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The Evolution of the KSU ETC

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1 The Evolution of the KSU ETC

2 Windows 8 on Laptop and Desktop PCs Brent Williams, Ph.D. Stephen Rahn, Ed.S. srahn@kennesaw.edi KSU iTeach Center

3 Objectives Why Windows 8? Feature Overview Hands-On Exploration Windows 8 and Wireless Networks Windows 8 Security Your Questions

4 About Windows 8 Three Versions –Desktop (Laptops) –Tablet (RT) –Phone User Interface: Metro & Desktop –Confusing, Requires Retraining Applications –Metro / Desktop Different

5 Terminology Metro –Phone OS on Computer –Tiles (some live) –Apps are different Desktop –The Windows World –No Start Button

6 Why Windows 8? New Simplified User Interface Easy to Install and Upgrade Faster Startup New IE Version New Apps Live Tiles Windows Store for Apps Sky Drive Integration

7 Why 8? CD/DVD Live Support File History Speech Recognition Heightened Security Touch Input with Some Devices Windows Defender Included and Turned On

8 Why Not Windows 8? Confusing Interface on PCs / Laptops Control Panels Scattered Metro Apps are Few Productivity (Possibly) Not Enhanced by Windows 8 Product Learning Curve Windows 8.1 by Fall 2013

9 PC/Laptop Performance Virtually Any Computer That Can Run 7 Can Run 8 Tested –1.6 GHz and Above –2 GB and Above –120 GB HD and Above At Least As Fast As Windows 7 Faster on Some Configurations

10 Is There a Compelling Reason to Switch? Maybe! Eventually! –When more devices are touch-screen –Difficult to buy new PCs with Windows 7 –Windows 8.1 looks like a promising improvement. Issues –End-User Training –Application availability (Metro)

11 Available for 32 or 64 Bit Windows 8 –The basic edition. Intended for Home market. Windows 8 Pro Edition –Comparable to Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate Windows 8 Enterprise –Additional Features for Enterprise Management

12 What About Windows RT? Intended to Compete with iOS Runs on ARM 32 Hardware Apps come from MS Store Does NOT run Desktop Applications No Domain Join or Group Policy Includes Full MS Office Apps RT Tablets Selling Poorly RT Tablets Given Away at ISTE 2013 Conference

13 Installing 8 Upgrade from XP or Vista? –Not recommended –Must reinstall programs Upgrade from 7? –Depends on Version –Clean Install Preferred Media is DVD –Clean install 30 minutes to over an hour Product Activation –Shrink-wrap Enter Key at Install Time –Volume License Multiple Activation Key (MAK) via MS or Key Management Service (KMS) via Your Server

14 Where Did Stuff Go? Document & Settings – Gone! –Replaced by USERS All Users – Gone! –Replaced by PUBLIC User Start Menu folder –Moved to \Users\(the user)\Appdata\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows \Start menu

15 Where Did Stuff Go? All Users\Start Menu – Gone! –\Program Data\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu Junction Points –Added to allow APPLICATIONS to use old paths –You can navigate in DOS –Command mklink is used to create –There is a junction point that directs the legacy "C:\Documents and Settings" to "C:\Users –Also a junction point that directs the old "C:\Users\Default User" folder to "C:\Users\Default – mklink-create-use-links-windows.html mklink-create-use-links-windows.html


17 Think of Metro Screen as an always clicked START button You can arrange the Metro screen any way you want You can name groups of icons Add/Remove icons at will Pool of icons is All Apps

18 Managing Tiles Right-Click Tile for Options at Bottom Drag and Drop Tile on Grey Bar for New Column Bottom Right Corner Minus Sign to Zoom Out (or Ctrl -, +) –While Zoomed Out, Right-click Group for option to Name the Group

19 Installing Apps Click on or Type Store Search or Browse Select App and Install Run App Decide if it should run in background –Live Tile Right Click on Tile, Look at bottom of screen

20 Terminology: Start & Taskbar Metro Screen is Start Desktop Taskbar is Taskbar

21 See What is Running Metro or Desktop –Mouse in Upper Left, Pull Straight Down –Window Key – Tab –Alt – Tab

22 Closing Apps Alt-F4 Point at Top of screen –Drag App to Bottom to Close Point at Hot Corner (Bottom Left) –Right Click, Task Manager

23 Metro Search Just start typing Or point to upper right –Then click search –Click what you want searched Apps, Settings, Files, etc. –Everything is indexed automatically Search Files –Note categories, thumbnails, etc.

