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2 ARAGON ARAGON is in the north of Spain, form,ed by 3 provinces.
Zaragoza is the capital and the name of the main province. Teruel is in the South and Hues ca is in the North, just under the Pyrinees.

3 EAGLES AND VULTURES Eagle is the name given to the largest predatory birds. The various species and subspecies of eagles can be found almost anywhere on the planet except Antarctica .. Vultures are birds of prey that usually feed only on dead animals, although the absence of these, are capable of hunting live parts. The vultures are distributed over all continents except Antarctica and Oceania. There are lots near Loarre castle Ainhoa Montes

The valley of Benasque is a Pyrenean valley located in the region Ribagorza Huesca, in the upper stretch of the River Esera. There are a lot of villages that are part of the Benasque Valley, but the most popular is Cerler ski resort. In it, we find the highest peak of the Pyrenees, the Aneto, highlighting the peculiarity of 3404 meters of altitude.Most of the Pyrenean glaciers are in the Benasque Valley too. In the highest peaks there is always snow. There, we also find forests of beech, fir, and black pines and red oaks and pines in the lower part.There is also a reserve in the valley of mountain goats. Izarbe Ramos

5 Añisclo Canyon Añisclo Canyon is in Huesca and it is the second biggest canyon, at least as deep as Ordesa, but t is narrower. It looks like a big crack on the uniform southern slope of Monte Perdido. Ondulating grass suddenly gives place to the abyss. Añisclo is surrounded by many interesting peaks to hike, in first place the wonderful sestrales, a mountain which seems to have come staight from Arizona. There are many pretty villages to see in the area. Andrea Franco

The richness of the Galve paleontological sites is long known both by experts and by the general public to these types of discoveries. Paleontological Park which consists of a showroom that houses fossils, numerous sites can be visited, as well as some traces or life-size reproductions of two dinosaurs that inhabited this land during the Cretaceous: Iguanodon and Aragosaurus Anais Portillo

7 Loarre Castle The complex was built largely during the 11th and 12th centuries, when its position on the frontier between Christian and Muslim lands gave it strategic importance. The first of the two major building programs began in 1020, when Sancho el Mayor ( ) reconquered the surrounding lands from the Muslims. At least three towers, two of which survive, the Homage tower and the "Tower of the Queen", as well as a chapel dedicated to Saint Mary of Valverde. Here. They shot the American film ‘The kingdom of Heaven’ Alvaro Lopez

8 ORDESA NATURAL PARK The morphology of the National Park has its origins in the folding and alpine elevation of the Tertiary Era. Subsequent molding by glacial erosion during the Quaternary Era gave rise to a series of glacial cirques and valleys. The National Park constitutes a geographic unit. Its orography is dominated by the calcareous massif — the biggest in Europe — of the Three Sisters whose greatest elevation is Monte Perdido. The most important valley is the Ordesa Valley. Other important features are the Añisclo Canyon, and the Pineta Valley, drained by the Cinca River. Carla Barcelona

9 AINSA VALLEY This beautiful valley is located in the Central Pyrenees, in the western part of Aragon, in the region of Sobrarbe. It is toured since its inception in Bujaruelo Valley to the town of Ainsa by the river that gives name to this valley and acts as an axis to the many people who settle on their shores. Oscar Rodríguez

10 OZA FOREST The Oza Forest, one of the most beautiful natural spots in the Pyrenees (not accessible by bus). The holm oak, native to the Mediterranean, as well as lime and maple trees have been replaced here by the continuous presence of beech and fir trees, as well as birch trees and scots pine. The narrowness of the valley prevents little sun from reaching the plants in its depths, and this coupled with thermal inversion means that we can enter Europe’s very own Atlantic forest. It ´s 60 kilometres from Zaragoza. DAVID ALGARA

11 PERACENSE CASTLE The strength of Peracense is hanging on a cliff of the mountain section Menera, in the municipality of Peracense, about 45 miles from Teruel. Peracense Castle perfectly fits with the landscape so that it seems part of it as if it were a geological phenomenon. The form taken is that of a ram of a ship stranded in the mountains of the main tower that stands out for its height and roundness. El recinto interior es la plaza de armas, de unos 60 x 40 metros, y en ella se puede observar una especie de nichos que debieron ser utilizados para almacenar víveres y para que los guerreros se resguardasen del frío. The surroundings are eroded formations in red colour similar to the canyon of Colorado. CARLA FERNÁNDEZ

12 RIVER MESA VALLEY The Valley of the Rio Mesa is in the Spanish province of Zaragoza. the birth of the river Mesa IS in Selas municipality in Guadalajara and passes along narrow throats and fertile plaines. The valley finishes in the artificial reservoir of the Tranquera. It’s a beautiful place where you can find Sabina’s forests and Tawnys vultures. You can also find a wonderful canyon which is similar to the canyon of Colorado in the usa because OF THE RED COLOURS. José María Gacías

