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Roland VersaWorks 3.X.

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1 Roland VersaWorks 3.X

2 Roland VersaWorks 3.X CONFIDENTIAL 2

3 VersaWorks, Key Features
NO cost, bundled with every Roland printer Almost feature complete Adobe Postscript interpreter Full bi-directional connectivity to all newer Roland printers, cutters and Print&Cut devices Easy to use GUI Free automatic updates Media manager included

4 Improvement in quality & stability by the latest Postscript engine
New Functions from RVW 3.01 Improvement in quality & stability by the latest Postscript engine Supports Adobe CPSI 3018 Server Function Supports multiple printers from 1 PC Simple operation for users with multiple printers Supports cutters <GX series> Other Functions Supports alternative arrangements of split tiles Supports “Perforated Cut Control” Changes to user interface

5 Improvement in quality & stability
Adobe CPSI 3018 Improvement in quality & stability Improving the performance stability by adopting the newest CPSI 3018. Improvements in RIP Speed by Customized CMS Improvement in gradations quality Improved quality by enhanced smooth shade rendering

6 Printing with crop mark
Server Function Supports up to 4 Roland printers Able to RIP & Print at the same time (speed and stability depending on the pc used) Support CAMM-1 & CAMM-1 Pro (GX-24, GX-300/400/500) Printing with crop mark Sensor detection by CAMM-1 / CAMM-1 Pro Support P&C jobs by Printers & Cutters

7 Server Function Display of status for all connected machines
Dialogue managing printers (add & delete) Identification of queue A/B’s input Job which does not have cutting data cannot be added to the cutter job list. Add the ripped job (incl. the cutting data) to the cutting machine’s job list. Drag’n drop is supported.

8 Perforated Cut Control
Functionality which controls “Normal Pressure Cutting (=normal cutting)” & “Perforated Cut (=cutting through).” Parameter Settings Normal Pressure Length: 0.10 ~1.50mm <0.025 step>. Perforation Length: 10mm ~ 200mm <0.025 step>. Perforation Pressure: Setting range depends on machines’ spec. Swatch name,“PerfCutContour,” is recognized as perforated cut line. When “PerfCutContour” is recognized, “Perforated Cut Control” is displayed on the job property (Cut Controls), now you are able set up the function. On the preview screen, “CutContour” is red dotted line “PerfCutContour” is gray dotted line.

9 Perforated Cut Control
Perforated Cut Function Example of “Perforated Cut Controls” Normal Pressure Length : 0.5mm Perforation Length : 50mm Perforation Pressure: 170gf (Normal Pressure: 50gf) (EX) Normal Pressure 0.5mm, 50gf Perforation Length 50mm, 170gf Sheet Part 0.5mm, 50gf PVC Sheet Paper Linear 50mm, 170gf

10 Alternative arrangement of split tiles
Other functions Alternative arrangement of split tiles Printing in normal arrangement Printing in alternative arrangement Parts which overlap the split tiles are printed by printers right & left. Parts which overlap the spilt tiles are Printed by only printers left. Feed Feed This optimizes the final result after mounting the split tiles

11 RVW 3.X User interface CONFIDENTIAL 11

12 Questions? Thank you!

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