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Slide Design: Ms. Vives Game Created By: Ms. Zorn Questions Generated from:

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2 Slide Design: Ms. Vives Game Created By: Ms. Zorn Questions Generated from:

3 100 200 400 300 400 Nature of Science Life Science Physical Science Earth Science 100 300 200 400 200 100 500 Vocab. Charades 200 100 500 400 300

4 Sandra found a prickly leaf in her backyard and thinks that the leaves protect the plant from animals, so she made a hypothesis about the leaf… She went to a nearby forest to look at plants and record which types have prickly leaves. What kind of scientific investigation is Sandra using? a.Questionnaire b.Sample collection c.Observation d.Experimentation Nature of Science 100

5 Which of the following is an inherited or instinctive behavior? a.Going to the gym b.Dyeing your hair c.Wearing makeup d.Crying when in pain Life Science 100

6 Which of the following surfaces reflects the most light? a.Plastic cards b.Aluminum foil c.Ceramic tiles d.Wood shingles Physical Science 100

7 Which step in the water cycle refers to the change of a liquid to a solid? a.Precipitation b.Melting c.Freezing d.Condensation Earth Science 100

8 Which of the following is true of this tool? a.It is called a microscope and magnifies objects b.It is a hand lens and magnifies objects c.It is called a telescope and makes far-away objects easier to see d. It is a microscope and makes far-away objects easier to see Nature of Science 200

9 Unlike most animals, turtles move very slowly, making it hard for them to escape predators. What adaptive structure do turtles have that protects them from predators? a.A hard shell b.Sharp claws c.Poisonous venom d.Sharp teeth Life Science 200

10 In which of the following states of matter does a substance take the shape of its container? I.Solid II.Liquid III.Gas a.III only b.II only c.I, II, and III d.II and III only Physical Science 200

11 Which inexhaustible resource below is correctly matched with its source? a.Wind, earthquakes b.Sunlight, moon c.Geothermal energy, molten Earth layers d.All are correct Earth Science 200

12 Using the Scientific Method, what should you do after you ask a question? a.Make observations b.Study the results c.Form a hypothesis d.Tell others what you have discovered Nature of Science 300

13 In an ecosystem, organisms can be divided into producers and consumers. Producers use sunlight to make food. Consumers eat producers and other consumers. Which organism in this food chain is a producer? a.Salmon b.Phytoplankton c.Herring d.Whale Life Science 300 phytoplankton herring salmon whale

14 If you are blindfolded and have to identify 4 identically-sized fabric squares by their physical properties, what would you most likely use to categorize the material into groups? a.Color b.Shape c.Size d.Texture Physical Science 300

15 Which of the following is a part of Earths soil? a.Shredded pieces of paper b.Decomposed animals c.Chipped plastic d.Pieces of glass Earth Science 300

16 When looking at a set of numbers, the mean is also called the average. Look at the chart. What is the mean temperature in Austin, Texas for January? a.37 b.47 c.51 d.62 Nature of Science 400 January 1st 37 January 14th 52 January 18 th 51 January 25 th 41 January 31st 55 Sum = 236 January Temperatures in Austin, Texas

17 This caterpillar is in the __________ stage of metamorphosis. a.Egg b.Adult c.Larva d.Pupa Life Science 400

18 Filtering is a method of separating: a.Two liquids b.A liquid and a gas c.Two solids d.A solid and a liquid Physical Science 400

19 Monica notices white, wispy clouds, high in the atmosphere. Which type of weather is most likely taking place? a.Foggy and overcast b.Light rain c.Thunderstorms d.Fair, pleasant weather Earth Science 400

20 When performing an experiment with an unknown substance, why is it important not to taste the substance? a.By tasting it, youll contaminate the substance and affect the results of your experiment b. The substance could have a bad taste c. The substance may be poisonous d. The substance may be valuable, and tasting it would be wasteful Nature of Science 500

21 Bruce has a scar on his forehead, a dimple in his chin, a chipped front tooth, and a moustache. Which feature is a trait that he could pass on to his children? a.Chipped tooth b.Scar c.Moustache d.Chin dimple Life Science 500

22 Regan and Dylan are playing tug-of-war. Dylan is stronger, so he is winning. What type of force has this caused? a.An unbalanced force moving in Regans direction b.A balanced force keeping the pair in one spot c.An unbalanced force leading in Dylans direction d.A balanced force moving in Dylans direction Physical Science 500

23 The Earth is the ________ planet from the Sun. a.Fourth b. Fifth c. Third d. Second Earth Science 500

24 Your team has chosen to act out a Science Vocabulary word or phrase. You will have 30 seconds to plan, then one minute for your team to guess. The other team can then try for a steal if your team guesses incorrectly…Good Luck! Vocabulary Charades

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