laps around the playground during his vacation. He will run 8 laps each day. What is the least whole number of days he will need to run in order to reach his goal?

101 Connie ate 2/6 of a pizza and Martha ate 1/8 of the pizza. Barbara joined them and ate 1/3 of the pizza. How much pizza was left over?

102 Change each to a percent. 1/1082/1003/1007/102/25 40/10027/10022/10011/5039/100 1/5021/2518/10099/10013/50 14/257/10050/5015/202/100

103 William and Cris have been collecting coins. The ten frames represent the value of the coins they have. What is the total value of the dollars they have collected? = 10 cents $.___

104 Katelyn can word process 38 words per minute. At this rate, how many words can she type in 12.5 minutes?

105 The students took a survey to find out how they got to school each day. They created a pie graph to display their data. Complete the chart. transportationpercentage Car Taxi Cycle15% Walk Bus33%

106 William has 734 students in his elementary school. There are 967 students in middle school and 1851 students in high school. How many students are in his school district?

107 Rocky ordered some used books on the internet. He must pay for the books plus pay for shipping. If he paid $5.00 per book and will pay $.65 per pound, what is the total cost of the books? BOOKWEIGHT SAT Prep2 7/8 pounds Lord of the Rings9/16 pounds Lets Learn Spanish1 3/5 pounds

108 Anthony wants to make a rope swing. He had a rope 9.36 meters long. He cut off 2.8 meters. How long is the piece of rope that is left?

109 A rectangular prism has the following dimensions. If those dimensions are doubled, what happens to the volume of the new prism? a. 2 times as much b. 4 times as much c. 6 times as much d. 8 times as much

110 Kara and Emmaly jog every day. If they jog 4,312 feet to the bridge and then jog 467 feet to the diner and then run back home, how far do they each jog daily?

111 Shondra wants to buy 1 box of crayons that costs $3.79 and 2 notebooks that cost 1.99 each. What is the total of her purchases without tax?

112 Take a survey of the class. Discuss and compare the data. FAVORITE PET

113 I made the square. What are all the possible dimensions of a rectangle with the same perimeter as my square? 12 ?

114 Brad and his friends ordered a party-size sub sandwich that measured 8/9 yard long. They are 2/3 of a yard. How much sandwich remained?

115 Tyler has $6.50 to buy lunch. If he buys a slice of pizza for $2.25 and a soda for $1.10, how much money will he have left after paying the bill? Hint: no tax is charged

116 Dryka is canoeing down a 14 4/5 mile stretch of river. He has already traveled 5 ¼ of a mile. How much farther will he travel to reach the end of the run?

117 Identify each fraction.

118 Color the model to show the improper fraction of 21/16.

119 The custodian has the daunting job of placing 720 desks in 24 different classrooms. If the same number of desks will be placed in each classroom, how many desks will be in each room?

120 Mitchell wants to organize his cars. He has a total of 45 cars. He has a car case with 3 shelves. How many cars will go on each shelf?

121 The distance traveled on the path from point A to point B to point C is __________ A BC

122 Orlando amusement parks had over 19,034,728 people visit last year. What is the value of the digit 3 in this number?

123 Danika went on an 800 mile trip with her family. On the first day they drove 6 1/3 hours. On the second day they drove for 5 3/5 hours. How long did it take for them to get to their destination?

124 A Lamborghini is listed for sale at a price of $376,000. It sold the next week for $359,500. How much was the price reduced?

125 A local business donates 1000 pencils to your school. The pencils are divided evenly between the 378 students. The remainder of the pencils are given to the school store. How many pencils does each student get and how many pencils did the store receive?

126 What percent of each group is flying dragons?

127 How many vertices does this geometric solid have?

128 What fraction of each group is spotted pups?

129 What generalization can you make about multiplying by 100? What generalization can you make about multiplying by 5? What generalization can you make about multiplying by 1?

130 The five Roberts sisters are all 2 years apart in age. The total of their ages equals 45 years. What is the age of the youngest sister?

131 Which numbers are more than 0.03?

132 Emmaly and Aly are playing SkipBo. There are 3 decks of 52 cards. Emmaly gives 10 cards to Aly and herself in turn. At this rate how many cards will be left after the cards have been dealt?

133 The main ingredients in Katies applesauce bread are 3 ½ cups of flour, 1 ¼ cups of brown sugar, and 2/3 cup of applesauce. Compare the ratio of dry ingredients ( flour and sugar) to wet ingredients (applesauce).

134 Harold won a trophy for Soccer. His trophy is shown below. Which geometric solid does the base of the trophy look like?

135 Jordan is making pot holders for Mothers Day. He has 245 loops. If he puts 15 in each X row and 15 in each Y row how many pot holders can Jordan make?

136 What fraction of each group is pink?

137 What geometric solid can be made from this net?

138 Draw all of the perfect squares you can.

139 Ursala spends every spare moment on the telephone. She talks to Percy for 1/3 hour and then talks to Nancy for ¼ hour and then calls Olivia and talks for 7/12 of an hour. How much time did Ursala spend on the phone?

