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Word Problem of the Day 3rd Grade

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1 Word Problem of the Day 3rd Grade
Begin in January

2 Day 1 Jack has 5 bags. There are 6 shells in each bag. How many shells does Jack have in all?

3 Day 2 Jane had 60 inches of string. She cut the string into 6 equal pieces. How long is each piece of string?

4 Day 3 Mr. Benito has 50 markers. He puts 5 markers into each bag. Then he gives two bags of markers to Mr. George. How many bags of markers does Mr. Benito have left?

5 Day 4 Andrew paid $3 for each of 5 books. David paid $5 for each of 2 books. Who paid more for his books?

6 Day 5 The total mass of 5 new crayons is 50 grams. What is the mass of each crayon?

7 Day 6 Ethan has 138 United States stamps and 91 stamps from other countries. How many stamps does Ethan have in all?

8 Day 7 There are 112 boys and 93 girls who attend Spring Road Elementary School. About how many students attend this school in all?

9 Day 8 Rory has 132 baseball cards in his collection. His grandfather gives him 175 more cards. About how many cards does he now have in his collection?

10 Day 9 In June, 394 people visited the Science Museum. In July, 426 people visited the Science Museum. How many people visited the Science Museum in June and July?

11 Day 10 Chen put a new tile floor in his kitchen. There are 9 rows of tiles with 7 tiles in each row. How many tiles did Chen use?

12 Day 11 Rosa made 56 cupcakes. She put 8 cupcakes into each box and sold the boxes for $3 each. How much money did Rosa receive?

13 Day 12 There are 10 slices in each loaf of bread. Nancy bought 4 loaves of bread. She used 2 slices to make a sandwich. How many slices of bread are left?

14 Day 13 On Saturday, 304 people visited the zoo. On Sunday, 488 people visited the zoo. Estimate to find the total number of people who visited the zoo?

15 Day 14 Tamika has a stamp album. There are 8 stamps on each of 8 pages. How many stamps are there in all?

16 Day 15 The mass of a large box of cereal is 750 grams. The mass of a small box of cereal is 435 grams. How much greater is the mass of the large box of cereal than the mass of the small box of cereal?

17 Day 16 The supermarket manager arranged 40 cans of soup into equal rows with 5 cans in each row. How many rows of soup cans are there?

18 Day 17 James wants to buy a soccer ball worth $95 and a bike worth $349. If he only has $375 how much more money does he need?

19 Day 18 Chris had 42 marbles. He gave two friends each 10. How many marbles does Chris have now?

20 Day 19 Maria had three sets of 13 yellow cards. How many cards does she have in all?

21 Day 20 On Monday Lia read 4 times as many pages of her book as Jess. Lia read 100 pages. How many more pages did Lia read than Jess?

22 Day 21 Hudson has 2 full reels of fishing line. He has a total of 20 yards of line. There are 3 feet in a yard. How many feet of fishing line are on each reel?

23 Day 22 Brad has 7 packs of 5 basketball cards and 3 extra cards. How many cards does Brad have in all?

24 Day 23 Lauren has saved $293 to buy a computer. If the computer costs $615, about how much more does Lauren need to buy the computer?

25 Day 24 Mrs. Lopez shared 10 grapes equally between her 2 children. Then she gave each child 2 more grapes. How many grapes did each child have?

26 Day 25 Jacob started reading at 4:30. He stopped reading at 4:49. For how many minutes did he read?

27 Day 26 Lisa has 5 rows of flowers. There are 25 flowers total. How many flowers were in each row?

28 Day 27 Tanya had 147 flower stickers and 119 animal stickers. She bought 16 more animal stickers. How many flower and animal stickers did Tanya have then?

29 Day 28 Marie runs 11 miles in three days. She runs 3 miles on each of the first two days. How many miles does she run on the third day?

30 Day 29 Sam has 15 apples. He places an equal number of apples on each plate. He has 3 plates. How many apples does he put on each plate?

31 Day 30 Tim is digging holes to plant seeds. Tim has 32 seeds. He puts 4 seeds in each hole. How many holes does he dig?

