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A Stained Glass Image Filter David Mould University of Saskatchewan.

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1 A Stained Glass Image Filter David Mould University of Saskatchewan



4 Stained Glass Filter Goal: transform any image into stained- glass image ?

5 Stained Glass Cartoon – planned tile layout Leading emphasizes image edges Tiles have simple shapes Few colors used

6 Voronoi regions Mosaics; Photoshop filter

7 Stained Glass Tiles Tile boundaries match image edges No large tiles No small tiles No weird tiles

8 Stained Glass Tiles (2) Tiles should be approximately convex – no bottlenecks No island tiles

9 Segmentation

10 ErosionDilation Morphological Operators

11 Region Smoothing


13 Tile Repair Bottlenecks detected by progressive erosion. Disconnected components are relabeled and simultaneously dilated into the parent region. Similar approach used to subdivide big tiles.

14 Completed Cartoon

15 Bottlenecks split Large regions split

16 Backgrounds

17 Backgrounds

18 Choosing Colors Medieval palette highly restricted Want colors near the image colors, but – bright high contrast from limited palette

19 Heraldic Tinctures Medieval colorset Corresponds closely to colors available in glass Designed to be vivid and high-contrast

20 Heraldic Tinctures

21 Stained Glass Filter Segmentation Region smoothing Removal of small tiles Subdivision of strange-shaped tiles Subdivision of large tiles Tile coloring Rendering

22 Color Selection Choose heraldic color nearest the original color Map sable to off-white (clear glass)

23 Rendered Images





28 Future Work painting glass glass defects – scarring, chipping – as additional channel to match initial image later technology: flashing, etching


30 Questions?

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