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Seminars By Design. Older empty nesters increasingly want to voluntarily downsize, for sustainability among other reasons. And to their credit, the new,

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Presentation on theme: "Seminars By Design. Older empty nesters increasingly want to voluntarily downsize, for sustainability among other reasons. And to their credit, the new,"— Presentation transcript:

1 Seminars By Design

2 Older empty nesters increasingly want to voluntarily downsize, for sustainability among other reasons. And to their credit, the new, younger generation of successful people dont seem to want the huge homes. They are gravitating toward the smaller, hipper, more sustainable structures

3 Green Design? Standards Benchmaks Green design requires a designer to use recycled products, Raw materials and the product construction must meet environmental standards. This would include the durability of the product and also how the product would be disposed of

4 More than Indoor Air and Energy Efficiency Green interior design also means less energy consumption by using LED lights and energy saver lights instead of the conventional lighting As well as, proper insulation of rooms against heat and cold to use less air conditioning And possibly the use of solar power whenever necessary


6 BuzziSpace-BuzziSwitch Made with recycled wood waste and PET bottles, these seat and panel components leave the lightest of carbon footprints.

7 Hunter Douglas - Greenscreen Revive recycled polyester by Hunter Douglas

8 Livinglass Fresh 100 percent recycled glass tiles by Livinglass

9 Glass countertop in recycled glass by ThinkGlass

10 Virosurface herringbone high-density polyethylene in Rustic Black by Viro

11 UV LabCoat Pre-Finish no- VOC option for hardwood plywood by Columbia Forest Products

12 Timber Thread, Forged Fiber, and Tuscany Fields broadloom in polytrimethylene terephthalate by Karastan

13 The Conflux LED lamp by TEKNION brings clarity to desks, floors, and shelves in a minimal yet technically sophisticated way Requiring just 9 watts to operate the sleek aluminum fixture casts fewer shadows and has less glare than your average LED

14 The 111 Navy chair is an exact replica of the company's classic 1006 Navy chair with one major difference: It's made of rPET, the recycled plastic. To be precise, at least 111 Coca- Cola bottles are used for each piece Chairs By Emco

15 Spiderweb partition in bark skin, recycled glass, and resin in cinnamon by Livinglass

16 Sequel tiles in rubber and cork by Capri Cork

17 Rise barstool in American Sinker cypress and stainless steel by Edwin Blue

18 Poly laminated- plywood wall panels in natural low-VOC finish for demountable partition systems by C.W. Keller

19 Pirouette nylon carpet in Sea Glass by Tandus

20 Ondina, the Italian word for "circle- Made of 70 percent vinyl, 20 percent recycled polyester, and 10 percent recycled vinyl by DesignTex

21 Organic Matrix carpet tiles in nylon in Elemental Factor and Structured Motion by Bigelow

22 Mushroom stool in solid walnut with cottonpolyester -covered seat by Shimna

23 Maché Trace in Stencil, Pulp in Grass Cloth, Stencil, and Encaustic, all nylon carpet tiles by J+J/Invision

24 Made of equal parts recycled glass and regionally sourced clay, Earthen Glass tiles come n large tile sizes, from 3 by 24 inches to 12 by 24 by Interstyle



27 Top Products 2011 BEST DESK SYSTEM Tonic by Watson www.watsonfurn

28 Is a freestanding benching system whose dynamic infill components address modern, digitally-driven workstyles

29 It is equipped with a four-circuit/eight-wire raceway beneath its center deck allowing it to house team screens, storage LED table lamps and a support module for video conferencing

30 Its collection of smaller Innovation Tables with their own docking video conferencing modules turns empty spaces into connective hubs

31 Surface materials include modern laminates and sustainable textiles

32 Top Sustainable Products 2012 HM Desk System M/Flex Monitor Arm System by Humanscale

33 M/Flex is made with minimal parts, less material weight, 52 percent recycled and 99 percent recyclable content can support up to 12 monitors from 2 posts

34 Top Sustainable Products 2012 Honorable Mention 11 By OFS

35 An expanded conference table lineup ranges from 6 to 20 feet while offering flexibility in all applications.

36 Elevens minimized mass and material content is 100 percent recyclable at end-of-life, while VOC-free finishes and adhesives improve indoor air quality

37 Top Sustainable Products 2012 Flooring East Meets West by Durkan

38 The first product from Durkans collaboration with artist/illustrator Oren Sherman, merges Eastern art with Western style Combines dramatic and playful styling into oversized graphic patterns.

