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Homework Assignments The Imaginary Person. You are a totally original person. There is nobody in the whole world exactly like you - there never has been.

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1 Homework Assignments The Imaginary Person

2 You are a totally original person. There is nobody in the whole world exactly like you - there never has been and there never will be! yes, YOU!

3 There has never been a person ( and there never will be a person) who lives in exactly the same time or environment, who has ambitions, sense of humour, or anything else as YOU.

4 Week One Make an attractive front cover for your booklet on your Imaginary Person. The title could be "All About My Imaginary Friend" or " The Imaginary Person". Remember to include your name and class in the bottom right hand corner. The Imaginary Person by Megan Hunt 1B1

5 This where the really important work starts. You are going to create an Imaginary Person. Your Imaginary Person is totally under your control! But, your Imaginary Person must be believable. Week One He or she can turn out in what ever way you wish but should be about your own age.

6 Add other personal details such as: age gender height build birthdate appearanceshape of face, colour of eyes and hair. familyadd other information to help bring your Imaginary Person to life. e.g. brothers/sisters? favourite food? This week you should choose a name for your imaginary person, not a silly name or a name that only mad parents would have chosen. Draw and colour a picture of your Imaginary Person. You may wish to use photographs or magazine cut outs in your design. The Imaginary Person by Megan Hunt 1B1 Click here for Megan's example.

7 Name- Ellie Jayne Fraser Age- 12 Sex- Female Build- slim Height- 5ft 7in Hello everybody, my name is Ellie Jayne Fraser and I was born on the 28 th May 1995 in Sydney Maternity Hospital, Australia. I am going to tell you more about me and what my life is like. I have a round face with a slightly pointed chin and smooth skin. I always get spots and it is so annoying. My eyes are pearl blue and I like the shape of them. I have long blonde hair. Everybody thinks oh, shes blonde so she must be dumb. I am actually quite smart and love my subjects. I love my body as I am quite slim and have got a small waist. I can wear bikinis on Bondi beach and the boys love me. My friends are all really jealous. I may sound like a bit of a boast but I am really shy in class. With my friends however I am really loud. As I live in Sydney, my spare time is spent on the Bondi beach. I love hitting the waves with my surf board and swimming in the warm sea. If I am not at the beach I am listening to music or reading. I really like Scouting for Girls, their music rocks. My favourite song is Heartbeat, it is the best but there other songs are cool to. My favourite food has got to be pizza, I love it especially Mexican chilli toppings with cheese. If I am not eating pizza I really like kiwis, there are the best fruit ever. My favourite colour is pink and I am a girly girl, who also loves to shop. The Imaginary Person by Megan Hunt 1B1

8 Weeks Two and Three So far you have just the beginnings of a person. We do not really know what he or she is like yet - we know nothing of their personality. Before you start on your Imaginary Person's personality think about these questions: Where did your personality come from? What make the original you? Most people believe that your personality gradually develops from the day you are born and depends upon the experiences you have, he people you talk to and the way they treat you, the place you live in (your enviroment) and the things that happen to you. This means that everyone must turn out differently because none of us have exactly the same background or experiences.

9 Imagine that YOU are the Imaginary Person. To try to get 'in' to your Imaginary Person's personality, you should now write his or her AUTOBIOGRAPHY or personal history. Start with the sentences, "I was born on... (date)... in...(place)... " and carry on from there, mentioning every important event in your Imaginary Person's history. Remember, this autobiography is purely imaginary and should NOT be based on your own life. During the course of the autobiography we should learn about the Imaginary Person's: parents (if he/she has any) brothers and sisters (if any) important events that may have affected his/her life where he/she lives where he/she goes to school his/ her best friend. This areas will be developed further in later tasks. Add anything else that may have played a part in forming the Imaginary Person's personality. Take a new paragraph after each change of topic. Write approximately two sides of paper. You may wish to add photographs of the Imaginary Person's family, house/flat, and friends. Please do not base your Imaginary Person's enviroment on Forres. Use your imagination. The Imaginary Person by Megan Hunt 1B1 Click here for Megan's example.

