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Cassie Tamblyn Gainesville State College Fall 2012.

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1 Cassie Tamblyn Gainesville State College Fall 2012

2 Hello world! Cassie Tamblyn Undergrad at Gainesville State College in Oakwood, GA December 2012 Intern at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens

3 OBJECTIVE Use geographical object based image analysis (GEOBIA) to determine if there is a correlation between land cover classification and E. coli levels within the Flat Creek Watershed and its subwatersheds

4 BACKGROUND GEO-Object Based Image Analysis Looks at images as groups of objects rather than pixels More like how we see images Can use many layers to delineate objects Yields more accurate results (when applied properly) E. Coli contamination Easy way to measure fecal contamination 100 cfus allowed during spring months for fishing waters

5 DATA USED 15 LiDAR tiles (1.5m posts), 2010 42 CIR tiles (0.1524m spatial resolution), 2010 Flat Creek watershed boundary & subwatershed boundary shapefiles (created using ArcHydro) E. Coli measurements during March & April 2012 (from Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeepers)

6 SOFTWARE USED ArcHydro Delineate watershed Quick Terrain Modeler Create nDSM (DSM-DEM) ERDAS Imagine Mosaic imagery eCognition Developer Develop and process rule set ArcMap Develop Map Layout

7 AREA OF INTEREST Flat Creek Watershed (divided into 5 subwatersheds) Total area = 20,000,000 m 2 Flat Creek starts in Gainesville and flows in a southwesterly direction to Lake Lanier One of the most impacted streams of Georgia Most of land within watershed is covered by impervious surfaces Industrial district contains chicken processing plants and other factories Some agricultural land



10 POST PROCESSING RULE SET After processing entire AOI on the server & merging the data again….






16 ANALYSIS No correlation was found by this assay in this watershed No manual editing was done which may improve accuracy which could in turn improve correlation Point sources could be added to correlation factor

17 Questions? Thank you!

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