140 The water level of the Hudson River is shown below. Which statement is true? a.greatest increase is Dec 14 b.greatest increase is Dec 15 c.greatest decrease is Dec 12 d.greatest decrease is Dec 13

141 Mrs. Ques mom is turning 87 years old. Mrs. Que wants to buy enough candles to put on her cake, but the candles only come 8 to a pack. How many packs does Mrs. Que need to buy?

142 A ship is 245 meters in length. How would you find how many centimeters are equal to 245 meters? a. 245 x 10 b c. 245 x 100 d

143 Walter keeps records of the number of points scored by the tennis club. The points scored by the team members are represented by the line plot below. What is the median of the number of points scored by the team members?

144 The tail of a Boeing 747 is 63 feet 8 inches tall. How many inches tall is the tail?

145 Lydia and Korra earned $38 doing their chores. How much will each sister get if they divide the money equally? Lydia saves 25% of her money. How much money does she save?

146 Mrs. Hardt is building a rectangular fence around her garden that has a perimeter of 26 meters. What is the greatest possible area of the garden?

147 It takes Robert 1/6 hour to walk to the playground and 1/3 hour to walk from the playground to the school. How much time does it take Robert to walked to the playground and then on to school? a. 2/9 hour b. 1/3 hour c. 1/2 hour d. 2/3 hour

148 The label on the back of a carton of soy milk says that one 8 oz glass of milk contains 7 grams of protein. How many milligrams of protein does one glass contain?

149 Tell the value of each underlined digit

150 Which inequality is NOT true? 100 mg < 10 g 2,000 kg > 2,000 g 1,000,500 mg > 1 kg 600 g > 6 kg

151 The table shows the number of calories a 100-pound person burns while swimming. Which expression can be used to find the calories burned after swimming x hours? a. 90X b. 180X c. c. X 90 d. X 180 hourscalories

152 The temperature in an average car will rise 16 degrees F every 25 minutes when parked in the sun. If a car is parked in the sun and has a temperature of 68 degrees F at 10:30 a.m., at what time will the car reach 100 degrees F?

153 How long will the circus last? If six students attend, how much money will they need? How many days will the circus be open?

154 What type of money could you use to pay for each circus food? $ 1.75 $1.00 $0.50

155 The subway trains run every 15 minutes. You arrive at the station at 8:00 a.m. and see a train leaving. Make a chart to show how many trains pass through your stop before 11:30 a.m.

156 Which situation should NOT be represented by a double bar graph? a.Comparing prices of five apples sold at two different stores b.Comparing number of girls against number of boys in school activities c.Comparing heights of different buildings in different cities d.Comparing number of computers sold in two different stores

157 What is the area of a parallelogram with a base of 32 meters and a height of 15 meters?

158 Draw the correct sign _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ 000.1

159 Kirt can kick the football 150 3/5 feet. Kevin can kick the football 148 1/3 feet. How much farther can Kirt kick the ball than Kevin?

160 The students at Orange Elementary were asked to line up for a fire drill. If there are 27 lines with 19 students in each, how many students attend Orange Elementary?

161 Which triangle is congruent to C.J.s triangle? C.J.

162 The center island in my kitchen is shaped like a trapezoid. If the measures of the bases are 12 feet and 7 feet and the measure of the width is 4 ½ feet, what is the area of the trapezoid?

163 William put 7 candies in each of 120 bags for the fund raiser. How many total candies were in all the bags?

164 What is the greatest common factor (GCF) of 8 and 16?

165 Which temperature in F is lower than the temperature represented by point A? A B C _________________________________________________________ -100 ___ ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ a. 20F b. -60F c. -40F d. -20F

166 Look at the pattern. Fill in the chart. What is the rule. SquareArea

167 Conrad and Ken sold the same number of tickets to the Spaghetti dinner fund raiser. Conrad sold 29 tickets on Monday and 18 tickets on Tuesday. Ken sold 23 tickets on Tuesday. Write an equation to find s, the number of tickets Ken sold on Monday.

168 Label the degrees of each arrow.

169 Write an expression that can be used to find out how much money will be spent if you buy $75 worth of groceries each week for 5 months.

170 Lacy wants to create a queen sized quilt for her mothers birthday. A queen sized bed measures 68 x 88 inches. If each quilt square is 4 square inches, how many squares will she need to create the quilt?

171 C + 2 ½ Which situation could be described by the expression above? a.Oliver jogged C miles yesterday and 2 ½ miles farther today b.Oliver jogged C miles yesterday and 2 ½ miles fewer today c.Oliver jogged 2 ½ miles yesterday and C miles fewer today d.Oliver jogged 2 ½ miles yesterday and C times as far today

172 Dianna wants to tile her kitchen floor. The tile will extend under the cabinets and appliances. Each 1 foot square tile costs $6.00. What will it cost to tile the floor?

