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1 APPLICATION [System] Corporate Overview SCG. 2 ESTABLISHMENT AND MAJOR DEVELOPMENTS OF SCG Founded Under the Royal Decree of His Majesty King Rama VI.

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1 1 APPLICATION [System] Corporate Overview SCG

2 2 ESTABLISHMENT AND MAJOR DEVELOPMENTS OF SCG Founded Under the Royal Decree of His Majesty King Rama VI in 1913

3 3 Adherence to Fairness Belief in the Value of the Individual Concern for Social Responsibility Dedication to Excellence SCG BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY : THE 4 CORE VALUES

4 4 SHAREHOLDER STRUCTURE More than 12,000 shareholders Majority of the shares (30%) are held by the Crown Property Bureau STOCKHOLDER STRUCTURE

5 5 SCG: Consists of more than 80 major companies Manufactures 64,000 product items Employs approximately 20,000 people

6 6 Follow by Building Materials Expand to Other Business Business Restructuring after the Crisis Evolution of The SCG Begin with Cement Business

7 7 Staffs 1,5806,0004,1507,4001,000 Company 2420143210 Products & Services Petrochemical products from upstream petrochemi- cals Printing & writing paper, Packaging paper, Corrugated containers Gray cement, Ready- mixed concrete, Concrete product, White cement, Mortar and Roof tiles, Ceramic floor/ wall tiles, Paving blocks, Sanitary wares and Faucets Distribution Business: domestic and international trading, logistics, and warehousing Business Units of SCG Refractories

8 8 The SCG Facts Subsidiaries Cementhai Building Products The Siam Fibre-Cement Tip Fibre-Cement The CPAC Roof Tile The CPAC Roof Tile Industry Thai Ceramic Roof Tile The Siam CPAC Block The Siam CPAC Block Industry Saraburirat Co The CPAC Concrete Products The CPAC Concrete Industry Cementhai Gypsum The Siam Moulding Plaster The Siam Nawaphan Siam Fiberglass Thai Ceramic The Sosuco Group Industries PT.Surya Siam Keramik Beijing Cementhai Ceramic Associated and Other Companies The Siam Gypsum Industry. The Siam Gypsum Industry (Saraburi) The Siam Gypsum Industry (Songkhla) Sosuco Ceramic Siam Sanitary Ware Siam Sanitary Ware Industry The Siam Sanitary Fittings Mariwasa Manufacturing Saim Mariwasa TOTO Cementhai Sales & Marketing Cementhai Logistics Siam Cement Trading Cementhai Home Mart The Siam Cement (Ta Luang) The Siam Cement (Kaeng Khoi) The Siam Cement (Thung Song) The Siam Cement (Lampang The Concrete Products and Aggregate Siam Mortar The Siam White Cement Siam Refractory Subsidiaries Cementhai Chemicals CCC Polyolefins (CCCP) Thai Polyethylene (TPE) Thai Polyethylene (TPE 1993) Thai Polypropylene (TPP) Thai Polypropylene (TPP 1994) CCC Chemical Commerce (CCCC) Rayong Olefins (ROC) Map Ta Phut Tank Terminal (MTT) Rayong Pipeline RPL) Joint with Other Company Rayong Engineering & Plant Service Pacific Plastics (Thailand) (PPTL) Siam Polystyrene (SPCL) Siam Synthetic Latex (SSLC) Siam Styrene Monomer (SSMC) Siam Polyethylene (SPE) Siam Mitsui PTA (SMPC) Grand Siam Composites (GSC) Thai PET Resin (TPRC) Thai MMA (TMMA) Thai MFC Co., Ltd. (TMFC) Pulp and Printing & Writing Paper Business PULP Siam Pulp and Paper Siam Cellulose Phoenix Pulp & Paper Forestry Siam Forestry Paper Thai Paper Thai Union Paper Industrial Paper& Packaging Business Siam kraft Industry Thai Kraft Paper Industry Thai Union Paper Industry United Pulp & Paper (Philippines) Containers Thai Containers Thai Containers Industry Thai Containers Ratchaburi Thai Containers Songkhla Thai Containers Chonburi City Pack Nippon Hi-Pack (Thailand) Thai Containers V&S Others Siam Toppan GO TO AWARD PAGE

9 9 APPLICATION [System] Chemicals

10 10 Start with establishing a plant to produce high density polyethylene resins in 1989 Joint venture with –The Dow Chemical of the U.S.A. (Olefins) –Mitsui Chemicals (Aromatics) Chemicals Business

11 11 Chemicals Business Production Capacity –1.1 million tons/year (Polyolefin) – Capacity Share 35% Production Facilities –Rayong Olefin (upstream) -Ethylene -Propylene Polyolefin (downstream) -Polyethylene -Polypropylene

