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Walking on virtual tiles

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1 Walking on virtual tiles
Adaptive augmented reality for aiding Parkinson patients Yoram Baram, Judith Aharon-Peretz, Yahalomit Simionvici, Lior Ron, Amir Baram

2 Background Parkinson’s Disease causes severe gait disturbance
Current medication (L-Dopa) helps, but has adverse effects Visual cues help Parkinson patients to walk

3 A Parkinson’s patient On On medication Off medication

4 Walking on tiles

5 Augmented reality in closed-loop
We propose adaptive augmented reality – a virtual tiled floor that responds dynamically to the patient’s own motions Patient dynamics: forward sideways turns head motions tremor

6 Apparatus We have developed a device comprising:
Head and body mounted accelerometers See-through head-mounted display Digital processor Software that creates the desired augmented reality

7 Open and closed loop systems
motor system image generator motion display eyes motor system image generator motion display eyes motion sensor adaptive filter

8 Medical experiments Performed at the Movement Disorders Clinic of Rambam Medical Center in Haifa, Israel Compared patient performance with the visual display turned off and on and with open and closed loop systems Patients were 12 hours off medication or in “off” Each experiment consisted of a patient walking a stretch of 10 meters 4 times. Last 2 times averaged

9 Results Test reslts Display off Open loop Close loop 1 Close loop 2

10 התפתחות התצוגה

11 קסדת טייסים

12 Virtual I-O Display

13 MicroOptical ClipOn Display

14 התפתחות יחידת החישוב

15 PC

16 Advantech PCM-5824

17 Compulab X86 Core

18 מערכת משוב רפואי

19 Conclusion Significant improvement in the walking abilities of Parkinson patients is facilitated by a portable device for creating an adaptive augmented reality of motion over tiles Improvement parameters are similar to those obtained by medication and by brain surgery, without the adverse effects

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