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Duty to Manage Asbestos (an Inspectors View) David Price HM Inspector of H&S HSE Birmingham Office.

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1 Duty to Manage Asbestos (an Inspectors View) David Price HM Inspector of H&S HSE Birmingham Office

2 What is asbestos? Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral. Three most common found forms: crocidolite (blue asbestos); amosite (brown asbestos); chrysotile (white asbestos). Has many uses: fire proofing; insulation. But can be deadly.

3 Asbestos-related diseases Asbestosis. Lung cancer. Mesothelioma. Cancer of the larynx. Together with: asbestos warts; pleural plaques; benign pleural effusions; and pleural thickening.

4 The problem Asbestos is the biggest occupational health problem ever encountered in the UK. Between 1950s and 1980s asbestos used extensively in UK as building materials. Thousands of tonnes of asbestos still remaining in buildings. About half a million commercial premises may contain asbestos.

5 The problem (cont.) 25% of people now dying from asbestos-related diseases once worked in the building trades. Pre-1998 Asbestos Regulations were aimed at those working in asbestos factories and for asbestos removers. The Regulations did not cover those people who could come into contact with asbestos accidentally.

6 Who are these people? Heating and ventilation engineers. Roofing contractors. Fire and burglar alarm installers. General maintenance staff. Electricians. Plumbers. Carpenters and joiners. Plasterers. Gas fitters. Cable layers. Demolition workers. Painters and decorators.

7 Examples of ACMs Sprayed coatings and laggings. Insulating board & millboard. Composite materials (tiles, brake linings etc). Textiles (fire blankets etc) Paper (for electrical insulation), felts and cardboard. Asbestos cement Various reinforced building products and decorative textured coatings.

8 What premises may contain asbestos? Answer… any type (pre-2000) Shops. Factories. Offices. Farms. Hospitals. Domestic premises.

9 Where asbestos is found

10 A new duty to manage asbestos Introduced as a new Regulation 4 in the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2002. Focus on a duty to manage the risk from asbestos in premises. Introduced a new Approved Code of Practice to back up Regulation 4 and provide guidance to the designated duty holders.

11 Finding out if asbestos is present Take reasonable steps to identify ACMs in a building by: looking at building plans etc; consulting others eg architects, employees; and carrying out a thorough search of the premises.

12 Inspection/survey options Presume asbestos: carry out own inspection; engage others to undertake survey; or Establish identity by sampling; or Conclude its not asbestos (requires strong evidence); or A combination of all of the above.

13 Engaging a competent surveyor Need evidence of training and experience: employed by accredited organisation? individual surveyor certified? other possible alternative criteria. Confirm work to be carried out in accordance with MDHS 100. Evidence of suitable liability insurance.

14 The asbestos record Prepare a record of the survey results in a suitable format to include: location and condition of the identified materials; location of known non-asbestos materials; and areas not accessed. Needs to be a living document reviewed and updated regularly.

15 Assess the risk from ACMs Material assessment: type of asbestos; product type; and present condition. Priority risk assessment: determine human exposure potential: number of occupants; frequency use of area; level of maintenance.

16 The management plan options If asbestos in good condition and unlikely to be disturbed: leave it in place; and introduce a management system. If asbestos in poor condition: seal it or enclose it; or remove it using licensed contractors.

17 The management plan Plan will need to prioritise the need for any remedial work. Detail the arrangements for managing remaining ACMs, including identifying personnel to oversee the plan.

18 Supporting guidance HSE Infoline 08701-545500

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