12 12 Chemicals Business CEMENTHAI CHEMICALS CO., LTD. Major Products : Olefins and Polyolefins Major Companies : Rayong Olefins Co., Ltd. CCC Polyolefins Co., Ltd. Thai Polyethylene Co., Ltd. Thai Polypropylene Co., Ltd. CCC Chemical Commerce Co., Ltd. Joint ventures with The Dow Chemical Company (USA) Joint ventures with Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (Japan) Joint ventures with Other Companies Overseas Investment Plant Location : Rayong Chemicals Business BACK TO BUSINESS GROUP GO TO AWARD PAGE

13 13 APPLICATION [System] Paper

14 14 Start with the acquisition of the kraft paper business in 1975 Paper and Packaging businesss product offerings fall into two categories: –Industrial Paper and Packaging –Pulp and Printing & Writing Paper Production Facilities –Ratchaburi(Banpong), Kanchanaburi (Wangsala), Khonkaen Paper Business

15 15 Industrial Paper Kraft Paper (Domestic) - 1,210,000 tons/year - Capacity Share 51% - Market Share 51% Printing and Writing Paper - 345,000 tons/year - Capacity Share 34% - Market Share 55% Virgin Pulp Only - 424,000 tons/year Corrugated Carton - 450,000 tons/year - Capacity Share 21% - Market Share 29%

16 16 Paper Products Industrial Paper and Packaging Pulp and Printing & Writing Paper

17 17 Paper Business THE SIAM PULP AND PAPER PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED Major Products : Pulp and printing & writing paper, industrial paper and packaging Major Companies : Industrial Paper Siam Kraft Industry Co., Ltd. Thai Kraft Paper Industry Co., Ltd. Packaging Thai Containers Group Co., Ltd. Citypack Co., Ltd. Pulp and Printing & Writing Paper The Siam Forestry Co., Ltd. The Siam Pulp and Paper Public Company Limited Siam Cellulose Co., Ltd. Phoenix Pulp and Paper Public Company Limited Plant Location : Rajburi, Kanjanaburi and Songkla Paper Business BACK TO BUSINESS GROUP GO TO AWARD PAGE

18 18 APPLICATION [System] Cement

19 19 Began its first decade of operations during World War I with the first cement plant at Bangsue The largest combined grey cement capacity in ASEAN, and operating the worlds biggest cement kiln Producing and distributing cement ready- mixed concrete, and refractory products Cement Business

20 20 Cement Business Production Capacity –SCI: 23.2 million tons/year –Capacity Share 43% –Thailand: 54.5 million tons/year Production Facilities –Ta luang(Saraburi) –Khao Wong(Saraburi) –Khaeng Khoi(Saraburi) –Lampang –Tung Song(Suratthani)

21 21 Cement Products REFRACTORIES

22 22 Cement Business SIAM CEMENT INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Major Products : Various types of cement, ready-mixed concrete, dry mortar, and refractories Major Companies : Grey Cement The Siam Cement (Ta Luang) Co., Ltd. The Siam Cement (Kaeng Khoi) Co., Ltd. The Siam Cement (Thung Song) Co., Ltd. The Siam Cement (Lampang) Co., Ltd. White Cement The Siam White Cement Co., Ltd. Mortar Siam Mortar Co., Ltd. Ready-Mixed Concrete The Concrete Products and Aggregate Co., Ltd. The CPAC Ready Mixed Concrete (South) Co., Ltd. Other The Siam Refractory Industry Co., Ltd. SCI Plant Services Co., Ltd. Plant Location : Saraburi, NakornSriThammarat and Lumpang Cement Business BACK TO BUSINESS GROUP GO TO AWARD PAGE

23 23 APPLICATION [System] Building materials

24 24 Building Materials Business Start with The Siam Fiber-Cement Company to produce roofing tiles in 1938 Thailands largest manufacturer of Building Materials including –Roofing Products: Fiber cement roof, Concrete roof, Ceramic roof –Ceramic: Ceramic tile, Sanitary ware & fittings –Others: Concrete products, Glasswool insulation

25 25 Wood PlankConcrete Roof Tile Building Materials Business

26 26 CPAC Laguna CPAC Earthrock CPAC Cobble Stone Building Materials Business

27 27 Ceramic Tile Building Materials Business

28 28 Sanitary Ware Building Materials Business

29 29 Building Materials Business CEMENTHAI Building Materials CO., LTD. Major Products : Roof tiles, ceramic tiles, sanitary wares, sanitary fittings, concrete paving blocks, post-tension floor and structure, and gypsum boards Major Companies : Roofing Products The Siam Fibre-Cement Co., Ltd. The CPAC Roof Tile Co., Ltd. Thai Ceramic Roof Tile Co., Ltd. Ceramic Tiles Thai Ceramic Co., Ltd. Sosuco Ceramic Co., Ltd. Mariwasa Manufacturing, Inc. (The Philippines) Sanitary Wares Siam Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. TOTO Siam Mariwasa, Inc. (The Philippines) Building Materials Business