10 I was born on the 28 th January 1995 in Sydney Maternity Hospital, Australia. I was born 7 weeks early and only weighed 1kg. As I was born 7 weeks early the doctors were worried about my lungs, as they had not developed properly. I was put on a ventilator to give my lungs a chance to become stronger. I was released from hospital 3 weeks after I was born. My lungs recovered well and I can do things that 13 year olds do. I lead a normal life now and live it to the full. I am going to tell you about myself and more. I have a family made up of my mum, Faye, 37, who is a paediatric nurse in Sydneys Hospital for sick Children. She enjoys her job and gets to meet lots of different children who are special in their own way. My dad, David, 42, is a consultant at Sydney Hospital. He also likes his job, and enjoys the challenges that await him each day. My sister Jasmine, 15, is in 4 th year and starting her prelims. Jasmine enjoys her work and really likes her subjects. She wants to become physiotherapist when she leaves school. Jasmine also has a really lovely boyfriend called Darren Stewart and he is 18. Darren is at Sydney University, studying to be a lawyer. Finally I have two adorable twin sisters who are 4 months old. They were unplanned but we love them to bits. They are called Isla Jade and Madison Grace. When I was 7 years old I broke my ankle, wrist, ruptured a ligament in my knee and fractured my collar bone. I did this by jumping really high on my trampoline and falling off backwards whilst doing a summersault (not very clever), I then landed on concrete. I was in hospital for 2 weeks as they had to realign my wrist and ankle, they were then put in a cast, my shoulder was supported by a sling, my knee was stitched back together by a graph using keyhole surgery, then I was in a wheelchair for 2 months, then on crutches for 4 weeks. (I will not be doing anymore summersaults anytime soon). I still love my trampoline though!!!! The Imaginary Person by Megan Hunt 1B1

11 Week Four This week you want to examine the Imaginary Person's enviroment in a little more detail. 1.Write half a page or more describing the area the Imaginary Person lives in. (village, town, city, countryside.) 2.Write half a page describing the Imaginary Person's house/flat. (on the coast, garden?) 3.Draw a picture of the Imaginary Person's bedroom. You could cut a photograph from a magazine and label it. The Imaginary Person by Megan Hunt 1B1 Click here for Megan's example.

12 As I said earlier I live in Sydney, it is the state capital of New South Wales. Sydney is very popular for its beaches, opera house and the Harbour Bridge. It gets very hot, the highest its been ever is 45.3 degrees which was registered on the 14 January 1939. It came just under that temperature in January 2006, when it reached 44.2. That was a lovely hot summer and Bondi Beach was packed. I will never forget that summer. Sydney is a clean place, where people put their rubbish and chewing gum in the bin and not on the floor. The centre of Sydney has loads and loads of shops. It has my favourite shoe make which is called Converse. You get these shoes in many different colours. I have three pairs of them. One pair is light pink with red love hearts, the second pair is light yellow and the last pair is tarter purple. Sydney also have lots of clothes shops, I like to shop in the surf range 2481. I get all my surf clothes and bikinis out of here. I get all my casual clothes from the range Pretty Girls. They sell lots of skinny jeans and slim fitting tops. Finally the place I get my party clothes from is called Dare to Be You. This has lots of mini dresses and short skirts, for people to show of there fabulous figures. As you can tell by reading the above, I love my clothes and shoes. Now let me tell you about my house... Bondi Beach

13 I live at 27 Florence Gardens in a massive house. My house has five bedrooms (all double with en-suite), a huge kitchen, a large living room, a dining room, a rather large garden, two bathrooms (not including the en- suites) and a double garage. My bedroom is my own space filled with things that represent me.My room is very spacious, is a bold pink on one wall and the others are a lighter pink. I have a pink corner sofa, a double bed, a TV with a DVD player and some other things. I also have a board with pictures that are important to me. It has pictures of my very important friends, my family and the second most important thing, my crush Charlie Ferguson. He is so cute. Our kitchen is really big; it has black marble worktops and an oak table. Our floor is ceramic black tiles. Both our bathrooms have a black and white colour scheme. The living room is red and cream. On our back wall there is a picture of a lovely Sydney Harbour sunset. We use our dining room on special occasions e.g. birthdays, Christmas etc. It is sort of like our kitchen. The Imaginary Person by Megan Hunt 1B1