39 By combining Shermans artistic history with Durkans patterning and color capabilities, East Meets West takes the intricate details of a mural and transposes them into hospitality flooring

40 Top Sustainable Products 2012 Honorable Mention Vivendi Collection by Mannington www.mannington. com/commercial

41 Top Sustainable Products 2012 Honorable Mention Bio Felt by Chilewich tract

42 A revolutionary new tile backing system called BioFelt Working in collaboration with the Velcro Corporation special connectors have been developed to connect the tiles to each other and to the floor

43 This allows for easy installation on raised access floors and other floors where adhesives would not be allowed After use the installation can be removed without a trace BioFelt is zero VOC, and is made with recycled and renewable content

44 Top Sustainable Products 2012 Best Surfacing Material Kirei Board by Kirei l

45 Kirei Board is a composite panel manufactured from reclaimed sorghum straw, poplar wood bonding layers and a water-resistant no-added formaldehyde adhesive

46 The removal of stalks from the waste stream helps sequester carbon, making Kirei Board a carbon-negative material

47 The reclaimed sorghum stalks used are a rapidly renewable resource left after the plant is harvested

48 Top Sustainable Products 2012 HM Surfacing Material Concrete Project, Magma and Bilder by Imola Ceramica

49 Top Sustainable Products 2012 HM Surfacing Material Intermix by Architectural Surfaces www.archsystems. com

50 The veneer is FSC- or PEFC- certified, and 100 percent recyclable

51 Top Sustainable Products 2012 BEST WALL COVERING Eco-Dimensions Bamboo Wall Panels from Architectural Systems

52 Offer an inspiring and sustainable solution for designers looking to create a feature wall, accent area or ceiling tile

53 These lightweight, flexible panels are made from pressed bamboo pulp Can be painted or stained for an impactful visual statement

54 As bamboo is a rapidly renewable material, the product is naturally eco-friendly The panels are also water repellent and sound absorbent

55 Top Sustainable Products 2012 HM Wallcovering Xorel Graphic wallcoverings from Carnegie m

56 Xorel Graphic is free of PVC, chlorine, plasticizers, heavy metals and Ozone- depleting chemicals; It is also Cradle to Cradle Silver certified

57 Top Sustainable Products 2012 Honorable Mention Wallcovering Woodleaf by Innovations

58 A non-toxic, breathable wall covering made from renewable or recyclable materials. Made of laser-cut wood veneer and metallic paper

59 Top Sustainable Products 2012 BEST EDUCATION ELEMENT Dewey 6 –Top Table

60 Dewey 6-Top Table creates a spur-of-the- moment gathering place for up to six people in classrooms libraries or student unions.

61 The table can stand alone, pair with the Dewey 27-inch depth table to build wing configurations or link to other 6- Top Tables

62 Top Sustainable Products 2012 Honorable Mention Education Element Rulo tables and chairs from Versteel

63 Top Sustainable Products 2012 Honorable Mention Education Element The Puzzle Series from Sauder Education

64 The incorporation of tablet surfaces into the furniture to provide durability and ample workspace, While the live seat deck allows people of all sizes to sit together comfortably

65 Top Sustainable Products 2012 Best Textile Sequel Collection by CF Stinson

66 Made from 50 % recycled solution- dyed nylon, this a skillful combination of sustainability, engineering and style Green Guard Certified

67 Top Sustainable Products 2012 HM Textiles Williamsburg Classics II by Robert Allen Robertallendesi

68 Top Sustainable Products 2012 HM Textiles GreenScreen Revive from Draper

69 Is a Cradle to Cradle- certified Silver window shade fabric that reduces heat and glare while offering a remarkably clean view through to the outdoors. This PVC-free fabric is also GREENGUARD Children & Schools certified

