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Managing solid waste from an island perspective Gillian Cambers Small Islands Voice.

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1 Managing solid waste from an island perspective Gillian Cambers Small Islands Voice

2 exchanging views on environment and development issues working together to solve their problems taking part in the Small Island Developing States Programme of Action

3 SIV Global Internet Forum Web based discussion Articles emailed out every 2 weeks to more than 20,000 e-mail addresses of people living in small islands Discussions compiled and summarised on the web

4 SIV Global Internet Forum SMALL ISLANDS VOICE Do you live in a small island? Tell us what you think. ******************************** We are swimming in excessive garbage, with the threat of health epidemics… can islands work together to solve the garbage problems………….

5 Locating solid waste sites

6 Problems persist

7 Mustique Mustique, a small island is the eastern Caribbean, with about 1,000 people and managed by a private company, and famous as the Caribbean home of royalty and media stars…..

8 Garbage collection

9 Central sorting area

10 Waste is sorted

11 Garden debris recycled as mulch

12 Batteries separated

13 Electrical items separated

14 Rest of waste incinerated

15 Maldives

16 Male capital of the Maldives

17 Male waste collection yard


19 Sorting the waste


21 Other initiatives – clean-ups

22 Recycling efforts – Puerto Rico

23 Recycling efforts - BVI

24 Recycling - BVI

25 Recycling – Cook Islands

26 Small Islands Voice Islands select specific environment and development problems to address Seychelles, Bequia in St. Vincent & the Grenadines, and Fiji have selected solid waste

27 St. Vincent & the Grenadines

28 Glass recycling - Bequia

29 Bequia: making the benches

30 Bequia – enjoying the results

31 Bequia – finished product

32 Bequia – patio tiles

33 Seychelles

34 SIV Youth Internet Forum Students in 40 schools in 12 island territories Using the internet to discuss issues from recycling to hydroponics

35 SIV Youth Internet Forum View the discussion at with username view and password only

36 Need for recycling Praslin Secondary School, 22 April 2003 Littering is quite an issue in our school. Different clubs and groups have made it their number one priority and have racked their brains to come up with different ways to try to encourage students to keep the school environment clean. Posters, talks, and even fines have been experimented with, but none so far have proved to be successful

37 Zero tolerance to litter project Actions: litter bins beautification fines competitions

38 Results Students agreed it had not yet been successful Some progress, but need for greater awareness Needed to get more serious about fining Changing attitudes very difficult

39 Returning to SIV Global forum There are a lot of programmes here in that should be helping us solve the problem, e.g. Earth Day activities, signs going up all around, but I don't see the change. Writer from Palau

40 Final words Changing attitudes is difficult Requires time (generations) and persistence Need for overall island wide waste management programmes Judging by response to SIV Global Forum people are keen to do something about garbage issues

41 Thank you

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