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The Currency of The U.A.E. is....

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1 The Currency of The U.A.E. is...

2 United Arab Emirates Dirham (Dhs. or AED)
A U.A.E Dirham can be divided up into… How many fils? 100

3 Let's take a closer look. Do you know the value of these coins?
Can You Identify what pictures are on these coins?

4 What about the banknotes?
What pictures can you see on the banknotes? Are these bits of paper more valuable than the coins?

5 Can you identify any similarities between the banknotes?

6 How many combinations of notes and coins can we use to get the 57 Dhs needed to buy...

7 Where can we use U.A.E currency?
U.A.E. Dirhams are accepted in the U.A.E. However, to use money in a different country you will have to exchange Dirhams into that country's currency. For example: £1 (British Pound) is approximately equal to 5.7 Dirhams How much would this book cost if bought it in the U.K. using British Pounds? source 17/10/15

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