30 30 Building Materials Business CEMENTHAI Building Materials CO., LTD. Major Companies : Sanitary Fittings The Siam Sanitary Fittings Co., Ltd. Concrete Products The Siam CPAC Block Co., Ltd. The CPAC Concrete Products Co., Ltd. The CPAC Concrete Industry Co., Ltd. Gypsum and Other Businesses The Siam Gypsum Industry Co., Ltd. The Siam Moulding Plaster Co., Ltd. Siam Fiberglass Co., Ltd. Plant Location : Saraburi and NakornSriThammarat Building Materials Business BACK TO BUSINESS GROUP GO TO AWARD PAGE

31 31 APPLICATION [System] Distribution

32 32 Distribution Business Specializing in distribution, local and oversea, together with logistics, warehousing and delivery And also in the retail business, Cementhai Home Mart

33 33 Distribution Business

34 34 Cementhai Home mart Distribution Business

35 35 Distribution Business

36 36 Distribution Business CEMENTHAI DISTRIBUTION CO., LTD. Major Products : Local and international trade, logistics, delivery and warehousing services Major Companies : Cementhai Sales and Marketing Co., Ltd. SCT Co., Ltd. Cementhai Logistics Co., Ltd Distribution Business BACK TO BUSINESS GROUP GO TO AWARD PAGE


38 38 CategoriesAwards Overall Asias Best Companies Asias Leading Companies Best Company Investor Relations Best Performance in property & Construction Industry Thailand Corporate Excellence Awards: Overall Corporate Excellence, Visionary Leadership Corporate Governance Best Corporate Governance in Thailand Best Practice Winner : Corporate Governance Major Public Company Category Disclosure Award SET Awards Honor Award for Destination in Maintaining Excellent Corporate Governance Report management Deming Prize Best CEO The Prime Ministers Industry Award Thailand Corporate Excellence Awards Products & Services Thailand Corporate Excellence Awards The Prime Ministers Industry Award Thailands Best Innovation Awards Thailand Quality Class Award Safety / Environment The Prime Ministers Industry Award Outstanding Award for Safety, Occupational Health, and Environment Human Resource Thailand Corporate Excellence Awards Golden Award for Best Work Place Awards 2004-2005

39 39 Awards Summary 2004-2005 SCG Business Performance (International) Awards 2004 The Worlds Most Attractive Big Public Companies for Investors 2004 - Forbes Deming Application Prize, Union of Japanese Scientist and Engineer (JUSE) –CCC Polyolefins Company Limited (Thailand) –Siam Mitsui PTA Company Limited (Thailand) –Thai Ceramic Company Ltd. (Thailand) Thailands Top Company, Asian Wall Street Journal FinanceAsia Awards 2004, FinanceAsia Mag. - No.1 Ranking in of the Best Managed Company, Best investor Relations and Best Corporate Governance,No.4 Ranking in of the Most Committed to Strong Dividend Policy Awards 2005 Thailands Top Company, Asian Wall Street Journal Best Investor Relations, Leading CFO Leading IR Professional In Building Materials Industry in Asia - Investor Institutional IR Magazine Awards Best Investor relations in South East Asia 2005 Best Thai IR No.44 ranking in the Asian Asian leading corporations in 2005, BusinessWeek Awards 2006 BEX Highest Trading of the Year, SET

40 40 SCG Business Performance (in Thailand) Awards 2005 SET awards, Best Performance 2005 - TBLA Awards 2005 - Thailand CEOs Choice of the Year - TQC 2005 - Thailand Corporate Excellence Awards - Overall Corporate Excellent, Human Resource Management The Prime Minister's Industry Awards – ( )., -., -. CG (International) Awards 2004 Best Corporate Governance 2004 – Euromoney, No.1 Ranking in Thailand, No. 5 Ranking in Asia and No. 11 Ranking in the World Best Corporate Governance 2004, The Asian Corporate Governance Association - 1 st Ranking in Thailand and 10 th Ranking in Asia CG (in Thailand) Awards 2004-2006 CG Disclosure Awards 2005 –... SET awards 2004-2006 Honor Award for Distinction in Maintaining Excellent Corporate Governance report CSR Awards 2006 Corporate Social Responsibility Awards - SET Innovation Awards 2005 AFTA Excellence Awards, Innovation Award 2005 – Citypack, SCG Sustainability (Performance + CG + CSR) Awards 2004-2005 Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI) Awards Summary 2004-2005


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