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Good Vs. Bad UI & Oakley Airwave 1.5 Sean Gergen & Derik Wright.

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1 Good Vs. Bad UI & Oakley Airwave 1.5 Sean Gergen & Derik Wright

2 Poor Application UI Poor GUI Unclear/vague title - Same font as entire application Inadequate spacing between buttons and text boxes Poor use of highlighting on column labels/buttons Overall hard to navigate, information is too dense The Application Manager

3 Poor Application UI Navigation can be tricky with many tiles Different layouts for compatible programs Troubleshooting system issues is trickier Can fill up with tiles quickly Windows 8 Tiles

4 Good Application UI Clear title in application header Navigation bars are clearly highlighted (green) displaying exactly where the user is in the application Information is separated by boxing - with line spacing in between - with clear bolded titles Text is double spaced and left justified Nvidia Preferences

5 Good Application UI Clear table number Ticket print up with item and price separated Sub menus in the center for categories of items Separate items on the right Aloha POS System

6 Poor Website Interface Visually straining on the eyes Very unbalanced layout - Variety or different texts - Compact together with no spacing Everything looks like advertising Numerous animated GIFs that slow down the downloading time of the page

7 Poor Website Interface Bad use of the window size Poor use of the graphic and the text combination Links are corrupt - Misc. link is blank - Some pages have multiple links labeled differently Pages have different layouts

8 Good Website Interface Light, complimentary colors make it visually soothing Navigation bar with highlighting (black) makes for easy navigation No external advertisements Balanced layout - Separate boxing for products - Adequate spacing Rich imageary

9 Good Website Interface Organized layout - no ads on the side - spacing Large title on top so you know where you are and what it is No external advertisements Sub-sections labeled Large images for the quick scan Well contrasting link color

10 New Technology Bluetooth connectivity Statistics of your slope time -Airtime -Vertical distance -Speed -Coordinates Heads Up Display -Time -Battery life -Connection Oakley Airwave 1.5

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