32 Day 31 Tomas has a dozen eggs. He uses some eggs to make breakfast. After breakfast, he has 9 eggs left. How many eggs did he use?

33 Day 32 Jane is making 2 peach pies. She puts 8 peaches in each pie. How many peaches does she need?

34 Day 33 Jenna is planting a garden. She has 15 plants. She arranges the plants into equal rows with 5 plants in each row. How many rows of plants will there be in Jenna’s garden?

35 Day 34 Carla has 4 rows of rose bushes in her garden. Each row has 6 bushes. If she plants one more row of 6 bushes, how many rose bushes will she have?

36 Day 35 Brad bought a computer for $453 and a printer for $96. Maria bought a television for $399 and a DVD player for $148. How much more did Brad spend than Maria?

37 Day 36 A cow weighs 519 pounds. Her calf weighs 296 pounds. How much more does the cow weight than the calf?

38 Day 37 Phillip baked 36 cookies. Caden ate 2 cookies. Riley ate 4 cookies. How many cookies does Phillip have left?

39 Day 38 Anna had 3 boxes with 6 muffins in each box. Anna and her friends at 4 of the muffins. How many muffins are left?

40 Day 39 There are 3 apple tarts and twice as many peach tarts. How many tarts are there in all?

41 Day 40 A grocery store sells yogurt cups in packs of 5. The store sold 9 packs yesterday. How many yogurt cups did they sell yesterday?

42 Day 41 A moving man packed three boxes of six items and six boxes of 3 items. How many items did the moving man pack in all?

43 Day 42 The area of the rectangular rug is 20 square feet. The width is 4 feet. What is the perimeter of the rug?

44 Day 43 Ana read 9 pages of a book. Robert read twice as many pages. How many pages did they read in all?

45 Day 44 Stephan has a rectangular fence running along the perimeter of his yard. The length of the fence is 20 meters long. The yard area is 300 square meters. What is the width of the fence?

46 Day 45 Mary and 3 friends shared 32 crayons equally. How many crayons did each person get?

47 Day 46 Rahid needs 8 pieces of wood that are each 30 inches long. How many inches of wood does Rahid need altogether?

48 Day 47 Carols has 72 stickers. He wants to put the same number of stickers on each of the 9 pages in his sticker album. How many stickers will Carlos put on each page?

49 Day 48 Tina started biking to the library at the 11:04. She arrived at the library at 11:11. How long was Tina’s bike ride to the library?

50 Day 49 Kim bought 3 pens. Each pen costs 30 cents. How much did Kim spend on all of the pens?

51 Day 50 Sara picks 17 string beans. Paula picks 16 string beans. They each give 4 string beans to Tim. What is the total number of string beans that Sara and Paula have left?

52 Day 51 Pilar had two puzzles. The horse puzzle has 432 pieces. The lion puzzle has 350 pieces. How many more pieces does the horse puzzle have than the lion puzzle?

53 Day 52 Kamal bought a calculator for $17 and a cell phone for $68. About how much did Kamal spend?

54 Day 53 Lily bakes 8 muffins. She bakes 4 more. She gives 3 muffins to her friends. How many does she have now?

55 Day 54 Addie has 8 plates. Jose has twice as many plates as Addie. How many plates does Jose have? How many more plates does Jose have than Addie? How many plates in all?

56 Day 55 A poster is 27 inches long and 21 inches wide. What is the perimeter of the poster?

57 Day 56 The farmers market had 115 green apples and 83 red apples. On Monday they sold 72 apples. How many apples did the farmers market have left?

58 Day 57 On Monday Tom’s Bakery had 90 chocolate muffins for sale. 25 chocolate muffins were sold in the morning and 46 in the afternoon. How many chocolate muffins were left?

59 Day 58 In a third grade class there are 9 boys. There are twice as many girls as boys. How many students are in the class in all?

60 Day 59 Lisa sold 4 times as many raffle tickets as Tyrell. Lisa sold 32 tickets. How many more raffle tickets did Lisa sell than Tyrell?