13 ANSO VALLEY So it is a town belonging to the Spanish county
of Huesca in the community of Aragon It is situated in the western Pyrinees, next to Valle de Hecho and to Navarre municipality. It is bounded to France in the North and to Berdún in the South. The village of Anso is very beautiful and you shouldn’t miss it in spring when all the windows are full of flowers. Sara Asensio

14 SEA OF ARAGON Ester Sánchez
The sea of Aragon, part of the river Ebro, which led to the construction of the dam Mequinenza. It is located in Caspe. It has an area 7,450 m2, has an average width of 600 meters and depths that can exceed 60 meters -Fishing: American released fish -Sports: In the sea of Aragon, water skiing championships and jet ski competitions are held. Ester Sánchez

15 VERO RIVER VALLEY The Vero River Cultural Park was officially declared as such in 2001. The Vero River Cultural Park is located between the Pyrenees of Huesca and the Depression of the Ebro. This transition zone includes part of the Sierra de Guara and Somontano, also the north of the park is within the protected Natural Area Park in the Sierra and Canyons de Guara. The park has a large cultural content through their paintings on the walls of the canyons, and much variation of fauna and flora. You can perform various leisure activities such as: -Rafting -Trecking -Climbing - Visiting the caves in the canyons of Guara. Nuria Fraile

16 MONCAYO NATURAL PARK The Moncayo is the mountain “par excellence” of Zaragoza Province landscape. Everyone attempts to see its mythical summits from any high spot of the province, and children learn very early on how to distinguish its silhouette, which rises solemnly up between steppes and valleys. There are 75 kilometres from Zaragoza Victor de Diego

Formigal officially called Aramon Formigal is a ski resort situated near the town of Sallent de Gállego in the upper Tena Valley of the Western Pyrenees in Huesca. It has got 137 km of marked tracks for skiing, being the longest in Spain. Lorena García

18 IBERIAN LINX David Pérez
The Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus), sometimes referred to as the Spanish lynx, is a critically endangered species native to the Iberian Peninsula in Southern Europe. In Aragon, we have a group of about 15. It is the most endangered cat species in the world. According to the conservation group SOS Lynx, if this species died out, it would be the first feline extinction since the Smilodon 10,000 years ago. David Pérez

Albarracín is a town and municipality in the south-western province of Teruel in the community of Aragon, Spain. It has habitants. In the Iron Age was inhabited by the Celtic tribe of lobetanos. We found important paintings of this period in the pine forests of Roden. MAHIER QUESADA 4TH A

20 KANDANCHU SKI RESORT The sky resort of Candanchú is in the Aragonese Pyrenees, one kilometre from the Port of Somport, in the border with France and the nearest from Zaragoza. Astún, is another popular ski resort 27km north from the town of Jaca. I went once and I recommend you to go! It’s very funny. MARÍA TARDÍO

The Nature Reserve surrounding the Monastery, is located in the middle of a desert, in an arid and dry environment, traversed by the river Piedra, which favours the existence of abundant vegetation and a rich fauna within a small ecosystem. Other spots we may find in the reserve are: Peña de Diablo, Lago del Espejo, the impressive Iris Grotto next to the Horse Waterfall which is 50 m high, Diana’s Bath, el Lago de Los Patos . This stone-carved steps allow access to the Cascada de los Fresnos. Besides, the reserve has stables available for the practice of horse riding, recreation areas, restaurants and shops. Patricia Abad

Valdelinares is located in the Sierra de Gudar in the Spanish region of Aragon. It's one of Spain's smallest ski resorts. Facilities are limited and even beginners are likely to tire of the small number of slopes after a few days. But this is a gorgeous area of Spain, virtually untouched by international tourism, so you may want to spend some time exploring it and fit in a day or two of ski-ing at the same time. You'll find this tiny resort in the village of the same name, near the city of Teruel about 150 kilometres to the North West of Valencia and the Mediterranean coastline. There are just eight slopes. (Elisa Buil)

23 MOLINOS CAVES They are located in Molinos (Teruel), at NE of the province of Teruel. They were discovered in 1961. A good example of a Karstic formation. It has allowed to find an abundant fossil fauna of mammals. The remains are exposed in the museum of Molinos. (Patricia Estella)

It is located in Piedrafita de Jaca in Huesca. It is a park to preserve several species like deer, bisons, linxes, goat, reindeer, wolves and some wild horses. The whole family can go for a picnic day. (Ivana Granado)

25 RAFTING IN ARAGON You can do some rafting, canooing, hidrospeed or just going down some of our rivers in Aragon. Go to Murillo de Gállego and ask. Or talk to Ebronautas if you want to explore the Ebro river


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