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1 Innovative Surface Protection Based on Nano-Engineered Pure Monomolecular Silicium (Si14) 556 Kittyhawk Ave, Auburn, ME 04210 877-294-1849.

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1 1 Innovative Surface Protection Based on Nano-Engineered Pure Monomolecular Silicium (Si14) 556 Kittyhawk Ave, Auburn, ME 04210 877-294-1849

2 2 Silicium Periodic Table SymbolSi Atomic Number14 Mohs Hardness7 CAS-No.7440-21-3 Fast Facts: Upon contact with air, Silicium builds a passive oxide film. Silicium is the second most frequently occurring element on Earth (after oxygen), however, it does not readily occur in its elementary form; it readily combines with oxygen, forming silicates - for example: sand (Silicon Dioxide SiO 2 ).

3 3 Silicium (cont.) Silicium Si 14, as it is used in Permanon products, is a monomolecular (pure) Silicium. The Si 14 protection layer is insoluble in acids, except for nitric acid containing hydrofluoric acid. In a hot alkaline solution Silicium dissolves by forming hydrogen bonds and transmitting energy. Permanon can be easily removed at a pH of 12.5 or higher

4 4 Polymers Definition A polymer is a macro-molecular material formed by fusing single molecules into complex molecular structures. Polymers can be classified as: Co-Polymers: composed of 2 or more types of monomer building blocks Isomeric Polymers: composed of a single type of monomer building block

5 5 Products To meet the different demands and requirements of a diverse range of applications, specific combi- nations of Silicium and Polymers were chosen. The underlying formulation principles are the same in all products. The isomeric and/or co-polymers are optimized and vary, in a one-digit percentage range, between the formulations. The Silicium Si14 content varies by formulation

6 6 Primary product Lines Facilities / Maintenance –Sanides –Allround: Supershine, Brilliant Allround Supershine or Brilliant for all interior/exterior hard surfaces Sanides to clean and protect bathroom surfaces day to day Products (cont.)

7 7 Primary product Lines Marine –Boat –Yacht Professional Boat for all interior and exterior hard surfaces Yacht Professional is used undiluted for 100% UV Protection on high value surfaces Products (cont.)

8 8 Primary product Lines Automotive/Heavy Equipment –Car –Truck Car is for passenger and fleet vehicles, interior and exterior surfaces Truck for all industrial and commercial vehicles, interior and exterior surfaces Products (cont.)

9 9 Primary product Lines Aviation –Aircraft –Truck Aircraft is Boeing Compliant for all exterior surfaces and is available in up to 1000 liter totes for automated application equipment Truck for all ground support vehicles, interior and exterior surfaces Products (cont.)

10 10 Potential areas of application for the Permanon Aviation product line Civilian Aviation FBOCarrier/ CharterMaintenance Fuel Trucks Tugs Material Handling Conveyors Taxi/Bus Aircraft Exteriors Aircraft Interiors Ticketing Areas Boarding Bridges Tools Refurbished Surfaces Work Stations New Paint: Cured- 24 hrs Uncured- 14 days

11 11 Primary product Lines Pool and Spa –Pool and Spa –Allround: Supershine, Brilliant Pool and Spa is for commercial and high traffic wet areas including, interior/exterior pool and shower surfaces Allround Supershine or Brilliant is for all interior/exterior hard surfaces including windows, tables, and trash areas Products (cont.)

12 12 Primary product Lines PS Paste PS Paste is a combination of 16 pure soaps and contains ZERO abrasives. It is effective on all organic deposits. Available in 125 gm and 250 gm packaging or bulk sizes up to 5 Kg. Products (cont.)

13 13 Permanon Supershine Application of: Permanon Supershine is a water-based solution Dilute with water to apply a pure Silicium-polymer- mixture for coating all types of surfaces A dust and oil-free surface area is all that is needed Apply with an industrial spray system, compression sprayer, cloth, or by direct submersion.

14 14 Coating with Silicium (cont.) For application of (cont.): Rinse to remove water carrier/excess Permanon; it can be removed with a water hose/power wash or a clean micro-fiber cloth. Using demineralised rinse water eliminates the need for drying. Cosmetic water spotting may occur with untreated water. Drying can be done with air, silicone blades, or with clean Micro-fiber cloths

15 15 Permanon Supershine (cont.) Applied concentration 5-10%, depending on the absorbency level of the treated surface structure. Higher porosity/absorbent surfaces require higher concentrations.

16 16 Open-Pore Surface (Treated) Closed-Pore Surface (Treated) Surface Porosity

17 17 Coating with Silicium The positive (+) charge of the monomolecular silicium induces an electrostatic bond with the surface areas, which always have a negative (-) charge Material surfaces coated with Permanon do not undergo any chemical reaction. Most other surface protection products react chemically with the surfaces that they treat.

18 18 Coating with Silicium (cont.) No reaction time is necessary, and the product does not need to be rubbed in or polished. Application is: Simpler Faster Easier Less damaging More economical

19 19 Coating with Silicium (cont.) Competing products usually contain silicon oils or fluoric silan, combined with polymers and / or solvents as a carrier. Permanon Supershine contains only Silicium Si 14 (a metalloid) and polymers in a water-based solution. No oils, siliconized products, or waxes.

20 20 Coating with Silicium (cont.) Competitors recommend individual products for different surfaces such as glass, varnished surfaces, plastic, rubber, synthetic materials, metals, etc. Permanon products can be used on all materials without damage or discoloring. Do more without special equipment, training, or other miscellaneous supplies Permanon is sold as a concentrate, competitors are as much as 50 times more expensive when compared to Permanon products.