70 Top Sustainable Products 2012 Quality Haiku By Big Ass Fans

71 Industry-leading efficiency a silent motor tops-in-class airflow sustainable materials quality craftsmanship & minimalist design combine to make the perfect air-moving machine

72 Top Sustainable Products 2012 Quality Honorable Mention CG_1 Table by Coalesse Made using recycled content, including aluminum. Glass, veneer and aluminum are all recyclable and are easy to separate from each other Qualifies for BIFMA level 1 Silver and am SCS Indoor Air Quality certified

73 Top Sustainable Products 2012 Quality Honorable Mention 11 by OFS

74 Top Sustainable Products 2012 Conferencing Technology3 Credenza from AVTEQ

75 It can house all of your equipment in a highly secure and accessible location. The integrated screen mount eliminates wall mounting, allowing for easier reconfiguration of conferencing spaces

76 Top Sustainable Products 2012 HM Conferencing Elements Media by AGATI

77 Agroup seating solution adapted to modern technology Tables support laptop hook-ups, while video screens allow users to switch between laptops and accommodate video conferencing

78 Top Sustainable Products 2012 HM Conferencing Nemo Bar and Trellis by izzy

79 The Bar offers a hub for connection and collaboration, while the Trellis provides a sense of enclosure and privacy, along with options for power and technology

80 Top Sustainable Products 2012 Lighting Element Disc LED Task Light by Humanscale

81 Utilizing advanced Thin Film LED Technology Element Disc offers excellent illumination and light distribution in a slender profile with fingertip adjustability The lamp contains 62 percent recycled and 96 percent recyclable content

82 it also includes an innovative Passive Infrared (PIR) occupancy sensor, which detects changes in the human heat profile and automatically turns itself on or off

83 Top Sustainable Products 2012 HM Lighting Asteroid Pendant by Boyd Lighting

84 It is lit from within by four 32-watt fluorescent lamps Also includes a single 35-watt MR-11 downlight which produces 1500 lumens of task lighting. Each cone is finished in satin aluminum with a matte white interior

85 Top Sustainable Products 2012 HM Lighting Flex Lighting System by 3M

86 Mix and match 11 slender, lightweight connectable components that use energy-efficient replaceable LED sources to create an exceptionally even white glow

87 Top Sustainable Products 2012 Best Table Harvest Table by Allsteel

88 The open beam design provides a clean, linear aesthetic but also answers practical needs, with easy access to power and plenty of legroom

89 Top Sustainable Products 2012 HM Table Meta Tables by Arcadia Contract

90 Inspired by nature, Meta tables feature an intricate geometric pattern displayed beneath ¼-inch etched glass light is optional

91 Top Sustainable Products 2012 HM Tables Aware Table by Allsteel

92 A line of multipurpose tables suited to a range of applications, from training rooms to private offices. Available in folding, nesting or fixed configurations

93 The line is also compatible with the new Interlink IQ power solution, which can provide power for up to eight tables via a single source

94 Top Sustainable Products 2012 Healthcare Element sleepToo by Wieland www.wielandhealth

95 Wielands sleepToo sleep sofa addresses space constraints within the patient room by creating a virtual family room within a footprint of just 20 square feet

96 An integrated, adjustable-height table provides flexibility, while the pneumatically assisted sleep surface presents itself at the push of a button

97 Top Sustainable Products 2012 HM Healthcare Element Empath by Nurture

98 A complete recliner, designed from the ground up as an integrated, holistic solution that fits easily into nearly any healthcare environment Considered users as much as patients

99 Top Sustainable Products 2012 HM Healthcare Element Modular Walls by Dirtt

100 The modular walls allow designers to offer customized, accessible support for medical gasses Equipment plumbing power/data handrails

101 Storage Audio/visual systems Make these walls ideal for demanding healthcare environments

102 Antibacterial finishes and the ability to design the same placement of equipment in every room Reduces the opportunities for infections and mistakes

103 Options such as DuPont Corian and Write Away art tiles allow for aesthetic and functional flexibility

104 Top Sustainable Products 2012 Seating Jumpseat by Sedia Systems www.sediasystems. com

105 JumpSeat features a high- design aesthetic that is ideal for: Auditoriums Theaters Public assembly areas

106 The cantilevered structure allows folding to less than 4 inches thick when not in use, Which allows for the maximum amount of people in the minimum amount of space

107 Top Sustainable Products 2012 Seating HM Intima Modular from Arcadia Contract www.arcadiacontract. com

108 Designed to enhance professional and personal productivity Offering privacy while also helping to define spaces,

109 Intima supports collaborative gatherings, private conversations, or the simple need for solitude in todays open engagement workspaces.

