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The Transfer of Heat.

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1 The Transfer of Heat

2 Energy Is the ability to make things move or change; all matter is made up of tiny particles or molecules

3 Molecules in Solids

4 Thermal Energy Is the energy of these particles moving; we feel this as heat Molecules are slower when cool. Molecules move faster when warm.

5 What happens when particles or molecules are heated/cooled?
When molecules are heated they move faster and expand (spread apart); heated air or water becomes less dense (lighter) when heated When molecules become cooler they slow down and tend to compact (get closer), become more dense (heavier)

6 Molecules in Liquids

7 Water Molecules: Evaporation & Condensation

8 Molecules Expand & Contract

9 More about Matter

10 Heat Transfer in Matter
The movement of heat; heat always flows from a warmer object to a cooler one There are three ways heat transfer can happen: Conduction, Convection, and Radiation

11 Conduction Is the transfer of heat (thermal energy) between things that are touching

12 Conductors Materials through which heat can move easily; metals like iron, copper, and steel

13 Insulators Material that heat does not move through easily; plastic, rubber, wood, leather, glass, and ceramic Ceramic Tiles

14 Conduction

15 Convection Is the transfer of heat by the movement of liquids or gases

16 Convection

17 Convection

18 Radiation Is the transfer of heat energy by electromagnetic waves

19 Radiation

20 3 Types of Heat Transfer

21 3 Types of Heat Transfer

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