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Project of Heart 2011-2012 Finding My Way Grades 7 & 8 Students George Fitton School.

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1 Project of Heart Finding My Way Grades 7 & 8 Students George Fitton School

2 The Tiles Each tile represents a child who did not survive the Residential School System.

3 Dauphin Indian Residential School The students that George Fitton students honored attended Dauphin Indian Residential School.

4 Individual Tiles Some students chose to design images on individual tiles. Each wooden tile was approximately 1 x 0.5.

5 Several Tiles – One Image Some students created an image on several tiles.

6 Eagle Symbol of love.

7 Turtle Symbol of truth.

8 Wolf Symbolizes humility.

9 Many Ideas… Students were free to create images that demonstrated their own understanding and feelings about the students who did not survive Residential School.

10 Feather The feather represents different things to different people.

11 Thoughtful Expressions… Dream catchers, tipis, broken hearts, spirit animals…

12 6 Tiles – 1 Image A tipi representing home.

13 Showing Empathy through Pictures Heart and home…

14 Each Tile Unique… Careful, thoughtful workmanship.

15 The beginning of a totem pole.

16 Hard at Work Students worked diligently to design their tiles to the best of their abilities.

17 Sketching Designs Students began designing the tiles in pencil first.

18 Focused Students were absorbed in the process once they understood why we were taking part in the Project of Heart.

19 Adding Colour When students were satisfied with their pencil sketches, they added colour to their tiles.

20 Working Away… It was difficult to get the students to stop working when class was over!

21 Diligence I was impressed with how much effort students put into designing each and every tile.

22 Maturity & Respect Although students worked along side their peers, they demonstrated respect and maturity throughout the entire process. I was so proud of them!

23 Project of Heart on YouTube VKYk&safe=active

24 Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada

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