110 Top Sustainable Products 2012 Seating HM Oyyo Chair from Junus et Cie

111 Its organic form is molded as a single piece of polypropylene reinforced with fiberglass legs are made of satin anodized aluminum

112 Top Sustainable Products 2012 Kitchen and Bath 3 way Tie

113 Top Sustainable Products 2012 Kitchen &Bath Fontaine by GD Cucine

114 Combines solid ash, natural stone, glass and marble into a series of clean, simple lines. The wood is available in six water-based stain tones, as well as a special dark finish

115 Its surfaces are offered in eight Corian options, as well as stone and marble. Tall storage units, vanities, benches & other accessories round out the collection

116 Top Sustainable Products 2012 Kitchen &Bath Paiova Monolith by Duravit

117 It is carved out of a rectangular, acrylic monobloc, resulting in a seamless bathtub with continuous lines.

118 An apron leads from the tubs interior all the way down to the floor, removing the need for paneling. Offers a variety of options

119 Top Sustainable Products 2012 Kitchen &Bath Style Moderne Collection from Samuel Heath www.samuel-

120 Art Deco-inspired line of bathroom fixtures, all manufactured in solid brass and offered with a choice of finishes in chrome plate, polished nickel or antique gold

121 Top Sustainable Products 2012 Best Wall Divider Breath by Dirt

122 Allows for the incorporation of plants onto any flat, vertical building surface. The system is easily scalable and expandable, from one panel to a monolithic wall of plants

123 Designers can use Breathe to bring nature indoors and beautify and detoxify interior spaces

124 Studies confirm that certain types of indoor plants reliably reduce total VOC loads by 75 percent, to below 100 parts per billion

125 Top Sustainable Products 2012 HM Wall +Divider Ceiling and Wall Systems – Armstrong m/commceilingsna

126 Offers the ability to create continuous, integrated transitions between ceilings and walls using standard components. The new capability can be used for 90- degree angled or curved designs

127 Allows designers to achieve a desired look without compromising key acoustical or performance criteria required in a space

128 Top Sustainable Products 2012 HM Walls+Dividers Wave by Loftwall

129 A freestanding divider ideal for a range of working environments. Inspired by the natural forms of waves The visually stimulating design adds a modern aesthetic to spaces

130 It acts as a filterthe curved panels dampen sound and redirect ambient light through the screens openings

131 The frame is manufactured from 75 percent recycled content and the entire product can be recycled at the end of its life

132 Top Sustainable Products 2012 Orbit XXL by Dedon

133 Supersized version called the Orbit XXL. The new version is 25 percent larger than the original, measuring 87.5 inches in diameter

134 Top Sustainable Products 2012 HM Casual Echo by Link Outdoor linkdesignsolutions. com

135 The collection combines polished stainless steel and plantation- grown teak for long-lasting durability

136 Featurs 16 items, including dining tables, dining chairs, two lounge chairs, sofa, cantilever side and drink tables, planter, bench and coffee table

137 Top Sustainable Products 2012 HM Casual Grillage Outdoor Chair by Ligne-Roset www.ligne-

138 A sheet of perforated metal is stretched to create a mesh, then folded origami-style into the final product

139 The wire mesh provides both comfort and ergonomics in an all-metal piece of furniture

140 it may also be dressed with a special quilted covering for added comfort and a warmer look Dining chairs and a sofa are also available

141 Top Sustainable Products 2012 Glass Maharam Collection – Joel Berman Glass Studios

142 The Maharam Collection makes use of a flexible precision digital printing process to accurately transfer the companys designs and colors onto large panels of glass

143 That can be used for building facades, backsplashes and wall dividers

144 Top Sustainable Products 2012 HM Glass KnollTextiles Glass Collection from Skyline Design m

145 Each pattern is offered in two glass techniques: Eco-etch®, for a range of transparencies and levels of privacy, or AST, to add color and opacity to glass.