14 Week Five After home, the most important place in your life is probably school. It is equally important in your Imaginary Person's life. Make a list of the names and then describe (in about a paragraph for each) each of the following: Imaginary Person's school headmaster register class favourite subject and teachergive reasons least favourite subject and teachergive reasons Now draw out and fill in a timetable for your Imaginary Person. The Imaginary Person by Megan Hunt 1B1 Click here for Megan's example.

15 I go to Sydney High School and I am in first year. The school is really big and it has lots and lots of classrooms. The assembly hall is bright and cheery, this is good as we have an assembly every second Monday morning. The canteen is brilliant as they prepare fresh food every morning and all the food they sell is healthy. I am going to tell you about the head mistress, my registration class, my favourite subjects and teachers, teachers and subjects I dont like, and school life in general. The headmistress at our school is called Mrs Anne Richard and she is really friendly and caring. Mrs Richard has been teaching for many years, and then two years ago she became headmistress of our school. Since she arrived there have been some significant changes. Even though I have only been here a year, the older pupils said she is a credit to the school and they are grateful to have her. The school was a mess and very bad behaved but she, throughout time has managed to change it. Mrs Richard is someone you can just have a chat with even though she is the head. She makes everything seem so laid back but enforces the rules when needed. My registration class is the best. We are 1S1 which stands for 1 st year Sydney House. There are really cool people and some hot boys. Rebekah, Phoebe, Tasha and Maddie are all in my class. Some of the hot boys are in my class to; they include Ben Parker, Jed Riche and Charlie Ferguson (My crush). There are other boys and girls in my class. Altogether there are 25 of us. I have three periods a day with my registration class and the other three periods are with my F class. In the holidays some of our registration class meet up and we go to the beach for the day.

16 My favourite subjects are Drama with Miss Kirk and art with Mrs Frazer. I really enjoy Drama because in role play you can be who you want to be, you can act how you want to act, and the best bit is that you cant go wrong (except forget your lines). In Drama you can express your emotions which is good as you cant keep them bottled up forever. I really like Art as well because I can draw quite well. I find it enjoyable and a pleasure to be in Mrs Frazers class. She teaches very well and explains the tasks clearly. The subjects I am not so keen on are Technical with Mr Alan and H.E with Mrs Maloney. The reason I dont like Technical is because I hate the machinery and making things from wood. He does teach very well and always tries to help you. The other subject I dont like is H.E. I dont like it because of the teacher. She always shouts at you and tells you that you are doing it wrong constantly. I would enjoy it better if I had a nice teacher who explained what you are supposed to be doing, clearly. I do enjoy it when we are doing sewing as I can work the sewing machine. At the moment we are making an apron. Mine has a flower theme. Overall I do enjoy most of my subjects and teachers. Some of the classes I have not mentioned are Science, English, P.E, Music and lots more. I am glad that Rebekah is in all of my classes, even though she has to miss some weeks for her treatment. When she is well enough for visitors I go and see her. I fill her in on the gossip and what has been happening. The teachers are always asking how Rebekah is when she is off. The Imaginary Person by Megan Hunt 1B1

17 Week Six This week you are going to write about a RELATIONSHIP. Try to think of one person who is important to the Imaginary Person. This person could be a parent or family relation or somebody who knows the Imaginary Person at school. Put this person's name at the top of the page. In your first paragraph explain how this person is related to, or connected to, the Imaginary Person. In the paragraphs that follow, try to say exactly what this person means to the Imaginary Person, how the Imaginary Person feels about them. What is this person like; describe their personality. Draw a picture of this person. The Imaginary Person by Megan Hunt 1B1 Click here for Megan's example.