61 Day 60 I have 99 cents. I buy six pencils for nine cents each. How much money do I have left?

62 Day 61 Mrs. Brown baked bread this morning. She put the bread in the oven at 8:12. the bread baked for 30 minutes. At what time did Mrs. Brown take the bread out of the oven?

63 Day 62 Tom has a box of 30 chocolates. He eats 6 of them and places the rest of them into three bags for his sisters. How many are in each bag?

64 Day 63 A kitchen sink holds 12 liters of water. A child’s wading pool holds 30 liters of water. How many more liters of water does the wading pool hold than the sink?

65 Day 64 There are 157 girls and 201 boys in 3rd grade. Out of these, 244 students have brown eyes. How many 3rd grade students do not have brown eyes?

66 Day 65 Dad has 400 books to pack into boxes. On Monday he packs 222 books and on Tuesday he packs 148 books and on Tuesday he packs 148 books. How many more books does dad need to pack into boxes?

67 Day 66 Lucy had 18 apples. She gave 6 to Eric and some to Sue. She has 5 apples left. How many apples did she give to Sue?

68 Day 67 Judy read two books. The first book had 488 pages. The second book had 103 fewer pages than the first book. How many pages did Judy read in all?

69 Day 66 A school has 146 green tennis balls and 152 yellow ones. 250 tennis balls are stored in the gymnasium and the rest are in the yard. How many tennis balls are in the yard?

70 Day 67 Finbar has 67 craft sticks. Lindsay has 45 sticks. They will use 52 sticks to build a model. How many more sticks does Finbar have?

71 Day 68 After spending $55 on a shirt and $124 on a pair of shoes Tom had $40 left in his wallet. How much money did Tom have to begin with?

72 Day 69 A truck driver needed to deliver 750 sacks of flour. He delivered 235 sacks to a shop of Smith Street and 367 sacks to a shop on Bent Avenue. How many more sacks did he need to deliver?

73 Day 70 The rug in Spencer’s room is in the shape of a rectangle. The rug has a perimeter of 10 meters. The rug is 3 meters long. How wide is the rug?

74 Day 71 Sasha’s team played 16 games. The team won 9 and tied 2. How many did they lose?

75 Day 72 Kareem received 112 s in January. He received 39 fewer s in February than he received in January. How many s did Kareem receive in January and February combined?

76 Day 73 Peter had 55 marbles. He gave 16 marbles to his brother and 19 to his best friend. How many marbles did Peter have left?

77 Day 74 Last week, Mr. Chan drove 129 miles and Mr. Hunter drove 146 miles. How many more miles did Mr. Hunter drive than Mr. Chan?

78 Day 75 Irene’s swimming lesson started at 5:10. The lesson ended at 5:45. How long was Irene’s swimming lesson?

79 Day 76 Jose used 45 square tiles to cover a piece of drawing paper. The length of each side of tile is 1 inch. What is the area of the paper?

80 Day 77 Joseph has 6 stickers. Rachel has 3 times as many stickers are Joseph. How many stickers does Rachel have?

81 Day 78 Ashley is making punch. She uses 1 liter of apple juice, 2 liters of cranberry juice, and 4 liters of oj. How many liters of punch does Ashley make?

82 Day 79 George bought a coat for $136 and a hat for $29. How much more did the coat cost than the hat?

83 Day 80 Eva has 183 beads. She uses 37 beads to make a necklace. About how many beads does she have left over?

84 Day 81 A rectangular rug is 3 meters long and 2 meters wide. What is the area of the rug?

85 Day 82 A cell phone has a mass of 200 grams. A calculator has a mass of 153 grams. How much less is the mass of the calculator than the mass of a cell phone?

86 Day 83 Dave started washing dishes at 8:15. He finished at 8:35. For how long was Dave washing dishes?

87 Day 84 A bag of mixed nuts costs $6. That is 3 times as much as a bag of peanuts costs. How much does a bag of peanuts cost?

88 Day 85 A total of 45 students have signed up for summer camp. They have been divided into 5 equal groups. How many students are in each group?

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