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Presentation Technique

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1 Presentation Technique
Ivan Viola

2 Outline Presentation preparation Support material
Before the presentation Talk guidelines Sample talk Ivan Viola

3 Presentation Preparation

4 Starting-up Target audience often differs in Duration of the talk
Interests Level of understanding Duration of the talk Available A/V equipment Collect all information you want to tell Classify information according to High-level / detail Importance Relevance to audience Build up the red thread of your story Ivan Viola

5 Structure First slide: talk title + speaker
Start with motivation and teasing results (Table of contents) Main part Description of the technique Examples Applications Conclude with taking-home information Ivan Viola

6 Difference to written publication
High-level explanation only Content reduced Attract to read the underlying written work Interactive demonstration and videos Questions and answers at the end Ivan Viola

7 Preparation Prepare well in advance! Perform test talk
Loud to yourself in front of the mirror To your friends / colleagues Make sure your test audience Understood the content Found it interesting Ask for improvements Hard training, easy job at the battlefield Eliminate stage fright by enough of training Ivan Viola

8 Support Material

9 Font size (44) Use font size ³ 24 for example 32
Turn-off auto-shape, auto-font resize If you now 32 feel like being at 24 optician’s office, this is 18 no coincidence. Also there they 14 will check, which font size you 12 still are able to read, or 10 which font size you definitively cannot read anymore. 9 Everybody fails at some point 8 we managed to see point size seven 7 or even six!!! 6 Ivan Viola

10 Nmir Nmir Font type Arial (sans serif) Helvetica (sans serif)
Times (serif) New Century Schoolbook (serif) Don’t use more than three 3 sans serif fonts Nmir Nmir Ivan Viola

11 Comparison serif–sans serif
Point size - Times - Arial - SerifaBT - Century Gothic 24p Difference Difference Difference Difference 20p Readability Readability Readability Readability 16p Visible Visible Visible Visible 12p Joke Joke Joke Joke Ivan Viola

12 Information amount Too much information per slide
Keep text to minimum - No sentences! 6-10 Lines / Slide 2-3 min / slide with content, 1 min / Image, Example Check typos The café wall illusion differs from the Münsterberg illusion in an important way. In the Münsterberg figure the black horizontal borders are isoluminant with the black regions. In the café wall illusion, the rows of tiles are separated by a thin line of mortar (or grout), which, for greatest effect, should be midway in luminance between the luminances of the black and white (or blue and yellow) tiles. The illusory effect obtained is that of a tilt to the mortar lines, with alternate mortar lines being tilted in opposite directions. The width of the mortar lines also affects the strength of the illusion. The strongest effect occurs when the mortar is narrow. In contrast with many other types of distortion illusions, the café wall illusion occurs very early on in the visual system, when the position of edges and brightness differences are encoded. This type of processing occurs prior to the cognitive processes of object recognition. Illusions that involve higher cognitive processes are not likely to be affected by stimulus changes that do not alter the informational content of the picture or object. Ivan Viola

13 Readability and usually there is a text next to the image with small fonts trying to explain what is on the left, maybe accompanied with arrows. This really helps to make sure that nobody will get the point :-) as here there is still some space so we can place again some small font text. Of course also with arrows through the figure Ivan Viola

14 Showing line after line
First slide: talk title + speaker Start with motivation and teasing results (Table of contents) Main part Description of the technique Examples Applications Conclude with taking-home information Ivan Viola

15 Animations Text Number 1 Text Number 2 Text Number 3 Text Number 4
and so on :-) Ivan Viola

16 Colors without meaning
First slide: talk title + speaker Start with motivation and teasing results (Table of contents) Main part Description of the technique Examples Applications Conclude with taking-home information Don’t use more than three colors on one slide! Ivan Viola

17 Bad Contrast Text in different colors on fancy rainbow background
Ivan Viola

18 Images and Videos Many images, videos, online demonstrations
Always reference the image Videos in loop (no stop) Don’t copy&paste graphics from paper Avoid scanning images Check environment if information is visible Rule of thumb (+2 levels of brightness and contrast) Ivan Viola

19 Images from Paper Ivan Viola

20 Example: Visual Quality Comparison
Without antialiasing With antialiasing Ivan Viola

21 50:50-Image Without antialiasing With antialiasing Ivan Viola

22 Close-ups Without antialiasing With antialiasing Ivan Viola

23 Equations Ivan Viola

24 Before the Presentation

25 The day before Drink lots of water Get a good night’s sleep
Avoid the urge to go out drinking Eat Make a test talk (not the first one!) Ivan Viola

26 Make sure Mobile is turned off Notebook power mode is on!
Boot-up in advance! Pointer: stick or laser pointer, no fingers! WC! Test beamer Check if animations play Check light conditions You are on time! Ivan Viola

27 Talk Guidelines

28 Start and End Greeting (not everyone separately)
Introduce yourself and institution Talk title ... Conclude and repeat most important information Make clear end This is the end of my talk, thank you for your attention, I will be happy to answer your questions! Ivan Viola

29 Stay with the Audience Audience is in front of you Avoid talking to
Wall Monitor Talk to selected persons Person in the Second Row Maintain eye contact Ivan Viola

30 Speech Speak loudly, slowly and clearly Don’t read your slides
Pause to let strong ideas sink in Make your speech short and simple Tell stories (red thread) Add some relevant humour Never argue with any audience Ivan Viola

31 Gesture Move on the stage Do not stay between beamer and proj. Wall
Use your natural gestures Use pointers Ivan Viola

32 Apologies Don’t apologize for Bad presentation due to lack of time
Bad slides Coughing Bad voice Nervosity Ivan Viola

33 Time Never exceed given time slot Have watch with you
During the talk check if you are ahead or behind desired time Ivan Viola

34 Summary Know your audience Prepare well Make a test talk
Talk clearly, loudly, slowly to audience Don‘t bore people Repeat most important information Use images Stay within your time slot Expose enthusiasm Remember : This is your „15 minutes of fame“! Ivan Viola

35 This was the best presentation I have ever seen in my whole career!
Ivan Viola

36 Acknowledgments and Further Reading
The basis of this talk is taken from Professor Werner Purgathofer’s lecture on ”Wie halte ich einen Vortrag” at Vienna University of Technology Further reading How To Give A Great Presentation Some Rules for Making a Presentation Conference Presentation Judo Ivan Viola

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