146 The designs are offered in standard glass sizes and thicknesses, up to 72 by 144 inches It is well-suited for corporate and healthcare spaces

147 Top Sustainable Products 2012 HM Glass Berman Glass Additions by Guardian Industries Guardianinglass.c om

148 These organic, free- form textures are suited for a wide range of interior applications incl: walls, doors, shower enclosures, railings & balustrades

149 The textured glass is translucent, creating privacy while inviting in abundant light An economical solution for high volume projects

150 Top Sustainable Products 2012 BEST EDITOR'S CHOICE Shift by Think Fabricate www.dobanarc

151 Shift from Think Fabricate is a structural composition of color, material and form that also provides great wall-mounted storage It can be assembled into different configurations to accommodate various spaces

152 From entire walls (Shift Connect) to corners (Shift Corner) and narrow spaces (Shift 48/36/30) The design detail: These cabinets take the classic edge profile and give it a new twist

153 Top Sustainable Products 2012 HM Editors Choice Fire Sculptures by Elena Colombo

154 The interior branch wall, shown here, is in a blackened mild steel surrounded with stainless branch insert at 6 ft. wide by 10 ft. high

155 Top Sustainable Products 2012 HM Editors Choice Dala by Dedon

156 The seating, ottomans and stools have colorfully powder-coated frames of extruded aluminum mesh Inspired by the skilled artisans of the developing world

157 Through the mesh, weavers thread the strands of a new ecological fiber created from recycled food-and- drink packaging mixed with recyclable polyethylene

158 The pieces are available in 3 colorways and are extremely lightweight

159 Industry analysts say the sustainable philosophy is no longer viewed as the province of high-end sellers like Nike or Herman Miller, the furniture maker The movement can be confusing to navigate and goes by many monikers cradle to cradle, eco-efficiency, life cycle improvement, closed-loop production

160 In its most utopian form, it envisions a world in which all products are made from natural materials Are 100 percent reusable, recyclable or biodegradable, never ending up in landfill At its most pragmatic, it is mainly about cutting costs by reducing waste, selling recyclable components reusing byproducts like rubber or plastic to create a new product. For a large company, this can mean millions of dollars in annual savings.

161 When sustainability burst onto the scene, it was in the responsibility category, something that a company should do because it was the right thing to do Now it is equally about saving money

162 Its not about two or three green shoes its about changing the way our company does things in general. Brought shoes and athletic clothing to market that incorporate waste from the factory floor and a less toxic type of rubber The company has also reduced its use of solvents, the toxic glue used to cement soles to the bottom of shoes

163 Herman Miller says that 50 percent of its revenue now comes from products that are Cradle to Cradle-compliant, and it is aiming for 100 percent Shaw has collected 300 million pounds of used carpet in the last three years and reused 85 percent of it

164 Method, a maker of household cleaning products, shuns chemicals like ammonia, bleach and phthalates and maintains a list of earth- friendly ones ****When it came to the design of its bottles, the company stood firm Declining to reduce the plastic content beyond a certain point Because it believed that it would make them less visually attractive

165 Its coming from economics, said Marc Stoiber, vice president for green innovation at the Chicago-based business consultancy Maddock Douglas. If you look at the big guys, they embrace green because its all about efficiency.Maddock Douglas Its super-easy to find an environmentally friendly dye that will fade in three washes, said Jenn Rapp, a spokeswoman. But a garment that lasts 20 years is much more friendly than one that lasts five months

166 announces-top-10-sustainable-products-for- 2013.aspx?playList=playlist____10_1709508&plItem=6 announces-top-10-sustainable-products-for- 2013.aspx?playList=playlist____10_1709508&plItem=6

167 /ArticleID/14957/Default.aspx /ArticleID/14957/Default.aspx environment/12sustain.html?_r=0 environment/12sustain.html?_r=0 announces-top-10-sustainable-products-for- 2013.aspx?playList=playlist____10_1709508&plItem=6

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