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Algebra I Geometry. Algebra I SAMPLE Find the measure of the supplement of an interior angle of a regular pentagon. Geometry SAMPLE Evaluate:

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1 Algebra I Geometry

2 Algebra I SAMPLE Find the measure of the supplement of an interior angle of a regular pentagon. Geometry SAMPLE Evaluate:

3 Simplify: Algebra I QUESTION 1 A six-pointed regular star consists of two interlocking equilateral triangles. What is the ratio of the area of the entire star to the area of one of the equilateral triangles? Geometry QUESTION 1

4 Solve for x: Algebra I QUESTION 2 Find the perimeter of a square whose diagonals each have a measure of 36. Geometry QUESTION 2

5 If the sum of 2 numbers is 20 and their product is 96 find the sum of their reciprocals. Algebra I QUESTION 3 Assuming that segments that appear to be tangent are tangent, find x. Geometry QUESTION 3 x2x2 20-x

6 If is written in decimal form, what is the 2005 th digit after the decimal? Algebra I QUESTION 4 If ABCD and PQRS are parallelograms, find m APS. Geometry QUESTION 4 42° S S S S S S S S 148° 13°

7 If (a,b) is the solution to the system Algebra I QUESTION 5 If find Geometry QUESTION 5 then find ab. C A D B O

8 Find the units digit of: Algebra I QUESTION 6 Find the area of the overlapping region of the congruent squares if E is the intersection of the diagonals of the square ABCD. Geometry QUESTION 6 AB CD E 8

9 Simplify: Algebra I QUESTION 7 Suppose a semicircular tunnel has a diameter of 40 ft. A sign stating Entering Tunnel – Do Not Pass must be hung 16 ft above the roadway inside the entrance of the tunnel. Find the length of the horizontal crossbeam that will support the bottom of the sign. Geometry QUESTION 7

10 Find the area of an isosceles triangle with side lengths 5, 5 and 8. Algebra I QUESTION 8 A square floor is tiled with congruent square tiles. The tiles on the two diagonals of the floor are black, the rest of the tiles are white. If 101 black tiles are used, then what is the total number of tiles? Geometry QUESTION 8

11 Ryan can build a shed in ten days, while Adam can build one in 15 days. How many days will it take them to build 6 sheds if they work together? Algebra I QUESTION 9 In a plane, given a circle and a spiral with the same center, how many times does the circle cross the spiral? Geometry QUESTION 9

12 Find the area of the region enclosed by y=7, y=3, x=2, and y=-x+12. Algebra I QUESTION 10 Assuming segments that appear to be tangent are tangent, find the m ABC. Geometry QUESTION 10 B 236° A C

13 Simplify: Algebra I QUESTION 11 Four times the measure of the complement of an angle is 12 more than twice the difference of the measures of its supplement and its complement. Find the sum of the three angles. Geometry QUESTION 11

14 Algebra I QUESTION 12 ABC is circumscribed about circle O. AB=16, AC=12, BC=14. Find AE. Geometry QUESTION 12 If a varies directly with b and a=3 when b=5, find a when b is 25.

15 During a baseball season, Bo had 500 hits. Among his hits were 13 homeruns, 16 triples, and 21 doubles. The rest of his hits were singles. What percent of his hits were singles? Algebra I QUESTION 13 Given: Right DEF, DF=8, EG=12. Find DG. Geometry QUESTION 13

16 Algebra I QUESTION 14 Each line segment of this figure is 10 cm long, and each interior angle is either 45, 135, 90, or 270. What is its area (in square centimeters)? Geometry QUESTION 14 One angle in a triangle is 85°. The second angle is 4 times the third. Find the measure of the second angle.

17 Algebra I QUESTION 15 Three views of the same block are shown below. What letter is on the side parallel to the side with the letter A? Geometry QUESTION 15 The digit sum of any number is the sum of its digits. For example, the digit sum of 247 is 13. How many numbers between 10 and 200 have a digit sum of 7?

18 Algebra I QUESTION 16 If the side of one square is the diagonal of a second square, what is the ratio of the area of the first square to the second? Geometry QUESTION 16 Simplify:

19 Algebra I QUESTION 17 Given trapezoid ABCD with AB = CD =13, AD = 22, and BC = 12, find the area of ABCD. Geometry QUESTION 17 Find the GCF of and

20 Algebra I QUESTION 18 Geometry QUESTION 18 This school year, Grissoms enrollment is In May, 20% of those students will graduate. Assuming no one transfers or drops out, how many Freshmen must register to have a 5% increase in enrollment for the next school year? The centers of two circles of radii 3 and 8 are 13 units apart. Find the length of a common external tangent segment.

21 Algebra I QUESTION 19 Given l||m, find Geometry QUESTION 19 Evaluate: lm 1 89° 157°

22 Algebra I QUESTION 20 A square is divided and shaded as shown. If the pattern continued forever, what fraction of the original square would be shaded? Geometry QUESTION 20 If find an expression for in terms of x and y.

23 Algebra I Extra QUESTION 1 Geometry Extra QUESTION 1 Find the smallest root of the equation The degree measure of one angle is 15 less than 4 times its complement. Find the measure of the smaller of the two angles.

24 Algebra I Extra QUESTION 2 The measures of the angles in a triangle are : x+5, 2x-15, and 6x+10. Name the triangle according to its sides. Geometry Extra QUESTION 2 A collection of dimes and quarters has a total value of $5.00 and contains 32 coins. How many quarters are in this collection?

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