18 Since the last time I mentioned Charlie Ferguson he was my crush. Things have moved on from that time because a week ago he asked me if I would be his girlfriend. I was over the moon with this as he chose me over snobby Alicia (the school's most popular girl). We started talking to me about how I was coping with Rebekah and he helped loads. He said he was always there to help and he even took me to the cinema to cheer me up. I thought this was really sweet of him. He asked me to be his girlfriend out of the blue. Charlie said he was not interested in Alicia or her gang. He said he wanted to be with me because I was my own person and had a beautiful personality. Charlie means the world to me. He is everything that a girl wants their boyfriend to be. He is caring, understanding, patient, has a fabulous personality, good looks and always asks for my opinion. We share the same interests which include surfing, swimming, listening to Scouting for Girls and reading. His favourite song is also Heartbeat. Although his favourite food is not pizza we had a Hawaiian pizza on our first date, which was at The Bondi Café/Restaurant. It was so lovely because we ate our pizza as the sun started setting. That made it even more romantic. The emotions and feelings I have for Charlie are unreal. I feel myself when I am around him and we always have a good time. I feel like I am loved when we are together which is the most amazing feeling in the world. I love him and I would not change him for the world... The Imaginary Person by Megan Hunt 1B1

19 Week Seven By now you are beginning to know quite a lot about your Imaginary Person. Now is the time to give the Imaginary Person a few IDIOSYNCRASIES. 'Idiosyncrasies' is a long word that simply means the habits, actions or beliefs that are particular to one person. Not walking on the cracks in the pavement is an idiosyncrasy. Add to the idiosyncrasies a few of the ordinary habits that a large number of people have such as biting finger nails or not liking peas and you have a fairly typical person. Make a list of your Imaginary Person's habits and idiosyncrasies. Do not copy the finger nail and pea examples. What effect do these idiosyncrasies have on the Imaginary Person. Write about one page. The Imaginary Person by Megan Hunt 1B1 Click here for Megan's example.

20 Throughout my life I have had many habits. I am going to list my recent habits: Biting my sleeves which I have done since I was a toddler. Tapping my foot when sitting down or listening to music. I always have to have a brush in my bag. Don't know why. When I am nervous I bite the inside of my lip, even though mum tells me off. I hate sweet corn. Yuck. Listening into other peoples conversations. I am very nosey. I also twist my hair if I am bored. I have a really embarrassing one which is that I sing to the songs in shops. Cringe or what. If I am not doing the above I am eating my hair. Everybody tells me off for doing it. I know that it is really bad for you, you end up with a clump of tangled up hair in you, stomach but no matter what I try, nothing works. I once had my hair cut short but once it grew again I was back to my old habit. Recently I have tried to stop because if I do it in front of Rebekah, she gets upset. She gets upset because she has no hair so she fells like a freak, even though she is not. The Imaginary Person by Megan Hunt 1B1

21 Week Eight How does your Imaginary Person spend his/her spare time? First make a list of all he things the Imaginary Person does in a typical schoolday EXCLUDING the time spent in school. Make a separate list of the Imaginary Person's weekend activities. Both lists would start with the Imaginary Person waking up in the morning. Your list may start something like this: 7.30Alarm rings. Wake up. Think about school. 7.35Get up. Wash and dress. Of course your Imaginary Person may get up earlier or later. Think about all the FACTORS that would affect the way the Imaginary Person uses his/her time. The Imaginary Person by Megan Hunt 1B1 Click here for Megan's example.