21 21 Protection Attributes Resistant from -40ºC to + 300ºC Resistant against ultra violet (UV) light exposure Resistant against alkaline up to pH 12.5 Resistant against acid (except hydrofluoric acid) Resistant against disinfectants Resistant against H 2 O 2 Anti-fouling effect Enhanced stain release

22 22 Dirt cannot bond tightly to treated surfaces reducing incidence of mineralization or salt deposition and organic staining Lowered labor requirements and fewer cleaners required; which results in lowered cleaning costs Surfaces are protected from environmental contaminants; extending in-service life cycle Non-toxic, no irritants, and biodegradable Reduces cleaning labor (time) by up to 50% Improves surface appearance for a longer period of time compared to traditional methods Reduces the need to use aggressive and potentially more hazardous cleaners Permanon products have a pleasant oder that does not require a masking scent Electro-static bond repels airborne dust; extending cleaning cycles for many surfaces Benefits of the Permanon Product Line

23 23 PERMANON Supershine Composition –Special surface-active polymers –Pure monomolecular Silicium Protection properties for –All kinds of soiling –Reduced mineralization and salt deposits –Reduced exhaust fouling –UV radiation protection from the sun –Special anti-fouling effect (reduced algae formation) –Increased transparency of glass panes –Protection properties over a period of many months Activity –Polymers bond in an electrostatic manner with the surface and result in an invisible monomeric protective film at the nano level. –Viewed from a microscopic standpoint, the rough surface structure is filled up and thereby smoothed. Toxicology There are no known adverse effects. Always apply as directed.

24 24 PERMANON Supershine Stainless steel Epoxy coated & varnished surfaces Galvanized covering Tiles Non-ferrous pipes for medical and industrial gases Non water-soluble paint Solid Surface Materials Composites including carbon fiber Aluminium Leather, Vinyl, Butyl Rubber Acrylics Rubber Glass Chrome FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) Macrolon Polyethylene Polytherimid (PEI) U-Temp TM Polycarbonate (PC) Polypropylene Polysulfone (PSE) H-Temp TM

25 25 Capillary Detail 10 -9 10 -8 10 -7 Silicium Nano Platelets Pore Surface Structure Surface Capillaries Capillary Silicium Layer High Contact Angle (Hydrophobic)

26 26 Physical characteristics of a Capillary Definitions Capillarity attraction refers to the wicking effect that occurs as a result of a liquids surface tension in narrow cavities and in pores. Capillary ascension refers to the rising of liquids within a capillary, for example water in surface cavities and pores.

27 27 Physical characteristics of the capillary (cont.) All materials are porous and possess unique capillary structures. It is these capillaries that cause wetting, a natural fluid ascendancy. This phenomena is know as hydrophilic attractive force. Contaminants such as fine dirt, algae, bacteria, viruses, fungus, and other pathogens ascend into the capillaries, where they find an ideal breeding ground.

28 28 Physical characteristics of the capillary (cont.) The positively charged Silicium Si 14 particles (platelets) overlap each other, much like fish scales cover a fishes skin. The Silicium Si 14 platelets closely follow the surface contour of the capillary Platelets will fill and seal up-to 90% of a capillaries volume. Once coated with Permanon; dirt and other containments are cut off from entering the capillaries. Follow-up cleaning becomes fast and easy, improving the overall cleanliness of the surface with less effort. Capillary Detail 10 -9 10 -8 10 -7 Silicium Nano Platelets

29 29 Electro-static Bond An electrostatic bond is induced through the negative (-) charge of a surface and the positive (+) charge of the Permanon Supershine product. No reaction or cure time is required: as soon as the Silicium comes in contact with surfaces, the coating process is completed. (-) Negatively Charged Surface Positively Charged Silicium Platelets (+) Electro- Static Bond

30 30 Surface Protection Permanon treated surfaces and materials are protected from: Day to day wear Environmental conditions Workplace contamination This layer of protection preserves the value of your investment; lowering your overall cost of ownership

31 31 Permanon is a semi-permanent coating. For full protection reapplication is necessary. Permanon will not stick to itself. Permanon will not build-up with repeated application. When reapplying Permanon you effectively target worn (coating) areas for repair. Surface Protection

32 32 Compatibility of Material Permanon is inert and will not react with surface materials other than to electro-statically bond to them. Permanon is safe to apply to any solid surface There is no chemical reaction between Permanon and the treated material(s).

33 33 Environmental Profile Monomolecular Silicium and its decaying components are non-polluting Permanon products contain no VOCs and require no respiratory or personal protection products for mixing or application. Permanon is Non-Flammable, Non-Toxic, and Biodegradable

34 34 Surface Cleanliness Partial capillary sealing with Silicium allows surfaces to be more easily and completely cleaned than untreated surfaces. Viruses, bacteria, fungus, algae and other pathogen will not be able to find an ideal breeding ground, which slows pathogenic reproduction. Any soiling, including pathogen germs, now remain on the materials surface and can be more easily and more completely removed in subsequent cleanings.

35 35 Surface Cleanliness All pertinent health and safety laws/codes as well as normal disinfection measures need to observed and followed. Permanon is not a disinfectant or pesticide.

36 36 COPYRIGHT © These documents are protected by copyright and unauthorized distribution or sharing is grounds for legal prosecution.

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