173 SOLVE for N N – 4 = 15N + 24 = 5738 – N = 31N X 7 = 35 N + 4 = 187 X N = – N = = N 2/5 + N = 11/5 X 5 = N 25/ /100 N 53 – 9 = N

174 What geometric solid can be made with this net?

175 The graph shows the number of fruits selected in the cafeteria today. What is the difference between the most popular fruit and the least popular fruit? Hint: = 25

176 Which point is located at (4, -2)

177 Mom is making her famous chili. She wants to put some in the freezer. She made 32 ½ cups of chili. Each container holds a maximum of 2 ¼ cups. What is the minimum number of containers Mom needs to freeze all of her chili?

178 Draw the net that created this geometric solid.

179 An assembly line can make 300 cars each day. If each car costs $13,789 what is a good estimate of the money that will be made each day if every car is sold?

180 Angela is putting stickers on each face of 25 cubes for her party. How many stickers will she use in all?

181 Using the data on this graph figure out the mean (average) of the student math scores.

182 Fill in the table. What is the rule? INOUT

183 What is the volume of this cube?

184 The lowest temperature in Florida was recorded as -2 degrees Fahrenheit. A different website listed the temperature as being 4 degrees warmer. What temperature would the website have shown on the thermometer? CF

185 Katari is setting up teams for a softball tournament. If each team has 9 members, and 123 students have signed up, how many teams will there be? Will any students be left out?

186 Best Buy rents video cameras for weddings and important events. The store charges $8 per day and a one time cleaning fee of $3.50. Let x represent the number of days you will rent the camera. Write the expression.

187 George wanted to find the surface area of a square pyramid. He wrote the expression shown below. What is the value of the expression? ( 35 4 ) 7 7 2

188 Solve for W 5 x W = ( 5 x 20 ) + ( 5 x 3 )

189 Alyssa got $136 for her birthday. She saw a video game she wanted for $47 at the Game Store. How many games can she buy with her birthday money? How much money will she have left?

190 Johanna has 78 CDs in her collection. This number is 22 more then her friend Brianna has. Which equation should be used to find B, the number of CDs Brianna has? a. B = 78 – 22 b. B = 78/22 c. B = d. B = 78 x 22

191 Label each array.

192 Hannah is planning a party. She has a choice of fish, chicken, or pork. She will also have rice, potatoes, or pasta. As her vegetables she choose carrots, green beans, or squash. How many possible combinations are possible?

193 Jake measures three interior angles of a quadrilateral as 80 degrees, 100 degrees, and 90 degrees. What is the measure of the fourth angle of this quadrilateral?

194 Samantha is graphing the vertices of a triangle. What ordered pairs describe her triangle?

195 Each claw game holds 85 stuffed toys. If there are 28 claw machines at the boardwalk, how many animals are available to grab with the claw?

196 Tommie owns 64 sets with 267 cards per set. He wants to put his collection into binders. Each page holds a total of 20 cards, ten cards on the front and ten on the back. How many pages should Tommie purchase?

197 Which is the best estimate of 9, ? What is the actual answer?

198 The solid figure below is made up of cubes and has a volume of 5 cm 3. What is the surface area of the solid figure?

199 The gum ball container when full holds 500 gum balls. What is the best estimate for the number removed from the container?

200 What is the total number of students surveyed?

201 Madison is having a party. The invitations come in packs of six. If she buys 7 packs, how many invitations will she have? If she invites 37 friends, how many invitations will be left over?

202 What is the surface area of the steamer trunk? 30 inches 22 inches 28 inches

203 What are all of the facts that are associated with…

204 Some 5 th grade students created the bar graph below. A bar graph is a good way to display what kind of data? a. Equal data b. Continuous data c. Discrete data d. Random data

205 Put these fractions in order. 1/2 6/10 5/20 1/15 3/5 4/3

206 Savannah wins some tickets playing penny games at the school carnival. She uses 67 tickets to get a stuffed bear and 20 tickets for cotton candy. She wins 81 more tickets at the skeeball game. She has 92 tickets now. How many tickets did she win playing penny games?

207 Mrs. T is making ice tea for the faculty meeting. If she pours a quart of tea into the pitcher and the level raises, as shown below, how much tea can the pitcher hold when full?

208 It will take 5 gallons of milk to feed all of the children in Kindergarten. The milk cost $3.89 per gallon. What is the best estimate for the cost of the milk?

209 Veronica needs to sort the base-ten blocks into 3 equal groups. Draw the groups she can make.

210 Cindy is 45 inches tall. She is standing next to her brother Josh. How tall is Josh?

211 Zorah is painting three hop scotch designs on the playground. She needs to know the area of the three designs so she can order paint. What is the total area of the three designs to the nearest whole square foot? Hint: she is only painting inside each design not around the outside of each 12 feet long 9 feet across

212 Nine 4 th grade classes are going to the Science Center. Each school bus holds 80 students. How many buses are needed if one class has 19 students, two have 21, one has 28, three have 23 and two have 18 students.

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