22 6.30- Alarm bleeps. Oh no I have to get up. 6.35 - I struggle out of bed, while still half asleep. 6.45- Get washed and dressed. 7.00- Go down stairs, sit at the table and have breakfast with my family. 7.15- Help Mum get Madison and Isla washed and dressed. 7.30-Mum goes and gets ready so I watch the twins. 7.45- I take a slow walk to Rebekahs House, Phoebes House, Maddies House and finally we all walk to Tashas House. 8.00- We take a leisurely walk to school. 8.15- 3.00 Time spent at school 3.05- We all walk home. 3.30- I arrive back at my house and I go upstairs to do my homework. 4.00- Take Madison and Isla for a walk. 5.00- I have tea. Yum 5.30- Watch T.V 6.30- Go down to the beach with Charlie. 7.30- Get Madison and Isla ready for bed. 8.00- Chill time. 9.00- I go to my bed. Zzzzzz M o n d a y The Imaginary Person by Megan Hunt 1B1

23 Week Nine It is Christmas time. How does the Imaginary Person spend his/her day? Remember, the Imaginary Person's Christmas will depend on the circumstances he/she lives in. If their parent(s) are unemployed, the Imaginary Person will probably be short of money. If, on the other hand, their parent(s) are well off, Christmas may well be very lavish, although perhaps no happier... 1.Make two present lists: a)the presents the Imaginary Person would like b)the presents the Imaginary Person would buy for others. 2.Describe the Imaginary Person's Christmas Day. (Excitement, disappointment, toys, TV, arguments, visitors, dinner?) The Imaginary Person by Megan Hunt 1B1 Click here for Megan's example.

24 A pink I-Pod Tickets to see Scouting for Girls Some new make-up A really expensive necklace Some DVDs The new Sony Ericsson Walkman mobile phone I would really like to receive the following presents: The Imaginary Person by Megan Hunt 1B1

25 Week Ten This is the last week! This week the Imaginary Person is going to experience a dangerous or exciting situation. Imagine such a situation - it might involve family, school, or anywhere else that the Imaginary Person goes - and then think carefully how the Imaginary Person would react in that situation. How the experience turns out will very much depend upon the Imaginary Person's personality. Write the story of the Imaginary Person's involvement in a dangerous or exciting situation. The Imaginary Person by Megan Hunt 1B1 Click here for Megan's example.

26 Things have taken a very drastic turn for Rebekah; she was taken into hospital on Boxing Day for another round of chemotherapy, it was straight forward at first but about half an hour later she started to be unresponsive to questions. Her blood pressure was low and so was her heartbeat. Suddenly she went into Cardiac Arrest and they had to try and resuscitate her. They tried the defibrillator and hand compressions, lots and lots of times. Her parents were at her bedside with her. This next bit is not fair. After 15 minutes of trying and trying they had to stop. I find it hard to even think about the next couple of hours. As Mum and I drove to the hospital my mind was filled with lots of questions and emotions. I was not told what had happened so I was very confused and distressed. We arrived at the hospital and were met by a nurse. The next minutes were a blur. I was led to a waiting room where the nurse told me to sit down. All I wanted to do was go and see Rebekah and tell I her love her and she will be ok. The nurse said to me that Rebekahs heart had stopped and they had tried numerous attempts to restart it. Then she said to I am really sorry, but Rebekah did not respond to this. Sorry sweetheart, she is gone.

27 The Funeral The funeral of my best friend was held on the 2 nd of January. It was a really sad day. I was asked by Rebekahs parents if I wanted to give a speech. I said yes as this was the least I could do for Rebekah and her family. I said these following words: Rebekah was my best friend. She was always happy even through the Chemotherapy. We shared the good times and always helped each other through the bad times. I will never forget Rebekah and she will always be in my heart. Once everybody had said their speech, Rebekah was carried down the aisle in a really beautifully decorated coffin. It had a lovely bouquet of pink flowers. There was a picture of us both. There was also a gorgeous pink teddy which said Rest in Peace Rebekah. After the funeral the relatives and very close family friends walked up to the graveyard. We stood around they grave as she was lowered down. We all threw pink roses onto her coffin. We also stood for a minute in silence to mark our respect. The Imaginary Person by Megan Hunt 1B1

28 Week Ten Extention Work Some of you who have finished quickly could write a front page newspaper article for a local paper about your Imaginary Person's experience. Remember name of paper, date, price, headline, sub-headings, write in columns, photographs and captions.

29 The Imaginary Person by Megan Hunt 1B1

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