24 Metro Control Panel Point to Upper Right –Click on Settings –Initial Setting Screen Appears PC Settings at Bottom gives more –Personalize –Users, Devices, Windows Update

25 Keyboard Shortcuts us/windows-8/new-keyboard- shortcuts#1TC=t1 us/windows-8/new-keyboard- shortcuts#1TC=t1 Windows key – toggle METRO/DESKTOP Ctrl -, + Zoom in and out Windows Z – see option in app

26 METRO Built-in Applications SkyDrive Photo Video Music Camera Weather


28 Where non-Metro Apps Run The old environment Pin to Desktop, Pin to Taskbar Charms still work Point to LOWER LEFT for Start –Right-Click for Options

29 Desktop Windows Desktop Theme Gadgets - GONE Video Projector Use –Window P Drag to Left/Right Shake Window-Tab Alt-Tab

30 Windows 8 DESKTOP Tips Windows key + Left (Right): docks current window to that side of the screen. Windows key + Up: maximizes and/or restores foreground window. Windows key + Down: minimizes active window.

31 Taskbar Live Icons Preview Docs –Thumbnails Place / Remove Icons Right-click Icons –See recent docs Hide all Windows –Extreme right rectangle

32 Quick Launch Place icons for favorite programs on Task Bar –(Right-click, Pin to Taskbar) Start you favorite –Windows Key and its position number on Taskbar Ex: Windows + 2

33 DESKTOP Built in Applications The Standards –Notepad, Wordpad, Paint, etc. Updated with Ribbon Snipping Tool –Limited to DESKTOP –Window, Print Screen to snip to Pictures Photo Editing –Photos (Metro) – Some editing –Photo Gallery (Desktop)


35 Help and Support –Basic Help METRO, Charms, Settings, Help –Microsoft Links

36 My Computer Ribbon (can be minimized) View, Hidden Items Share, Burn, Print Manage, Optimize, Format Favorites, Libraries BitLocker

37 Adjust Folder Properties Control Panel Folder Options View –Unhide Extensions –Unhide Hidden Files –Unhide System Files –Use Check Boxes when selecting

38 File History / Backup Control Panel, File History –Replaces Previous Version –Stores off of PC (Flash or Network Drive) –Saves items in your profile & SkyDrive –You control how often changes are saved Default: 1 hour. (see Advanced) Will only use up to 20% of selected drive Restore –File Explorer, History

39 Voice Recognition Powerful Dictate and Correct Documents –Competition for Dragon –Brief Setup –Excellent correction mode Controls Windows Desktop Controls Metro

40 IE10 Improved Speed and Compatibility Features –Tabbed Browsing –RSS Support –Anti-Phishing –Pop-up blocker –Thumb-nail tabs Metro and Desktop View

41 Media Player Media Player 12 –New interface –Browse by album cover –Rips and burns –Built-in MP3 burning support

42 Burning CDs and DVDs Built-in Burn shows in folders ISO support (yea!) No Copy support Live File System vs. Mastered –Allows using CD/DVD like flash Copy single files at will –Use with XP, Vista, and 7 only –CAUTION: Default

43 Backup and Restore Replaced by File History Control Panel, Windows 7 File Recovery –Types Full – Let Windows Choose Selected – Let Me Choose –Where to Backup? USB Drive, Network Drive –When to Backup?

44 Enhancing System Performance MSConfig System Control Panel, Performance Defrag – Now Called Optimize Drive Error Checking Add Memory! –32 bit – 4GB max, 64 bit – a lot

45 Special Drive Options File, Folder, Drive Compression File, Folder, Drive Encryption

46 Managing Printers Control Panel, Devices and Printer Screen –Local Printers Directly Attached TCP-IP –Network Printers Printers shared from Windows Windows 8 Identifies Printers –When printer is added

47 System Control Panel New Look System Rating Select items on left Then buttons to access Activation/Change Key –Command Prompt (or run) –Slui 3 (to enter key)

48 Securing Windows 8 Virus Scanner –MS Defender AntiSpyware –MS Defender Firewall –Built-in –Enhanced

49 Securing Windows 8 Firewall –Now blocks outbound, too –First connection requires location choice Home or Work –You know & trust people & devices on network –Auto discovery seeks network devices Public Place –Keeps computer from being visible –No network discovery MMC

50 Wireless Networking Wireless client –Network and Sharing Center –Manage Wireless Adapter –Edit Connection –Via Charm –Manage Wireless Connections is GONE

51 Troubleshooting Windows 8 Restart Now Under Advanced Setup –In PC Settings, General Windows key, i (for sidebar menu) –Power –Press Shift as you click RESTART At Command Prompt –Shutdown.exe /r /o Auto Restart After Failure –Self detects failure, gives menu

52 Deploying Windows 8 MS Deployment Tools –Built into Server 2012 –Involved to Set Up Ghost –11.5 or later. Officially Solution Suite 2.51 FOG –In Development?

53 Windows 8 Tips With Dual Monitor –Windows + SHIFT + Left (or Right) will shift a window from monitor to monitor. To run a program as an Administrator –Hold CTRL + SHIFT when you open the application. Projector Menu: Win+P Minimize all but Active Window –Win+Home

54 Windows 8 Tips Tune ClearType with cttune.exe Desktop Magnifier is great for presentations Shake a Windows to Minimize Others

55 Windows 8 Tips God Mode –Create a folder –Rename it to GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C- 99712043E01C}

56 Whew! Questions? Suggestions? Get This Presentation:

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